Jacques Rougeau: Dino Bravo Changed into Correct a STOOGE For Dynamite Kid

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Jacques Rougeau: Dino Bravo Changed into Correct a STOOGE For Dynamite Kid
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I be crazy about wrestling, because they are good!! Attributable to you mentioned him sooner than and that i i will set a query to this uh and that i will characterize you with the um unlit side of the ring that you appeared on currently yes it was once the dynamite youngster sing nonetheless i'm no longer going to position a query to about dynamite nonetheless you made mention that um you had connections with the with the montreal mafia as a system to treasure .

It was once a system to give up reprisals fundamentally nonetheless um my real seek files from is with dino bravo was once it ever mentioned or hinted that he had any connection to the mafia or he was once running against them or the leisure treasure that i deserve to upright you correct away no i'm sorry please no it's okay please uh i by no map mentioned any one i had contacts .

With the mafia by no map so for these who heard that you didn't hear it from me you heard it from hearsay the problem that i continually acknowledged was once that i didn't stamp is when dino he was once a accomplice of us he was once caught up in this middle of the chronicle there the attach i'm no longer going to catch into the .

Total chronicle nonetheless dino bravo's uncle was once vic catroni the catrone family up in quebec they were the head mafias in the italian mafias in quebec and because dino i outdated dino at the madison square garden at that final night um after after i did my comeback on .

Dynamite i went to explore uh dino in reality came to explore us in the dressing room and the following night of the occasion of the incident the attach i hit the dynamite and no person else wanted to consult with us then the entire dressing rooms were beefy excluding the one who we were in raymond and that i used to be once empty with upright me and raymond and dino walked .

In that night and dino came in and he acknowledged he acknowledged man says i bought generous files and that i bought noxious files he says which one discontinue it’s essential own first and that i didn't want to impart to dino because early that day sooner than i did my comeback the day sooner than that i acknowledged hello to dino and he by no map answered he was once sitting with the .

Bulldogs correct between each and every of them when i came in so he sided with them which i don't blame him because i'm no longer a fighter and that i'm sure dino concept well jacques goes to give up the industry undoubtedly after the beating he bought and all that so all americans concept i used to be once going to discontinue that so he sided with them so so when he came to characterize us in the .

Correct files and the noxious files the night after the incident i upright walked away i went to the dressing room nonetheless uh nonetheless then raymond requested him he says he you all okay what's the applicable files he says well the bulldogs they gave their survey they're finishing in two weeks and .

And then i used to be once so happy i used to be once in the dressing treasure in the bathroom end the bathroom i heard dino narrate that i used to be once so happy because i used to be once so tired i used to be once so beat up mentally for all this sing that i went thru and the intimidation the bullying and all that stuff and what i needed to discontinue to defend myself it was once a .

Tainted sing in my lifestyles coarse and so after they acknowledged he was once ready to give up in two weeks i used to be once so happy i used to be once relieved i'm asserting at final the bullying goes to give up and all the things's going to give up so then raymond requested dino he acknowledged well what's the noxious files so then dino upright checked out raymond .

Again and he says well the bulldogs gave their survey and they're finishing in two weeks he repeated the identical sing he acknowledged referring to the applicable files so then i acknowledged to myself i initiate pondering after which i acknowledged to myself holy that map he's gonna kick my asses sooner than he leaves i'm gonna lose he's no longer gonna lose his .

Repute of being a tricky man and the bully of the dressing room on legend of somewhat french canadian me so so as that's why the applicable files it was once generous that he give up in two weeks nonetheless the noxious files was once that he's gonna catch support to me sooner than he leaves and it was once so coarse so so when that passed off you'll stamp now .

I went to explore dino bravo after that once he gave the applicable files noxious files i used to be once in the dressing room and that i don't know the attach in reality hasty i don't know the attach it came from nonetheless i went to explore dino and and undoubtedly it was once the night after that the day after because i concept of what .

Dino acknowledged and that i used to be once fearful i used to be once in reality health and no longer finishing in a wheelchair because i bought beat up or something treasure that so i used to be once in reality fervent on that so i went the following night and that i took a piece of paper and that i wrote on a piece of paper a name of a man nonetheless it was once a fictive name it wasn't a real name i set a amount down .

And i went to explore dino and since dino had double-crossed me he’ll he upright changed camp i knew he was once going to bring all the things support to them so i went to explore dino and the predominant time i talked to him in just a few days since the occasion since he didn't want to consult with me that day i didn't after that .

I was once treasure okay so i went to explore him and that i outdated him i outdated dino bravo and that i went to explore him and that i showed him that piece of paper with the amount and that i acknowledged dino i'm upright going to characterize you this i need you to give a message to them if ever .

You witness this amount here and that i acknowledged you witness the name of this man here i deserve to name them every night now for the following two weeks because they gave their survey for 2 weeks so the following two weeks i'm in hazard so i i name this man up and that i gotta name him every night .

After every put and if one night i don't name him one night in the following two weeks he's flying to calgary and he's going to meet them in calgary after they catch support that was once made and dino grew to turn out to be around and he stood exactly what i need him to discontinue and he went to explore dynamite and that precipitated a form of bewilderment to dynamite .

Attributable to he needed to agonize about his family he needed to agonize about him he concept the risk was once even to his children and family which by no map was once i by no map threatened any one i upright set that sing in front of dino to make exercise of it to save my ass to save my lifestyles that's the applicable cause why i did that does that invent any sense yeah fully .

I be nuts about prowrestler, because they are the natty!!

Jacques Rougeau: Dino Bravo Changed into Correct a STOOGE For Dynamite Kid

Jacques Rougeau: Dino Bravo Was Just a STOOGE For Dynamite Kid