Incredible Kong Confesses She Required More Cash Throughout Her Stint With Effect Wrestling

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Throughout a current look on Busted Open Radio, Awesome Kong kept in mind requiring more cash from Impact Wrestling throughout her time there, as she understood how important she was to the business. Kong kept in mind that she never ever was sorry for defending herself at the time. She stated,

” I did seem like I wasn’t being made up for what I had actually achieved. Now today, yes I was. I have no remorses for asking to pay me what I felt I was worthy of. They understood they were paying me peanuts and they understood that I was broke as hell and they were relying on me being so broke that I could not leave and informing me, ‘WWE is never ever going to choose you up due to the fact that they just work with “Z, x and y” type individuals,’ which sunk in for some time however me being me stating, ‘Well I would rather offer oranges off these of the 405 highway than to not make money what I feel I have actually made. Deuces, it’s been amazing and great, however I can’t work and not earn money what I feel I made. I was a businesswoman and understood my company […] When Gail [currently being a black lady I made three-fourths of what other individuals make so understanding that Kim] and I would turn up on that screen, that’s when the greatest scores would go on. Numbers do not lie. You got the spreadsheet right there, it stated, ‘Them 2 b ***** s right there is making y’ all’s cash. Pay them.'”

Mickie James, who was a co-host of the podcast, stated,

” Kudos to you, since it is gradually, even still, altering.”

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