Interspecies Wrestling Launches Dumbest Kickstarter Ever To Make Lego History

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Interspecies Wrestling Launches Dumbest Kickstarter Ever To Make Lego History

Photo credit: Rob Brazier / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Independent pro wrestling organization Interspecies Wrestling sent the following announcing their attempt to make a Lego history with the dumbest Kickstarter in history:

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* Interspecies Wrestling Launch ‘Dumbest Kickstarter Of All Time’ to bring a unique event to NJ

05/22/21: Professional wrestling company ‘Interspecies Wrestling’ today announced that they are seeking investment to host the dumbest wrestling show in history funded by the dumbest Kickstarter in history and they want to host it in NJ!!

The ask is as simple as it is ridiculous. They are looking to purchase one million brightly colored blocks that somewhat resemble a popular children’s building toy to use in the event!

People from all over the world have already been sending blocks in their thousands but in order to meet the goal, the Kickstarter was launched! This will be an event like no other, weapons, walkways and everything you can think of will be constructed from the brightly colored blocks!

The event planned for late 2021 will be the company’s return to wrestling after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kickstarter is being used to not only purchase blocks but to provide a paid show to performers who were impacted by the lack of opportunities over the past year.

Mike Woods, owner, and promoter of Interspecies Wrestling believes that: “We needed to come back from our forced slumber in the biggest of ways. A way that’s uniquely Interspecies Wrestling. This idea came to me, and after running it by some friends – it was the only way to go about it. It will be big, colorful, wild, and uniquely Interspecies Wrestling.” Steven Bradley, long-time ISW fan and campaign promoter “This is something that only Interspecies Wrestling could do. They created this particular match and now they are going to take it to a whole new level. Mike and I have been working for weeks on the campaign and as fans of wrestling ourselves, we have tried to create perks that we know other fans are going to love.”

There are many rewards in exchange for backing the campaign, ranging all the way from a shoutout on social media, to taking home the real title belt awarded to the champion of the main event.

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