Jade Chung’s Reaction to Joining TNA Wrestling and Updates on Watching NWA Powerrr

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Earlier this week, it was announced that Jade Chung will be the new ring announcer for TNA Wrestling.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “In The Weeds” podcast, Chung commented on Scott D’Amore giving her a chance to show off her skills. She said,


“Scott D’Amore just gave me that chance. I’ll tell you a funny story to start off. I always hated my voice, and I mean hate it. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy their voice, but I hated my voice. Promos, I did not enjoy. I did them, but didn’t enjoy them. Scott likes to challenge me, and I took it full force, I wanted to prove to him that I could do this. My kids are watching, my husband is cheering me on, so this is something I truly had to succeed in. Scott was like, ‘We’re going to get you to host.’ Then, it turned into ‘we’re going to get you to ring announce some BTI matches.’ I have to tell you, I fell in love almost instantly.”

She continued, “I say almost because I was so nervous. I have never done any type of ring announcing, ever, in my life. I was so nervous, but I fell in love with it. With the help of Tom Hannifan. I remember, to this day in Chicago, he saw I was visibly nervous, and he kind of just pulled me aside and gave me some words of super encouragement that have helped me to this day. He’s helped me so much. Him, along with Matthew Rehwoldt, David Penzer, they’ve always been so supportive.”

You can check out this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr below:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 has been challenged to a deathmatch by former champion Matt Cardona! Will EC3 accept this most chaotic stipulation?

The Southern 6 face off against the Miserably Faithful in one of our most colorful bouts in recent memory! Will the Southern 6 continue on their hot streak? Or will the Sinister Minister bring them to the dark side?

The NWA’s Powerrr Couple, Kamille and Thom Latimer, face The Looks That Kill, Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova! Will their bad blood boil over?

NWA World Television Champion Mims defends his title against his partner in Magnum Muscle, Dak Draper! How will this match effect their team?

Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White are featured in the new The Iron Claw film about the Von Erich family, and the two men recently appeared on The Ringer’s “The Masked Man Show” podcast to discuss the possibility of stepping into the ring with each other in WWE or AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

White on a possible match: “If they gave me a minute, if they gave me some warning to try and get myself together a little bit, I’d be up for it. I don’t think I’m knowledgable enough on professional wrestling today, but who is the smallest guy doing the thing today? [Rey Mysterio.] That guy is definitely a legend, that’s true. It would be cool to bring Chavo out too. Bring him back into the mix. It’d be fun. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Efron on a potential match: “It’d be fun if we could get in there with some of the guys we worked with, with Chavo or even the Von Erichs coming back with AEW. I’d love to do something with them. If we had some time and prep and, especially if we were all out there together, that would be fun as hell. Who knows. Don’t count it out, that’s for sure.”

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Jade Chung: The New Ring Announcer for TNA Wrestling

Earlier this week, it was announced that Jade Chung will be taking on the role of ring announcer for TNA Wrestling. This exciting news has garnered attention from fans and industry insiders alike, as Chung brings a fresh perspective and a passion for the sport.

In a recent interview on the “In The Weeds” podcast, Chung expressed her gratitude to Scott D’Amore for giving her the opportunity to showcase her skills. She admitted that she had always disliked her voice and was not a fan of doing promos. However, D’Amore challenged her to step out of her comfort zone, and she embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Chung shared a funny story about how nervous she was when she first started ring announcing. She had never done anything like it before and was visibly anxious. However, with the help of Tom Hannifan, who provided words of encouragement, along with Matthew Rehwoldt and David Penzer, who have been supportive throughout her journey, she quickly fell in love with the role.

The video embedded in the article features the “In The Weeds” podcast episode where Chung discusses her experience and journey in more detail. It’s a great opportunity for fans to get to know her better and understand her passion for the industry.

The article also includes a link to watch the latest episode of NWA Powerrr, which is sure to excite wrestling enthusiasts. The episode features a deathmatch challenge between NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 and former champion Matt Cardona, as well as other exciting matchups.

In addition to the news about Jade Chung and NWA Powerrr, the article touches on the possibility of actors Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White stepping into the wrestling ring in WWE or AEW. The actors discuss their interest in participating in a match and express their admiration for professional wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero.

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Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of Jade Chung’s new role as ring announcer for TNA Wrestling, highlights key moments from the “In The Weeds” podcast episode, and offers additional wrestling news and content for fans to enjoy.