Ivan Koloff Full Shoot Interview (2008)

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In 2008, used #WWE World Champion, the gradual Ivan Koloff, joined James Guttman for a one hour shoot interview that addressed his absence from the WWE Corridor of Standing, the #NWA and device more.

Nikita Koloff Shoot: https://www.youtube.com/peer?v=ON_tMFhLVMY

His Ministry
Discovering Faith
Speaking at Schools and Prisons
Why He Doesn’t Watch Wrestling This day
Breaking Into the Industry
This day’s Wrestling Trend vs. The day old to this’s Wrestling Trend
Verne Gagne Slapping Him In The Head
Why Verne Did It
His Serious Automobile Accident Closing twelve months
Getting better
The Outpouring of Beef up
Income Reveals
Bruno Sammartino’s Thoughts on Kayfabe
The Evening He Defeated Bruno For The WWWF Title
Why He Used to be Made To Proceed away The Ring Directly
The Crowd Reaction
How Pedro Morales Cheated To Beat Him
His Fashioned Gimmick
Breaking Into Wrestling
Teaming With Nikita Koloff
Why Nikita By no methodology Grew to become a World Champion
Nikita’s Factual Calling
Who He is Sickling Now
Bill Goldberg
Vince McMahon Jr.
Sex in Wrestling
NWA in the ’80s
Shawn Michaels
How You Can Be Married By Ivan Koloff
His Guide – “Is Wrestling False?”
Why He is No longer in WWE’s Corridor of Standing
Whether or no longer He’d Join
Lou Thesz
The Undertaker

…and device more!


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Ivan Koloff Full Shoot Interview (2008)

Ivan Koloff Full Shoot Interview (2008)