Insight into Scott D’Amore’s Decision to Sign Leon Slater to Impact Wrestling and Latest Tony Deppen/MLW News

Insight into Scott D’Amore’s Decision to Sign Leon Slater to Impact Wrestling and Latest Tony Deppen/MLW News
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We reported earlier this week here on eWn that Leon Slater has signed a long-term deal with TNA/Impact Wrestling.

While appearing on SportsKeeda’s “WrestleBinge” podcast, Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore revealed why he decided to sign Slater. He said,


“I think Leon Slater is exactly what TNA was built on which is giving opportunity to young, super talented people. So 19 years old, wise, a little mature beyond his years and as good of a prospect as I think you see anywhere in the industry. Excited to have Leon with us.“

Major League Wrestling has announced that Tony Deppen will be returning from his ‘suspension’ at MLW Fightland.

You can check out the official announcement below:

Tony Deppen’s suspension has ended. Deppen, who served the suspension under protest, is now active to compete effective immediately.

Deppen was fined, along with TJ Crawford for brutally attacking Kevin Blackwood last month. Refusing to pay his fine, Deppen was suspended for his conduct and defiance of league rules and policies.

While some have labeled Deppen obnoxious and “too outspoken for his own good,” there is no denying Deppen has become one of the more impressive new arrivals in MLW this year.

Deppen will next compete in MLW November 18th in Philadelphia.

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Title: Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore Signs Young Talent Leon Slater
In a recent announcement, Impact Wrestling President Scott D’Amore revealed the signing of Leon Slater, a young and talented wrestler. D’Amore emphasized that Slater embodies the core values of TNA/Impact Wrestling, which is to provide opportunities to promising individuals in the industry. This article will delve into the reasons behind D’Amore’s decision and shed light on the potential impact Slater could have on the wrestling scene.
Leon Slater: A Rising Star:
At just 19 years old, Leon Slater has already caught the attention of industry insiders with his exceptional skills and maturity beyond his years. D’Amore praised Slater as one of the most promising prospects in the wrestling industry, highlighting his talent and dedication. By signing Slater, Impact Wrestling aims to continue its tradition of nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to shine.
Impact Wrestling’s Commitment to Young Talent:
Throughout its history, TNA/Impact Wrestling has been known for its commitment to giving opportunities to young and talented wrestlers. The promotion has consistently provided a platform for rising stars to showcase their skills and gain exposure. By signing Leon Slater, Impact Wrestling reaffirms its dedication to this principle, ensuring that the next generation of wrestlers has a chance to make their mark in the industry.
The Impact of Leon Slater’s Signing:
Leon Slater’s signing with Impact Wrestling not only provides him with a significant opportunity but also adds depth and excitement to the promotion’s roster. With his unique skill set and potential, Slater has the potential to captivate audiences and become a fan favorite. His presence on Impact Wrestling’s programming will undoubtedly generate interest and anticipation among wrestling enthusiasts.
Tony Deppen’s Return to Major League Wrestling:
In other wrestling news, Major League Wrestling (MLW) announced the end of Tony Deppen’s suspension. Deppen, who served his suspension under protest, is now eligible to compete. Despite being labeled as obnoxious and outspoken, Deppen has made a strong impression since his arrival in MLW. His return to the ring on November 18th in Philadelphia promises to be an exciting event for fans.
The signing of Leon Slater by Impact Wrestling showcases the promotion’s commitment to nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to succeed. Slater’s addition to the roster brings fresh energy and excitement to the promotion. Additionally, Tony Deppen’s return to Major League Wrestling adds another layer of intrigue to the wrestling landscape. As wrestling fans, we can look forward to witnessing the growth and impact of these talented individuals in the coming months.