Introducing MJF’s New Girlfriend: A Familiar Face You Might Recognize

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MJF has a new girlfriend in the form of Alicia Atout.

The Salt of the Earth took to Twitter over the weekend to discuss his current reign as AEW World Champion, while also confirming that he is dating Atout.


In his tweet, which you can see below, MJF includes a photo of himself snuggling with Alicia Atout in a bed. He wrote,

“Defending the championship from people the likes of

Bryan Danielson
Ethan Page
Sammy Guevara
Jungle Boy
Darby Allin
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Adam Cole
Samoa Joe
Kenny omega
And soon Jay White

Can be mentally taxing.

Find things that keep you Sane.

Like cats and pirate hookers.”

Atout has since replied, writing:


MJF and Alicia Atout have long been associated with each other during interviews, media scrums, etc. MJF often refers to his now real-life girlfriend as “T*ts McGee.”

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MJF, also known as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, has recently revealed that he is dating Alicia Atout. The AEW World Champion took to Twitter to share a photo of himself snuggling with Atout in bed, confirming their relationship. This news has sparked interest among wrestling fans and has shed light on their association during interviews and media events.
In his tweet, MJF mentioned the mental toll of defending his championship against notable opponents such as Bryan Danielson, Ethan Page, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Adam Cole, Samoa Joe, Kenny Omega, and soon Jay White. He emphasized the importance of finding things that keep one sane, like cats and pirate hookers.
Alicia Atout responded to MJF’s tweet with a simple “Ahoy,” indicating her acknowledgment of their relationship. This interaction between the two wrestlers has further intrigued fans and sparked discussions about their personal lives.
It is worth noting that MJF often refers to Alicia Atout as “T*ts McGee” during interviews and media scrums. This nickname adds a playful element to their dynamic and showcases their chemistry both inside and outside the wrestling ring.
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The revelation of MJF and Alicia Atout’s relationship has generated excitement among fans and has given them a glimpse into the personal lives of these wrestlers. As their journey continues, fans will eagerly follow their careers and personal developments in the wrestling industry.