“I’ve never shared a meal with Vince Russo,” declared Booker T.

“I’ve never shared a meal with Vince Russo,” declared Booker T.
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In a recent episode of the podcast “Hall of Fame”, WWE legend and Hall of Famer Booker T, opened up about his professional rapport with Vince Russo.

Here are some standout points from the discussion:

Talking about his relationship with Vince Russo, Booker T clarified that he sees him neither as an adversary nor as a friend. He stated, “Although I wouldn’t tag him as an enemy, I wouldn’t exactly label us as friends either. For me, a friend is someone with whom you’ve at least shared a meal once. Vince and I have never had that opportunity. We haven’t ever had a deep, meaningful conversation. Our exchanges have primarily revolved around wrestling. Thus, I’d best describe him as a colleague.”

Reflecting on the time when Russo was calling the shots in WCW, Booker T shared that it was somewhat of a negotiation process for him. He explained, “I approached Vince Russo asking for a bit more time as the five-minute stint was simply not working for me. I noticed that in such a short span my matches were unable to create an impact. Fortunately, Russo was somewhat flexible and agreed to give me the extra time I had asked for.”

Regarding whether Hulk Hogan should have endorsed him at Bash at the Beach, he expressed his doubts, saying “While that would have been an interesting turn of events, I honestly don’t see it actually happening. As illustrated by Hulk Hogan’s commentary regarding Sting, I don’t think he would have contemplated an idea like this seriously.”