Initial Wagering Predictions for John Cena’s Farewell Journey

Initial Wagering Predictions for John Cena’s Farewell Journey
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During the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, which transpired on a Saturday night, professional WWE wrestler John Cena declared that he will embark on his farewell tour in 2025.

BetOnline, the coveted gambling platform, has made public the preliminary betting odds for Cena’s swansong tour. Included here are the odds:

John Cena’s Antagonist at WrestleMania:

Randy Orton is with odds of 1/1,
Cody Rhodes has a 2/1 probability,
CM Punk’s chances are 7/1,
Roman Reigns and The Rock share odds at 9/1,
Bautista’s chances come in at 10/1,
Gunther has a 12/1,
Kurt Angle stands at 16/1,
Bron Breaker’s probability is 20/1,
AJ Styles enjoys a 35/1 odds,
Stone Cold is at 40/1,
Edge, The Undertaker, and Triple H are both pegged at 50/1.
Ric Flair brings-up the rear at 100/1.

Will John Cena’s WrestleMania Clash be a Battle for a World Title?

For a ‘Yes,’ it’s at -180 (5/9)
For a ‘No,’ it’s placed at +140 (7/5).

Will John Cena make it to Top 4 of the Royal Rumble?

A ‘Yes’ stands at -300 (1/3),
A ‘No’ is placed at +200 (2/1).

Will John Cena emerge victorious at the Royal Rumble?

‘Yes’ comes with a +250 (5/2) probability,
‘No’ is at -400 (1/4).

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