Insights into Black Taurus’ Name and Gimmick Change in AEW Revealed

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As we previously reported here on eWn, AEW has signed former AAA talent Black Taurus under a new name and gimmick.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide has made things difficult for Taurus, and this may have damaged the relationship on both sides.


According to AAA, Taurus used to be a show opener in Arena Mexico before receiving his name and gimmick. He was then pushed and gained popularity.

The Mexican wrestler worked in AAA as Taurus from 2015-2016, before going to Lucha Libre Elite as Black Taurus. He then registered the name and attire before returning to AAA in 2018.

This led to Black Taurus’ popularity in the United States, particularly after he began to appear for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. The luchador then became a regular for TNA Wrestling.

Taurus’ side states that he asked for more money and since AAA told him their current market couldn’t support a raise, he wanted to sign with AEW.

AEW tried to arrange a deal to keep the Black Taurus name and gimmick, but AAA sources suggest that Taurus himself was against the idea.

Instead of fighting a legal battle, AEW President Tony Khan elected to make a change.

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AEW Signs Former AAA Talent Black Taurus Under New Name and Gimmick

In the world of professional wrestling, talent often moves between promotions, seeking new opportunities and challenges. One such talent is Black Taurus, who recently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after leaving Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. However, the transition has not been without its complications.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Black Taurus faced difficulties with AAA, which may have strained the relationship between the wrestler and the promotion. AAA claims that Taurus started as a show opener in Arena Mexico before receiving his name and gimmick. He then gained popularity and was pushed as a prominent figure in the promotion.

Black Taurus worked for AAA from 2015 to 2016 under that name before moving to Lucha Libre Elite, where he adopted the name “Black Taurus.” During this time, he registered the name and attire associated with the character. However, in 2018, he returned to AAA, which further boosted his popularity, especially in the United States when he began appearing for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and TNA Wrestling.

The dispute between Black Taurus and AAA arose when Taurus requested a raise in his salary. AAA informed him that their current market conditions couldn’t support such an increase. As a result, Taurus decided to explore other opportunities and signed with AEW.

AEW attempted to negotiate a deal with AAA to retain the Black Taurus name and gimmick. However, sources suggest that Taurus himself was against this idea. Instead of engaging in a legal battle, AEW President Tony Khan made the decision to rebrand the wrestler under a new name and gimmick.

This move by AEW highlights the complexities of talent contracts and intellectual property rights in the wrestling industry. While it may be disappointing for fans who have grown accustomed to seeing Black Taurus in his previous persona, it also presents an opportunity for the wrestler to reinvent himself and showcase his skills in a new way.

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In conclusion, Black Taurus’s move from AAA to AEW has been met with some challenges due to intellectual property disputes. However, it presents an exciting opportunity for the wrestler to explore new avenues and captivate audiences with a fresh persona. Wrestling fans can stay informed about this and other wrestling news through reliable sources like