Jake Roberts Collaborating With Clean Slate Living, Bryan Danielson Is A ‘Master Of World Domination’

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Clean Slate Living has announced a new multi-part Hope series featuring an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts.

The Clean Slate Living channel on YouTube is devoted to second chances and inspiring the audience that it’s never too late for a clean slate.


The digital series featuring Roberts debuts on September 23, and you can check out a preview clip below:

Bryan Danielson is fond of the Risk board game, and he considers himself to be a “master of world domination.”

Speaking on the “Power Hour” podcast at Starrcast VI, Danielson discussed his top board games and named Risk as his undisputed favorite. He said,

“I am a master of world domination. Even when I don’t intent to dominate the world, I just end up doing it, which is how I’m here in front of all of you today and why any of you would care to even listen to this podcast or me on any podcast, is because I’ve mastered world domination without trying. That’s how good I am at Risk. Risk has taught those valuable life lessons as far as how important Madagascar is in the world of dominating things.”

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