Insights from Kris Statlander on Jade Cargill’s Future and Fans’ Engagement with AEW Backstage News

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Kris Statlander recently spoke with Newsday to discuss a variety of topics, including Jade Cargill’s departure from All Elite Wrestling, the younger people in the AEW locker room not taking advice from veterans, fans focusing on backstage rumors, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On returning her home area as the TBS Champion: “It’s a very surreal experience. But, at the end of the day, it is what I’ve wanted to do. It’s my job. And I can’t think too much about it, because it’s just a little too insane to understand.”

On Jade Cargill: “Me being the second-ever TBS title (holder) means nothing without Jade having her undefeated streak and being an unstoppable monster. Whatever she chooses to do, I know that she’s going to do great at it. And she’s going to be a star, no matter what.”

On the younger people in the AEW locker room not taking advice from veterans: “[Some wrestlers from my generation] don’t always see that sometimes people are just trying to help. Sometimes with us being younger and stupid… they don’t always make the best decisions. Everybody’s going to have their own way to go about these things. For me, personally, I will welcome any advice from anyone that takes the time out of their day to help me out.”

On fans focusing on backstage rumors: “No matter what is going on backstage, or what people think is going on backstage, or any sort of rumor going on, my personal goal… is to make sure that at the end of the day, I do what I can to put on a great show. And that’s all that I can do. And I wish people that like to feed into any sort of drama or rumors could just kind of look at wrestling at a surface level and just feel like this is entertainment… I wish that some people would just not care so much about other stuff that doesn’t matter when it comes to the overall product.”

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Kris Statlander Discusses Jade Cargill’s Departure and More in Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Newsday, Kris Statlander, the current TBS Champion in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), opened up about various topics, including Jade Cargill’s departure from the company, the younger wrestlers in the AEW locker room not seeking advice from veterans, and fans’ obsession with backstage rumors.

Statlander expressed her feelings about returning to her home area as the TBS Champion, describing it as a surreal experience. She acknowledged that while it may be overwhelming, she understands that it is her job and tries not to dwell too much on the magnitude of it. She recognizes that it is what she has always wanted to do and remains focused on her role.

When asked about Jade Cargill, Statlander spoke highly of her former opponent. She emphasized that her own accomplishment as the second-ever TBS title holder would not hold as much significance without Jade’s undefeated streak and her reputation as an unstoppable force. Statlander expressed confidence in Jade’s future endeavors, stating that she believes Jade will excel in whatever path she chooses and become a star.

One topic that Statlander touched upon was the reluctance of younger wrestlers in the AEW locker room to seek advice from veterans. She acknowledged that some wrestlers from her generation may not always recognize that veterans are trying to help them. Statlander believes that due to their youth and lack of experience, younger wrestlers may not always make the best decisions. However, she personally welcomes any advice from anyone who takes the time to offer guidance and support.

Statlander also addressed the issue of fans focusing on backstage rumors. She expressed her desire for fans to view wrestling as entertainment and not get caught up in unnecessary drama or rumors. She emphasized that her main goal is to put on a great show for the audience and hopes that people can appreciate wrestling at a surface level without getting too invested in backstage gossip. Statlander believes that fans should focus on the overall product and not get distracted by irrelevant matters.

In conclusion, Kris Statlander’s interview with Newsday provided insights into her thoughts on various topics within the wrestling industry. From discussing Jade Cargill’s departure and the importance of veterans’ advice to addressing fans’ obsession with backstage rumors, Statlander showcased her professionalism and dedication to her craft. As the TBS Champion, she continues to strive to deliver an exceptional wrestling experience for fans around the world.