Jake Atlas: Fan Reaction To Bad Bunny Is A Prime Example Of American ‘Superiority Complex’

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Jake Atlas: Fan Reaction To Bad Bunny Is A Prime Example Of American ‘Superiority Complex’

Bad Bunny

Image Credit: WWE

Jake Atlas has a point.

Atlas, currently appearing on 205 Live and NXT, posted the following on Twitter responding to the WWE Universe’s reaction to Bad Bunny appearing at the Royal Rumble and RAW this week:

The treatment Bad Bunny is getting is a prime example of American ‘superiority complex’ – because he’s not from here or doesn’t sing in English, there is no way he can be an international superstar & more mainstream than your favorite artist will ever be. But he is.

Plenty of people keep asking “Who is Bad Bunny?” without actually doing any research. Bad Bunny is one of the biggest performers in the world right now, currently amassing 48 million monthly listeners on Spotify, in addition to being the first performer to top the US Billboard 100 charts for a Spanish-language album. Those are just a few of the stats, but perhaps most important of all, he wrote a song called ‘Booker T’ because he’s a big WWE fan!

There’s a point to be made about fans acting like Bad Bunny is a nobody just because they haven’t heard of him, and Atlas makes the point that the world is much bigger than the United States acts like it is. (It’s true.) Bad Bunny is clearly a worldwide sensation — that’s who he is and why WWE included him in their shows.

Bad Bunny performed his song “Booker T” at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, and even dove off of the top rope onto The Miz and John Morrison after he helped Damian Priest eliminate them from the match. The following night, Mr. Bunny appeared on RAW and attacked John Morrison during Miz’s match with Priest.

If you’re not hopping on board the Bad Bunny train, you might want to embrace it or find out why he has people excited, because he’s probably sticking around a lot longer than just this week.

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