Insightful Sneak Peek into Tonight’s Episode of ROH TV (September 14, 2023)

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ROH will air a new episode of its weekly television show tonight at 7 pm ET on HonorClub. 

You can sign up for the streaming service here. Below is the lineup for the show: 


– ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Rocky Romero

– Ethan Page vs. Griff Garrison

– Josh Woods Open Challenge

– Mercedes Martinez in action

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Ring of Honor (ROH) is set to air a new episode of its weekly television show tonight at 7 pm ET on HonorClub. For fans of professional wrestling, this is an exciting opportunity to catch up on the latest matches and storylines in the world of ROH.

HonorClub is the streaming service that allows fans to access ROH content. By signing up for this service, viewers can enjoy live events, on-demand shows, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. It’s a must-have for any dedicated ROH fan who wants to stay connected to their favorite wrestlers and events.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s in store for tonight’s episode. The lineup promises some thrilling matches and appearances that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

First up, we have the ROH World Championship match between Claudio Castagnoli (c) and Rocky Romero. The World Championship is the most prestigious title in ROH, and this match is bound to be a clash of titans. Both Castagnoli and Romero are highly skilled athletes with a history of delivering incredible performances, so fans can expect nothing less than an epic showdown.

Next on the card is a match between Ethan Page and Griff Garrison. Page is known for his intense and hard-hitting style, while Garrison has been making waves with his impressive athleticism. This match has all the makings of a show-stealer, as both competitors will undoubtedly give it their all to secure a victory.

Following that, we have the Josh Woods Open Challenge. Open challenges are always exciting because they bring an element of surprise to the show. Woods, a rising star in ROH, will be putting his skills to the test against an unknown opponent. This match could be anyone’s game, and fans will be eagerly waiting to see who steps up to the challenge.

Lastly, we have Mercedes Martinez in action. Martinez is a veteran in the wrestling industry and has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her matches are always intense and hard-hitting, and fans can expect nothing less from her appearance tonight.

For those who can’t catch the show live, don’t worry. You can always stay up to date with all your wrestling news on This website provides comprehensive coverage of all major wrestling promotions, including ROH. Additionally, you can follow eWrestlingNews on Twitter and Facebook for even more updates and behind-the-scenes content.

In conclusion, tonight’s episode of ROH’s weekly television show is not one to be missed. With a lineup featuring a World Championship match, an open challenge, and the presence of top-notch wrestlers like Claudio Castagnoli, Rocky Romero, Ethan Page, Griff Garrison, and Mercedes Martinez, fans are in for a treat. So, make sure to tune in to HonorClub at 7 pm ET and witness the excitement unfold in the world of ROH.