Indie Promoter Claims The Sandman Went On Drunken Rant, Botched Finish At Recent Event (Video)

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Indie Promoter Claims The Sandman Went On Drunken Rant, Botched Finish At Recent Event (Video)

The Sandman isn’t welcome back in Cocoa anytime soon.

According to a statement from Florida promotion Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling, the ECW legend went off-script and not only botched the finish and cut a match short but proceeded to cut an unscripted promo under the influence of alcohol.

The promoter says the original match—held on Friday, February 21, 2020 at ARW’s three year anniversary show at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa Florida—was a four-way bout between The Sandman, Shannon Moore, Chico Adams and Vertigo that was scheduled to go about 15 minutes. ARW claims Sandman was drunk and ended the match in less than three minutes before he proceeded to “grab a microphone and go on a drunken unscripted rant and try to play matchmaker.”

Video of the in-ring incident was posted on the company’s YouTube channel, showing Sandman calling the location “Orlando” despite being in Cocoa.

According to the promoter, Sandman was also causing some backstage problems including “sexually harassing some of the women wrestlers and insulting the talent on the card, causing damages to the venue and nearly getting into a backstage altercation with talent.”

The promoter said unprofessional is an understatement and they will never work with The Sandman again.

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It’s worth noting that current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace was also tagged in a social media post of the incident in question by the promotion. Grace had called out the ECW Original in November after he had told her and three other women who were main eventing the show they were on was “wrong” and “any male wrestler with any sort of experience would agree”.

Sandman denied this incident taking place but Grace later went on Busted Open Radio and explained in further detail that it was not just a flippant remark and it was a ten-minute incident. At the time, Grace said she had zero reason to lie about this and was in complete shock that it even happened. She claimed that she put him on blast on social media because she tried to be respectful and told him to watch the main event, and he didn’t stick around.