Insights from Nick Khan: Unveiling Vince McMahon’s Position on WWE-UFC Merger and New Media Rights

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The WWE and UFC merger became official on Tuesday morning with the official launch of TKO Group Holdings.

Vince McMahon has been named as the Executive Chairman of the Board of TKO Group Holdings while Nick Khan will continue to serve as the President of WWE.


During an appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast“, Khan discussed the merger, Vince McMahon’s return from his medical hiatus following spinal surgery, media rights, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Vince McMahon’s recovery from back surgery: “Look, assume that he’s doing it faster than he should be doing, which, one might say, ‘Hey, slow down, slow down.’ But again, I don’t think to the Vinces and the Danas of the world there is any slowing down, so he seems to be progressing quite well. It was major back surgery. He’s back on his feet.”

On if McMahon opted for the WWE and UFC merger so he could stay involved with the company: “I don’t think that was a deciding factor in this. I think Vince approached it as, ‘Hey, I want to make sure every shareholder is treated the same way I, Vince, am treated.’ And it was the Endeavor folks who asked him to stay in once the process was well underway, and bids were already in, and all of those things.”

On when WWE and UFC’s media rights expire: “You have NBCU who is a significant partner of WWE, Disney, as you just mentioned, a significant partner of UFC. Those deals are not up at the same time. But it is interesting that you have two companies that tend to compete with each other, whether it was over the acquisition of the FOX assets a few years ago. Just after that, as you recall, the Sky acquisition…So let’s see. Let’s see what happens. We’re thrilled with NBCU — we meaning WWE — and UFC seems to be thrilled with Disney, but yes, it can always get better. So let’s see… WWE is up in October 2024. UFC’s up about a year later.”

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The WWE and UFC Merger: What You Need to Know

In a surprising move, the WWE and UFC officially merged on Tuesday morning with the launch of TKO Group Holdings. This merger brings together two of the biggest names in sports entertainment and combat sports, creating a powerhouse in the industry. Vince McMahon, the Chairman and CEO of WWE, has been named as the Executive Chairman of the Board of TKO Group Holdings, while Nick Khan will continue to serve as the President of WWE.

The announcement of this merger has sparked a lot of speculation and excitement among fans and industry insiders. Many are curious about the implications of this partnership and what it means for both organizations moving forward. Fortunately, Nick Khan shed some light on these questions during an appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.”

One of the main topics discussed was Vince McMahon’s recovery from back surgery. Khan revealed that McMahon is progressing well and is back on his feet. Despite the major surgery, McMahon’s determination and drive to continue working seem to be pushing him to recover faster than expected.

Another point of interest was whether McMahon’s involvement in the merger was a deciding factor. Khan stated that McMahon’s primary concern was ensuring that all shareholders were treated fairly. It was actually the Endeavor group that asked McMahon to stay involved once the merger process was well underway.

The conversation also touched on the media rights of both WWE and UFC. Khan mentioned that WWE has a significant partnership with NBCU, while UFC has a strong relationship with Disney. Although their media rights expire at different times, it is intriguing to see how these two companies, which have previously competed over acquisitions, will navigate their future partnerships. Khan expressed optimism about the current partnerships but also acknowledged that there is always room for improvement.

As fans eagerly await more details about the WWE and UFC merger, it is important to stay informed about the latest developments. Websites like provide comprehensive coverage of wrestling news, including updates on this merger. Additionally, following their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook can keep fans in the loop.

In conclusion, the WWE and UFC merger has created a buzz in the sports entertainment and combat sports industries. With Vince McMahon leading TKO Group Holdings and Nick Khan continuing to oversee WWE, the future looks promising for this partnership. As media rights come into play and both organizations strive for growth, it will be interesting to see how this merger unfolds in the coming years.