Jake Crist On His Future With IMPACT Wrestling: We’ve Got To Wait And See What Happens Next

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Jake Crist On His Future With IMPACT Wrestling: We’ve Got To Wait And See What Happens Next

jake crist

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling (via YouTube)

Jake Crist might be back for an extended stay in IMPACT Wrestling if the demand is there.

Jake Crist returned to IMPACT Wrestling last week to face off with Josh Alexander, making his first in-ring appearance for the company in more than a year. Despite returning on last Thursday’s show, it’s believed that it was only a one-time appearance for now. Crist recently appeared on the Total Nonstop Impact show to discuss his appearance and was asked if he could discuss his status with IMPACT. In response, Crist said he thinks he could say whatever he’d like, indicating that he’s still not officially back with the promotion in a full-time capacity.

“I think I’m allowed to do and say whatever the hell I want, if that gives you any kind of clue or inkling as to what my status is,” Crist said. “I would love to come back home. I guess the good expression, the old one is ‘we’ve got to wait and see’ and find out what happens next.”

IMPACT Wrestling will return to Nashville for another round of TV tapings from September 17-19. Crist was asked if he had any upcoming bookings in the area, and although he doesn’t, he said he’d love to return to IMPACT and thinks it could happen if there’s enough of a demand for him.

“Oh are you talking about the 17th, 18th and 19th? [smiles] No, I don’t have anything those dates. We’ll see. Maybe in the next few days, if you guys keep blowing me up and talking high praises like you have. Keep blowing ‘em up and maybe you’ll see more of Jake Crist in IMPACT. I hope, I want to come home,” Crist noted, “but we’ll see.”

Crist’s last match was a June 2020 win over Crazzy Steve, but he was pulled from television after that and released in January of 2021. Fightful Select first reported that Crist was not under contract with IMPACT “as of the appearance” on September 2, but it was noted that he was well-liked by those in the company and praised for his creative mind.

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Check out Crist’s return match below: