Jacques Rougeau Names the Smelliest Wrestler, Most Proficient Wrestler, Clumsiest Wrestler & MORE!

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Jacques Rougeau Names the Smelliest Wrestler, Most Proficient Wrestler, Clumsiest Wrestler & MORE!
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I cherish prowrestler, because they are neat! Customarily i'm going to present you a sentence or a listing of sentences and likewise you picture me who or what mark of absolute most life like suits that mildew and uh because we've bought rather lots of questions we'll waste mark of the speedily version so uh funniest particular person in the locker room owen coronary heart .

Smartly i waste and likewise you know what it is likely you’ll maybe maybe also fair be correct there because i've written a book question question at that i wrote a book on owen coronary heart as successfully so uh what a huge guy what a huge big guy yeah waste you know i never i never had your contact data when i became researching the book nonetheless did it is likely you’ll maybe maybe also fair own any ribs .

Particularly that he did around you no no no no owen became so humorous and he never did ribs on me i'm no longer that i do know of nonetheless anyway all correct picture me guys a likable guy yes positively every thing every every person i spoke to said the specific identical thing a terribly likeable guy uh let me i've bought my glasses on both so i'm struggling .

Right here uh the final man standing on the bar i do know you weren't cherish a gargantuan drinker nonetheless who did you hear i don't know uh king tunga you're no longer the major particular person to claim that both um your absolute well-liked if truth be told you know what basically the most talented wrestler you ever worked with .

There's a couple nonetheless i'll decide to claim titus antenna um waste you know what we lawful uh don and that i lawful did two uh two podcasts on tito santana as successfully so that's mark of a upright time nonetheless yeah somewhat fundamental the identical from don he'd said um that's doubtlessly an obvious one that's .

Doubtlessly an obvious one so i'm gonna crawl the worst resort you ever stayed in oh my god the worst resort i would decide to claim an evening's in an evening's in in uh in georgia it became those nights in there with the crimson curtains and the crimson every thing whereas you crawl in the nights in .

That's that had to be one in all the worst there when i yeah the aircon wasn't working and that i became seeing lots of crimson the wrestler who shall be least more likely to bid to the laundry my girlfriend cheese does all that i i'm no longer a laundromat guy .

Yeah i bought but every other field i'll offer you this one the the smelliest wrestler you had to scheme terminate on in the ring okay jesus christ jesus christ and there were about a nonetheless you know what to picture you the truth and don't wait nonetheless to be valid with you most of the guys were were somewhat orderly the guys .

You take into account the truth that i work with uh it's no longer cherish hockey players you know whereas you crawl away your hockey stuff there in the storage for a few weeks yeah so the guys extinct to somewhat fundamental wash their tights nonetheless i gotta picture you i'm gonna picture you i've had about a smells off of anvil evening art .

But it wasn't too faulty you know those are the recollections it wasn't too faulty the more it became mostly the tights i own that isn’t a name i've had prior to so it's positive to own a imprint original name for that respond um the the the clumsiest wrestler in the ring oh jesus christ .

Clumsiest wrestler in the ring you know in the wwe there weren't them that many clumsy wrestlers because whereas you made it there you had to be upright nonetheless yeah they one in all the bushwackers because they were they were so unorthodox you know they were so various you know they were we'd command they were clumsy nonetheless nonetheless luke wasn't so faulty nonetheless butch the .

Other one he became a petite worse they they were they were uh they were surprising you know you never know the put to crawl alongside with them and that i'd command uh nonetheless you know big guys don't get me hideous it's lawful a petite clumsy i bet and wrestling's biggest unsung hero it is a ways more likely to be it would possibly well maybe even be a wrestler it is a ways more likely to be somebody in the support who is making .

Things happen that we wouldn't hear about you point out one in all the guys that made it happen nonetheless never became acknowledged exactly exactly okay that's a upright demand lots of issues are going between my ears right here i would uh .

I would decide to claim one in all the guys one in all the guys jesus why is it repeatedly coming support to me support on a 2nd let me own right here one in all the guys that never bought the damage that they need to own had or that they weren't extinct to the rotund ability of what they would possibly maybe maybe also fair own been .

You perceive jesus that's a huge demand i'd decide to plan support support to you on that maybe it's going to plan support support for the explanation that total guys i own of they were acknowledged you know i'm the cocoa beware i'm the guys that first antenna became upright i'm making an try to own of .

I point out it would possibly well maybe even be somebody cherish howard finkel maybe yeah yeah my girlfriend lawful said a upright one my girlfriend she's a she's a fan of mine anyway nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless you know a guy who never bought uh acknowledged to be valid with you and no longer i don't know what to his rotund likely nonetheless because he never reached his rotund .

Doable nonetheless waste you know annabelle uh annabelle uh from from toronto um i'm aware of hannibal yes hannibal you know he had an an ipathitis field with uh with uh abdullah he had a thing in court docket and stuff and he became this form of a gargantuan guy a a a a solid guy .

He came to wrestle at my faculty for a whereas he became a petite uh a petite robotish a petite nonetheless nonetheless the dimensions he had and every thing i own they would possibly maybe maybe also fair own done one thing with him nonetheless nonetheless to be valid with you the guys i own of they all had a upright damage you know uh maybe the killer bees the killer bees you know that jim bronzelle and that i .

Speak those guys they weren't extinct to their rotund likely they would possibly maybe maybe also fair own had they were big workers you
I be wild about wrestling, because they are the improbable!!

Jacques Rougeau Names the Smelliest Wrestler, Most Proficient Wrestler, Clumsiest Wrestler & MORE!

Jacques Rougeau Names the Smelliest Wrestler, Most Talented Wrestler, Clumsiest Wrestler & MORE!