Insights from Ted DiBiase on His Unsuccessful Quest for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title

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On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase revealed why he never became the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, whether he was doubtful about leaving Mid-South Wrestling, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On why he was never the NWA World Heavyweight Champion: “One of the reasons that I was never the NWA World Champion is, I went back to work for Bill [Watts]. You know, and Bill was not affiliated with the NWA. At the time when I first went to Georgia because Terry Funk told me, ‘Go to Georgia, get on that TV and get over.’”

On whether he was hesitant to leave Mid-South Wrestling: “It was a family move. Again, I mean Melanie and I got married [on] New Year’s Eve ’81. And I was in Mid-South all that time. So this is ’83 and now I’m going to go back to Georgia. And I really went back to Georgia more, I think for my marriage. I wanted her to be around some of her old friends and things like that, and just to not — you know, with me all the time. I mean, you think about that. We got married, she doesn’t know wrestling and you can explain it to them but you know. Hey, I was home every night in Georgia, and it was just, I think I needed that again for a while. Because just Mid-South was just wow. You were you weren’t gone every night, but there were a lot of nights you were gone. And so now we’re back in Georgia. And what I am doing — again, which takes me away — is trips to Japan. I would be like, you want to go to Japan? You’re there, you’re going three total weeks or sometimes five total weeks before you get home. The money’s really good, but you’re still gone. So and I because I had hoped and we had — I believed that if she went back to Atlanta, she still had a lot of friends here. Well, she still had a lot of friends there, but all of her friends were still single. And it’s kind of like when you when you’re married now and you have a child to take care of, everything changes. Yep. So ultimately, we went back to Mid-South.”

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Ted DiBiase, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared some interesting insights on his podcast regarding his career in professional wrestling. In particular, he revealed why he never became the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and discussed his decision to leave Mid-South Wrestling.

One of the main reasons DiBiase never held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship was due to his decision to work for Bill Watts, who was not affiliated with the NWA at the time. DiBiase explained that Terry Funk had advised him to go to Georgia and establish himself on television. This move ultimately prevented him from pursuing the NWA title.

When asked about leaving Mid-South Wrestling, DiBiase mentioned that it was primarily a family decision. He had married his wife Melanie in 1981 and had been working for Mid-South since then. In 1983, he decided to return to Georgia, where Melanie had friends and a support system. DiBiase believed that this move would provide a more stable environment for his marriage.

DiBiase also discussed the challenges of being away from home frequently due to wrestling commitments. While he was home every night in Georgia, he still had to travel to Japan for extended periods. Although the financial rewards were enticing, the time spent away from his family took a toll on him. DiBiase hoped that by returning to Atlanta, Melanie would have a stronger support network, but he realized that her friends were still single and their priorities had changed after getting married and starting a family.

Ultimately, DiBiase and his wife decided to return to Mid-South Wrestling, where he continued his successful career. The decision was influenced by the need for stability and a familiar environment for their family.

Ted DiBiase’s revelations provide fans with a deeper understanding of the challenges and decisions that professional wrestlers face throughout their careers. It highlights the importance of balancing personal and professional commitments and sheds light on the sacrifices made by wrestlers and their families.

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