Jacques Rougeau: Dink the Clown Practically QUIT WWF Over Bam Bam Bigelow’s Bullying

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Jacques Rougeau: Dink the Clown Practically QUIT WWF Over Bam Bam Bigelow’s Bullying
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This is one obliging-looking pro wrestling grappler. Bam bam bigelow who uh he's selecting on dink the he's constantly he's taking part in these ribs esteem the bulldogs had been doing and me i already had something about ribs it used to be already known that i wouldn't stand for ribs after which particularly on a jesus christ .

You understand and he's my friend too he's from montreal jeru he's tiger he's he used to be tiger and uh tiger jackson so so uh so i i tiger came to me one evening and he used to be and he came as a lot as me crying and he said jacques i'm going to quit the industry now i says effectively what pause you imply he says .

Correctly bam bam simply keeps nagging me keeps cutting my issues and putting in my sneakers and and pause his own form of ribbing him and uh i said to myself holy i said i’m hoping you don't know then i'm going to head communicate with i used to be asserting that to myself because no person needs to battle .

Batman megalo he's a provoking man he's a provoking taking a see man i don't know the map noteworthy he used to be but he's provoking-taking a see and gruesome so anyway goodbye story quick is uh i said to myself okay so then the following evening we got into this hartford i deem used to be hartford connecticut and we got into the dressing room after which in front of all of the boys that constantly labored .

To this point so in front of the boys they said i said hiya bam bam i said am i in a position to communicate with you a minute after which all people used to be esteem oh boy so then he got into the after which i got as soon as i got previous the door i took that hardcore image of mine i said what are you doing he's a freaking jesus .

Christ bam bam you bought to let him scoot you bought to pause ribbing it he says what's it to you i said oh it is miles he's my friend and that i said to repeat you the truth then i got a limited bit upset when he used to be esteem that unsuitable i said effectively to repeat you the truth i said if you is seemingly to be looking for to beget a rib esteem that simply rip me any additional .

Lawful don't rip him anymore with me and that i turned round i went relieve in the dressing room and and about three four days later tiger came as a lot as me and he hugged me and he said jacques he says he's no longer taking part in with me anymore he's no longer ripping me anymore thanks lots lots and if you test with ding one day .

He tells it in each keep the location he goes he's so blissful that i defended him you
My admire WCW Wrestler says this plugin is extremely intellectual!!

Jacques Rougeau: Dink the Clown Practically QUIT WWF Over Bam Bam Bigelow’s Bullying

Jacques Rougeau: Dink the Clown Nearly QUIT WWF Over Bam Bam Bigelow's Bullying