Jade Cargill Emerges as a Prominent Main Event Attraction for WWE, According to Booker T

Jade Cargill Emerges as a Prominent Main Event Attraction for WWE, According to Booker T
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On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed Jade Cargill leaving AEW for WWE, the impact of her departure, her potential opponents in WWE, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Jade Cargill going to WWE: “I said it some months back. I said, ‘Jade Cargill has WWE written all over her.’ That’s what I said. I’d said, ‘She’s a WWE Superstar.’ Not that she didn’t fit in, could not fit in in AEW. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying she is what WWE has always promoted, that super-athlete. That super soldier, you know what I’m saying? So no, man. This is something I anticipated. I didn’t put it out there or anything as far as saying Jade Cargill was going to be coming to WWE.“

On Cargill being a better fit in WWE: “I did feel like Cargill was that perfect star for WWE. I mean, her star power is so huge right now. Just say this, for instance. They put a title on her, and they didn’t even have to make it a champ, but she still was the focal point of that whole thing. Everybody was waiting on when Jade Cargill was going to go against Britt Baker. That never happened. I don’t think they ever had a match or anything like that. And I think, of course, they were grooming Jade Cargill because of course she is a little green. But from the growth of the performance of Jade Cargill over the past few times I’ve seen her in the ring, she looked like she’s progressing relatively quickly. And I think in the WWE, I think she’s going to progress a whole lot quicker. Because WWE is not going to put in positions where she got to go out there and do a lot of the stuff that a lot of those girls over there want to do. Like go out there and have a death match, want to go out there and have a glass — you know, one of these crazy matches, you know what I mean? And I just think in WWE, her star power is going to grow like crazy. She’s going to be a megastar in WWE.”

On Jade making the call: “I mean, her outfits are always shining. You can tell she puts a whole lot of thought process into her presentation. And that’s one thing that a lot of people can’t teach you. You gotta want that. And I just feel like in WWE, you know, she should get a chance to work with a lot of different girls that she’s going to be able to learn a whole lot from along that route at the same time. And I just think she is — I really think Jade Cargill will be in a better place. The one thing about this window; it closes very, very quickly. And Jade Cargill needs to get the most out of the opportunity that she’s going to get in this business. She needs to do it quick.”

On whether she should be on the main roster or in NXT: “No, we want her going straight to the main roster. She’s got that kind of star appeal. And in NXT she would overshadow just about everything that’s going on there. Tthat’s just me personally, but I think Jade Cargill is a main event attraction right now. Sign her and put her in the game right now because there again, on the job training, I think is what Jade Cargill needs more than anything.”

On the impact of Cargill leaving AEW: “It’s a loss for AEW. But I think also it’s not a spot where AEW was putting a lot of stock into it as well. As far as the women division, trying to build the women’s division and really create something where, just say, for instance, they could do an all woman show. I don’t I don’t know but about three or four women in AEW right now. Can you name five women? That’s exactly what I’m saying. So it wasn’t a whole lot of stock put into the women’s division. So I feel like Jade Cargill was just spinning the wheels looking good. I mean, does she look good on the show every week? Yeah. I mean, when she was on the show, yes she looked good. Did she look good when she got wins? Of course she did. But as far as really learning the business and really honing the craft, I don’t think you have enough time or enough matches to actually do that, especially on television.”

On possible WWE opponents for Cargill: “Oh, God, man [Jade vs. Bianca Belair], it’s going to be some good, good action there. Can you imagine Bianca and Jade as a tag team, all that muscle? You know what I mean? That’s Harlem Heat all over again, man. I’m serious. You know, so heck yeah, man. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how this thing plays out. We’ll find out. We’re going to find out real soon if Jade Cargill is going to be a member of the WWE roster. And me personally, I’m pretty excited about it.”

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Jade Cargill, a rising star in the world of professional wrestling, has recently made headlines with her departure from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and her potential move to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, wrestling legend Booker T discussed Cargill’s move, the impact it will have, her potential opponents in WWE, and more.

Booker T expressed his belief that Cargill has always had the potential to become a WWE superstar. He described her as a “super-athlete” and a “super soldier,” qualities that WWE has traditionally promoted. While he acknowledged that Cargill could have fit in well in AEW, he anticipated her eventual move to WWE.

According to Booker T, Cargill’s star power is undeniable. Even without holding a title, she was the focal point of many storylines and had fans eagerly anticipating her potential match against Britt Baker. Booker T also noted that while Cargill is still relatively new to the wrestling industry, she has shown significant growth in her performances. He believes that in WWE, she will progress even faster due to the company’s focus on character development and storytelling rather than high-risk matches.

Booker T praised Cargill’s dedication to her presentation and emphasized that her outfits and overall image are always on point. He believes that WWE will provide her with opportunities to work with a variety of talented female wrestlers, allowing her to learn and grow as a performer. He also stressed the importance of seizing the moment in the wrestling business, as opportunities can come and go quickly.

When discussing whether Cargill should start on the main roster or in WWE’s developmental brand NXT, Booker T firmly stated that she should go straight to the main roster. He believes that Cargill’s star appeal would overshadow much of what is happening in NXT and that she is already a main event attraction. He emphasized the importance of on-the-job training for Cargill’s development as a wrestler.

Regarding the impact of Cargill’s departure on AEW, Booker T acknowledged that it is a loss for the company. However, he also pointed out that AEW has not invested heavily in its women’s division and has not built up a strong roster of female talent. He believes that Cargill was simply spinning her wheels in AEW and that she will have more opportunities to learn and grow in WWE.

Booker T expressed excitement about the potential matchups Cargill could have in WWE. He specifically mentioned a match between Cargill and Bianca Belair, highlighting the incredible athleticism and power that both women possess. He even suggested the possibility of Cargill and Belair forming a tag team reminiscent of Booker T’s iconic tag team, Harlem Heat.

In conclusion, Jade Cargill’s move from AEW to WWE has generated significant buzz in the wrestling world. Booker T, a respected figure in the industry, believes that Cargill’s star power and potential make her a perfect fit for WWE. He anticipates her rapid growth and success in the company, emphasizing the importance of on-the-job training and seizing opportunities. Wrestling fans eagerly await Cargill’s debut in WWE and the exciting matchups that await her.