Inner Circle Plan YouTube Takeover On This Week’s Being The Elite

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Inner Circle Plan YouTube Takeover On This Week’s Being The Elite

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week’s Being The Elite starts out innocently enough. Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa chill on the couch munching on snacks and stewing in their recent failures. After a quick round of the 8-bit Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers video game, Nakazawa suggests to Kenny that he defend his AAA championship in AEW to lift his spirits. Said match is set for this week’s AEW Dark, with those in attendance saying that it’s one to watch.

A few funny segments follow, including Nick Jackson doing some Merch Freek shinanigans with Chris Daniels since Matt Jackson is still at home. Matt also speaks to announcer Justin Roberts, offering him a Golden Girls tank top in exchange for a custom intro to his singles match. Also, Jimmy Havoc suffers the consequences of using a staple gun during last week’s Diamond Battle Royale. He staples the hands that feed him insults after some vague “mud show” references that could be aimed at Jim Cornette.

Finally, a segment with the Librarians gets broken up by passing Inner Circle members Sammy Guevara and Pride and Powerful. They break up the segment and take the opportunity to beat up both Peter Avalon and cameraman Brandon Cutler. All this is filmed with Brandon’s camera, and Sammy Guevara then suggests that next week’s episode is officially “Being The Inner Circle.” They leave the two wrestlers lying, but not before kidnapping Librarian Leva Bates over Santana’s shoulder.

You can catch the full episode of Being The Elite embedded below:

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