Jade Cargill On Her Title Reign, Matt Cardona/NWA Deathmatch, Impact Victory Road

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On a recent edition of the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast, Jade Cargill reflected on her accomplishments during her lengthy AEW TBS Championship reign.

Cargill claimed that she brought in new viewers and made AEW far more recognizable. She said,


“I did. I brought a lot of outside eyes to this company. You can never say that — I mean, a lot of people didn’t even know about AEW. The culture was not that familiar with AEW. Everybody’s familiar with WWE because it’s a fifty something year old company, so this new company that’s four or five years old, nobody knows about it unless you’re a hardcore wrestling fan. So my job is to bring those outside eyes to our company, our company is phenomenal, we’re something that you’ve never seen before. I’m something that you’ve never seen before and that’s my job.”

On a recent edition of the “Battleground Podcast,” Matt Cardona explained that he would gladly work a deathmatch if the NWA offered him the right paycheck or put a title belt as part of the deal. He said,

“If Billy Corgan wants me to bring my deathmatch king crown out, I gladly will, because I’m the deathmatch king, I’m the indie God, I’m whatever you know. The great thing about Matt Cardona is there’s so many different layers to the onion, you know what I’m saying? When you’re seeing Matt Cardona on a Saturday, it’s not the same guy you saw on a Friday. There’s so many versions of me, and if Billy Corgan wants the deathmatch king in the NWA, pad the lope’ pal, I can do it. Money talks, baby. I would love to have a deathmatch in NWA. I think an even trade for that would be for Billy to put the championship on the line.”

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