Initial Schemes for Pat McAfee on the June 24th WWE RAW Episode

Initial Schemes for Pat McAfee on the June 24th WWE RAW Episode
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During the broadcast of Monday Night RAW on June 24th, wrestling personality Pat McAfee was noticeably missing from his usual spot. Co-commentator, Michael Cole, urged viewers not to attach undue importance to his absence. Subsequently, it was unveiled that a last-minute family crisis had necessitated McAfee’s absence.

McAfee later unveiled the sorrowful news of his father-in-law’s unexpected death due to a rampant infection while in an Indianapolis-based hospital, providing a thorough narrative of the unfortunate sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident.

The current edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the initial plan was for McAfee to have a role in the Wyatt Sicks’ narrative on RAW had he been present. Hints about this were dropped both on RAW and on McAfee’s podcast, “The Pat McAfee Show.” This led to conjecture that this could be the reason behind his absence until McAfee clarified the situation himself.

While this is an undeniably difficult time for McAfee and his family, it remains a mystery as to when the ex-NFL player turns up on RAW again and if the original plans regarding his involvement in the Wyatt Sicks angle would go ahead in the WWE.