Indi Hartwell: I’m So Glad Dexter Lumis Finally Cracked Papa John’s Nut, Now We Can Be One Happy Family

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Indi Hartwell: I’m So Glad Dexter Lumis Finally Cracked Papa John’s Nut, Now We Can Be One Happy Family

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Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis, collecively known as InDex, will tie the knot next week on WWE NXT, as the couple will get married on the September 14 episode.

During the newest edition of WWE’s The Bump, Hartwell explained how the wisdom of Beth Phoenix and the “marriage goals” displayed by Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae convinced her to shoot her shot and ask for Lumis’ hand in marriage.

“Well the great Beth Phoenix once told me, sometimes you just gotta take a chance,” said Hartwell. “And obviously I’ve been [learning] under Candice and Papa John for almost a year now and seeing how successful their marriage is, they’re pretty much like marriage goals, right? So yeah, I just took what Beth told me and looked at Candice and Johnny and thought, why not? It’s gotta be done.

Hartwell then expressed her excitement that Lumis finally won Gargano over or, in her words, “cracked Johnny’s nut”, so The Way can finally be a family again.

“I’m just so happy that Dexter finally cracked Johnny’s nut, and we’re gonna be a big, happy family,” said Hartwell.

Later in the show, Hartwell elaborated on having earned the blessing of Gargano and LeRae by saying that, while she would have chased Lumis no matter what, knowing her wrestling parents approve makes the whole situation even more wonderful. She then stated that, now that they’re a united front, The Way will be the best family in WWE history.

“I’m a pretty ambitious person, and I feel like I would have chased what I wanted anyway,” said Hartwell. “But obviously having Candice and Johnny’s approval means the world to me and obviously makes everything so much better. And now we can proceed as being the best family that the company has ever seen.”

To make the occasion even more special, “Papa John” and LeRae joined the interview and previewed the wedding. Gargano admitted that they’ve come around about the romance because Hartwell loves Lumis more than chicken fingers. He then teased that he has three interesting songs in mind for the daddy-daughter dance with Hartwell next week.

“Yeah, we were against this whole wedding thing right off the bat,” said Gargano. “But after the bachelor party and bachelorette parties, we’ve learned and realized that the only thing that Indi loves more than chicken fingers is Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. So if we want her to be happy….”

“We’re going all in on this wedding thing, okay? I’m practicing my dance moves for the daddy-daughter dance. I get to pick out the song right? I’m in between three. ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’, by Ricky Martin, ‘Down with the Sickness’, by Disturbed, and ‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit. So be prepared for anything. I am.”

How SWEET!@JohnnyGargano, @CandiceLeRae & Pawdme' just surprised #InDex to send well-wishes on @WWETheBump!

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) September 8, 2021

Speaking of being prepared for anything, one can’t help but get the feeling that the wedding will go off the rails, as these ceremonies typically do in wrestling. But NXT broadcaster (and Hartwell’s relationship coach) Beth Phoenix made it clear that she, along with the rest of the team, is on “high alert” for any and all potential shenanigans. Phoenix expressed her firm mission to make sure that this wedding, unlike others, will go off “without a hitch.”

“The elephant in the room here is, I know that wrestling weddings do not have the best track record, especially in WWE,” said Phoenix. “But I want you guys to know that we are in high alert to make sure there will be no ministers in prosthetic age makeup, there will be no promiscuous wedding planners, and I will make sure there are no demons from hell bursting through the ring canvas.

“This wedding, we are all on high alert to make sure that it goes off without a hitch.”

Fans will just have to wait until next Tuesday to see whether Phoenix’s mission is accomplished.

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