Ivelisse On AEW Exit: Despite The Misunderstandings, My Goal Has Always Been To Improve Women’s Wrestling

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Ivelisse On AEW Exit: Despite The Misunderstandings, My Goal Has Always Been To Improve Women’s Wrestling

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Sometimes people are just misunderstood and according to Ivelisse, that’s exactly the case with her departure from All Elite Wrestling.

Ivelisse recently appeared on FITE TV’s ‘Women’s Wrestling Talk’ and discussed how some misunderstandings led to the notion that she’s ‘troublesome’ in some backstage environments throughout her wrestling career.

“My higher goal has always been to shed light on anything that could improve women’s wrestling in any way, shape, or form. So, I do feel that a big reason is, again, just because I’m a female, they feel the freedom to just, you know, pick me apart, etc, it seems to be a trend that seems to be trending. Because it hasn’t been just me, it’s been other females as well. Any female that starts blowing a bunch of steam or whatever, somehow, someway they want to find a way to, to bring them down, drag them down or whatever. And it just seems to be something that the media enjoys, and I really feel that it’s something that needs to be shed light on; to just move on from something like that. And do the opposite, because it is a major problem in society. And it’s not just in wrestling it’s everything. Um, any female that is like, you know, gunning for something and actually making a difference or making, you know, making strides or making changes or anything like that, somehow, someway they have to find something to kind of try to trample on that or whatever.”

Ivelisse would then delve into wanting to work with AEW again despite the issues that led to her departure.

“I would kind of have to say two because major companies and independent companies are just so it’s such an entirely different worlds; that I would have to say one of each. So, if I would say one, from the independent side, I would say Shine because Shine has been that platform that I was able… it was the first and longest platform that has always allowed me to be myself in every way shape or form. And that’s like the main stage where I’ve been able to show the world who I am and the caliber of performer that I am. I mean to the point where when I left WWE, them giving me that chance was how I was able to climb the ranks in women’s wrestling on a whole… on like literally debuting in the top 10 of PWI. Like, it was the best, the best year of my career like at that time. So, I would definitely say that I’m still incredibly grateful to Shine for that, and in major companies I would say, like you said, if I had a magic wand and I could erase politics, I would say AEW, despite the misunderstanding. I was still able to be completely utterly myself, Ivelisse “La Sicaria”. And the misunderstandings only happened in the end. So, throughout that, even as I was being presented, which, you know, I feel I could, like, I love doing tag team stuff and everything like that, but also, I obviously also am a very accomplished singles competitor as well. I was looking forward to it all, anything and everything, to just give my entire all despite, you know, not being able to show the AEW universe, those other elements of who I am, etc. I still feel like it is the platform that I could best present who “La Sicaria” is, and everything that has to do with my character, everything that has to do with what I could deliver in every department. So, unfortunately, you know, it’s just that misunderstanding. But again, if that meant there was a magic wand, or if there was somehow, someway some miracle that could happen in life, and this misunderstanding could be resolved. I’ll say AEW.”

After she made several appearances for AEW in the summer, Ivelisse later said she’d signed a contract with the company in October. In April, Ivelisse announced she’d been “let go” by AEW after she spoke up about mistreatment.

When asked by WrestleZone if she would like to make any other statement about her status in addition to the original remarks, Ivelisse referred back to the original tweet and said, “No. I spoke up about mistreatment and was let go.”

Ivelisse had been appearing regularly on All Elite Wrestling programming over the past year until her departure, and her most recent wrestling appearances came for SWE (Texas) and Shine Wrestling in June.

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