ITV Delays AEW Dynamite Premiere Due To Technical Issues, Minoru Suzuki & Kurt Angle Coming To Warrior Wrestling

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ITV Delays AEW Dynamite Premiere Due To Technical Issues, Minoru Suzuki & Kurt Angle Coming To Warrior WrestlingAll Elite Wrestling - AEW Being The Elite

ITV Delays AEW Dynamite Premiere

ITV issued the following statement, revealing technical issues will prevent them from airing the AEW Dynamite premiere episode at the advertised time tonight:

Due to technical issues, we regret to inform wrestling fans that the planned availability of the new AEW: Dynamite show to view on the ITV Hub from 7pm is delayed and will be ready later this evening.

We’re working on this as a priority and will update you with a confirmed availability notice as soon as we can.

International fans were able to watch the broadcast live through the AEW Plus app package on FITE. Yesterday, ITV announced an updated schedule for AEW Dynamite that would see the full show air Thursdays at 7pm local time, along with a replay on ITV4 at 11:20pm on Fridays and again at 8:20am on Sundays. The initial announcement revealed AEW would air on a four day delay, but Tony Khan later said that the deal was announced too early, and they were working on a solution to get customers access to AEW live streams, or as small of a delay as possible.

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Minoru Suzuki & Kurt Angle

Warrior Wrestling has announced Minoru Suzuki and Kurt Angle will be appearing at their upcoming Warrior Wrestling Seven event on December 13. Ticket information and VIP details can be found at

On Friday, December 13th….Warrior Wrestling 7 will welcome the scariest human on planet Earth to compete for first time in a Warrior ring.

Keep your distance. Do not make direct eye contact. And prepare yourselves.

Tickets: #AEWonTNT

— Warrior Wrestling (@WarriorWrstlng) October 3, 2019

Warrior Wrestling 7 takes place on Friday, December 13th, in Chicago.

We've already announced Kurt Angle and New Japan legend Minoru Suzuki. Get your VIP Fan Fest ticket to meet them and more stars!

And we're just getting started.


— Warrior Wrestling (@WarriorWrstlng) October 3, 2019