Insightful Discussion with Kevin Nash on the Layout of Royal Rumble Matches

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently shared his thoughts on the planning process behind battle royal and Royal Rumble matches in WWE during a recent episode of his “Kliq This” podcast. He said,

“I remember the one in Providence where I threw out all the people. You walked in, and there was a f****ing blackboard which showed when you came in and who was in the ring, and then they would have next to your name who you would come in and eliminate. For me, it was everybody.”


Nash also talked about how his return in the Rumble match at Royal Rumble 2014 was laid out. He stated,

“I remember when I came back [to WWE] and Reigns was gonna go over. The agent, I won’t bury him, but he was a…I would say, never above f***ing mid card guy that laid this f****ing thing out. And I’m going like, ‘Uhh.’ And Roman’s like spearing guys, which is basically — like, this guy’s laying it out, and I’m watching it in my mind going, ‘You know he has to have a runway to do this and, you’re basically cutting this…’”

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently shared some insights into the planning process behind battle royal and Royal Rumble matches in WWE. Nash discussed his experiences during a recent episode of his podcast, “Kliq This.”

Nash recalled a specific battle royal in Providence where he eliminated all the participants. He described how there was a blackboard that displayed the order of entry and the names of the wrestlers in the ring. Next to each wrestler’s name, it was indicated who they would eliminate. Nash humorously mentioned that for him, it was everybody.

The former wrestler also discussed his return to WWE for the Royal Rumble match in 2014. Nash revealed that the agent responsible for laying out the match was not someone he considered to be a top-tier talent. He expressed his concerns about the agent’s plan, particularly regarding Roman Reigns’ spear moves. Nash believed that there needed to be enough space for Reigns to execute his moves effectively.

In addition to his podcast appearance, Nash shared a video clip on his social media platforms, giving fans a visual insight into the conversation. The video featured Nash discussing the planning process and sharing his thoughts on the agent’s approach.

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Kevin Nash’s insights into the planning process behind battle royal and Royal Rumble matches offer a fascinating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of WWE. As a veteran wrestler and Hall of Famer, Nash’s perspective provides valuable insights for fans and aspiring wrestlers alike.