In Your Head Wrestling Shoot Interview With Recent Jack (2007)

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We were joined by the one and simplest Recent Jack to focus on about his new promotion 2XFW. Recent Jack talked about his Dogs the Bounty Hunter, Vince McMahon and how he treats his talent, ECW turning into a WWE entity and what he feels the inducement late it modified into once. Plus his thoughts on Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, Gypsy Joe and tons extra and tons important extra.

Normal air date: November 26, 2007

The OFFICIAL retailer of harcore sage ECW icon, NEW JACK:

Video Credit rating (IYH Wrestling):

This is one moving wrestler!! Howdy each person this is the franchise shane douglas the most life like seemingly wrestler in the historical past of professional wrestling ethical saying philadelphia put together to return to the intense on april 28th ought to you are taking to like basically the most straightforward and most low down on professional wrestling you are taking to like ethical here at iyh these are the boys to in discovering it from .

Purchase it from me all ethical we’re inspire and we're joined by the distinctive gangster himself new jack welcome to to your head whats up what's going on man you doing dazzling how are you doing yeah yeah i'm all ethical i'm all ethical i'm down in cincinnati ethical man it's frigid so irascible it's corresponding to you know you're attempting .

To handle this frigid weather yeah and each person know to gain a new federation initiating it's a 2x fw yeah what does that stand for extreme [ __ ] wrestling you know whats up this guy new jack on this guy to .

Enjoy one thing various you know what i indicate exactly i ethical don't i ethical don't attain [ __ ] typically i gotta exit there and ethical attain what attain it the capability i wish to achieve it and it's my protection is my guidelines they played by so that you just know you know you're no longer gonna suppose about ethical that hardcore nonetheless you know i needed to position a .

Title and it pertains to me i indicate you know there's a few sfws available nonetheless it surely's basically the most straightforward two tools because my life is ethical too extreme for anything it's no longer a household tell their own praises i indicate ought to you are taking to must bring your kids i indicate that's your industry nonetheless uh they're gonna suppose about some stuff that they ain't typically they're former to .

Seeing i indicate you like a girl's match and the kids may perchance well come out you know you like just doing blood and goods and fire and each form of [ __ ] what i'm saying you know we got action ethical coming down we got bishop slade we got ethical insane cincinnati we got a bunch of folk doing the tell their own praises angry man ponder the overall 9 .

We're doing quite december the 15th at my uh and my predicament is uh 3509 warsaw i haven't been in direction of cincinnati yeah i indicate and you're gonna suppose about some various stuff you know i indicate yeah you're gonna you're gonna be wrestling man being pondo and that's gonna be a death match yeah .

Yeah i indicate i indicate me and paul don't hurry capability inspire we gonna wave that you just know we got a historical past of going stephanie joe and uh we can like a dazzling time i indicate you know we hurry we gonna attain what we attain simplest beat the [ __ ] out of each various modified into once it your notion to originate to originate your .

Own promotion or did anyone advance to you yeah one evening i needed my up in cincinnati he stated that you just know he hadn't been doing anything out of the constructing for a minute and he modified into once worship man i suppose i'm gonna ethical you know let the invoice hurry off the ball .

So he stated successfully here's the foremost she wants one thing out of me so i'm worship why no longer let me and i indicate you know i couldn't um each person you know surely surely upset and complained about you know the capability that there's a man that [ __ ] destroyed ecw so it modified into once worship one evening .

It's no longer that i modified into once taking a see to realize it's ethical that you just know the probability came off me to achieve it so why no longer yeah i'm saying and it modified into once corresponding to you know for these that in the atomize ought to you are in yet another articulate you will be succesful of power down and suppose about what we're doing you know i indicate you're gonna suppose about the stuff you've been searching to survey them on tv you .

Reach you suppose they ethical worship started that to worship cancel off the uh the legacy of vcw you stated you were there i ethical wondered attain you suppose attain you suppose they started that firm the brand new ecw ethical to extra or less cancel off the worship ceo of ecw yeah yeah because they they they know that you just know the overall .

Normal solutions you know that the stuff they modified into once searching to achieve and stuff they tried to reproduction it the entire lot it came from every various i indicate this don't like a mind that ethical freaks out that alongside the capability and he can make a number of the [ __ ] that ecw create you know i'm saying so it modified into once worship he purposely got it and tried to cancel it .

What she's done i indicate it's corresponding to you pronounce easy every now you you pronounce now folk originate laughing corresponding to you attain that [ __ ] yeah i indicate whereas you know with me you know i'm one of the foremost originals you know i indicate i i'm this type of that folks surely paid to advance inspire and suppose about you know i'm saying and it's corresponding to you couldn't give me sufficient money successfully .

Yes you may perchance well presumably moreover nonetheless i wouldn't attain that [ __ ] to work with them ethical now because it capability nothing and for me to even try to hurry up there i do know exactly what each person searching to achieve they’d tell their own praises me a heartbeat and did they build apart a query to you to be phase of it you know after they first started it or when i won't attain it .

did they ever uh did they ever advance to you about utilizing the title new jack because you know they’ve advance to worship um worship torino saying he can't spend the king of old faculty and a few various names that folks started in ecw what attain you consider utilizing the title that you just will be succesful of't spend the title worship saying .

That they fill it or anything k you know nonetheless i indicate they’ve done that to a few various folk [ __ ] man man yeah i'm doing worship i stated man you know you you you hurry up there and they they on the overall they ethical raping each person .

After which cnn recorded an hour and a half stuff for me after which this video modified into once cnn uh two weeks previously successfully i modified into once purported to be on there nonetheless i modified into once anti-improved i so i went at cnn and i believed of these [ __ ] .

Solutions and since i stated this had each person that modified into once saying you know what been killing all that irascible and he didn't attain the steroids and he needed to achieve this and that cocktail of chris benoit wasn't pretty this type of irascible guy yeah he modified into once ought to you took your key until you [ __ ] .

Execute him and your wife it ain't nothing dazzling that no-one may perchance well moreover simply mute ever pronounce about you once more in life your entire dazzling points are going out the window and each person defended that [ __ ] and the funding getting away with management so god rattling that ain't humorous i indicate so my my my suppose about on this is successfully he that .

[ __ ] likes the dog who's saying he may perchance well moreover simply mute build apart the identical category as him and they’d perhaps moreover simply mute spring him up by his [ __ ] [ __ ] and hang him you know doubtlessly clearly about him i never did give a [ __ ] about him and for each person that praises him to assemble it worship he's been all ethical he's paying him his title is on that .

Test so clearly they're going to suck his neck i've never been worship that and that's worship me and paul drinking alone because paulie here has kissed him worship this and tom and grandma [ __ ] i never would attain it i don't suppose in it nonetheless i did three years i didn't in discovering [ __ ] in i ain't gonna be a [ __ ] now i don't suppose in it all ethical and no i .

Can't play the game i won't play the game you know what i indicate i stand here i i will't attain it you know i'm saying and what one's got new jack over i ain't taking your [ __ ] i don't care who it is i don't suppose in doing it didn't no one in discovering me over i got myself over when paul he modified into once searching to cancel me it .

Became once one thing over he modified into once made worship cutting a boy in boston when he modified into once the first one and we doing and i'm corresponding to you will be succesful of't cancel me you know what i indicate you will be succesful of't in discovering you will be succesful of't hurt me i indicate i exit there and lay down the ring and set one two three no .

But when i died all they gonna undergo in mind me leaping over some 20 30 toes there who kicked them you know i prefer that december 2000 and i ain't survey inspire at this [ __ ] since my title is mute alive almost eight years later crawl it is who cares .

You understand you in discovering what you in discovering we didn't focus on what i modified into once gonna pronounce on the radio on the interview and i indicate if i offend any one and it's basically the most straightforward side i will attain i ethical wish to you talked about that chris benoit i ethical what what attain you specialise in sean michaels utilizing the crossface on uh the .

Pay-per-suppose about final week sean michael giving this quantity of dresses man who offers a [ __ ] this is able to perhaps well moreover simply hurry who cares what i wish to pronounce man [ __ ] you no for what yeah i ethical conception you know they in discovering a bunch of negative light on them about that .

And uh i don't know i suppose you will be succesful of aim to handbook clear who cares about it perhaps getting there because you know anyone modified into once performed you know i indicate the [ __ ] gonna attain the suplex successfully that's no longer precise that's no longer surely why i modified into once asking about it who .

Cares it it modified into once anyone doing sooner than he did it who cares you stated about uh you know uh paulie uh earlier if he modified into once out of the football league paulie chloe's yet another put together dinner he's worship he's worship what he known as the lieutenant he's worship vince's lieutenant .

He's a [ __ ] crook too we got quite mom too that [ __ ] did all that worried that [ __ ] in ecw and he had soul to advance inspire in the fire financial institution successfully then vince offered the covenant successfully if his fault because father's [ __ ] financial effort snarl .

In opposition to him you know got employed at [ __ ] www after which after they got all got a job they were worship one of the foremost stipulations you will be succesful of't advance inspire and gain a suit in discovering together after we come up with a job and all of them went for it they don't play the game i indicate each person performs the game for some [ __ ] reason they also made a .

[ __ ] game i'm no longer playing it i'm 44 [ __ ] you know i may perchance well moreover want [ __ ] [ __ ] agreement did you ever suppose you know you're so over your new jacket and the entire lot you don't must attain worship uh the huge dives off anything .

Dude i ain't down harmful [ __ ] no extra if i ethical advance off the facet of the bench you gotta be overjoyed i ain't down off nothing you higher in discovering them old riding off movies ethical if i dive off one thing advance anyone push me i undergo in mind you .

And tna off worship their miniature balcony he kept telling me that they were there it is no longer surely foremost what in that i believed man the inspire dropped me upside down in every single put [ __ ] upstairs side ethical to leap the [ __ ] up after which i stop a couple weeks were they angry at you once because you .

Swore on tv uh yeah they repeatedly in discovering angry because i affirm to these that's my [ __ ] industry attain you suppose that's uncommon worship a firm that worship the title is tna it's worship a play on knockers and ass would care that anyone would affirm nonetheless know that .

This modified into once the humorous phase they counseled me no longer to pronounce [ __ ] ethical and and ethical after my match they introduced these ladies up they modified into once known as a tna ass nonetheless you bring out the [ __ ] to be a phase of this [ __ ] i like to that's a hell of a gimmick that uh that .

Closing establish employees you talked about yeah i modified into once ethical saying if any one's listening they wanted uh yeah a gimmick for their establish employees i suppose uh the butterfuckers that can perhaps successfully be a supreme uh different yeah that's what they're gonna be the [ __ ] tna nonetheless anyways guarantee you know i indicate .

Esteem i stated my deal you know is 2xfw worship i stated my subsequent tell their own praises is the 15th of december all ethical it's a 3509 warsaw avenue in cincinnati and this is never any longer a household tell their own praises successfully ought to you will be succesful of blame your kids i ain't going to shrink again no money nonetheless this is never any longer a household tell their own praises yeah i indicate i ain't gonna let each person hurry worship this .

Game of mine because they [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] nonetheless if i articulate folk to hurry lower the promo if a cursed warrior goes in it he is gonna hurry in it if i got some [ __ ] available in the ring wrestling and the baby to come out successfully jen had the digicam ready you saw a kitty you know ought to you are taking to must bring your fill .

Violent dream i don't give a [ __ ] bring it it's my tell their own praises i attain the [ __ ] i wish to achieve you know what i indicate and that's how it's going to be and it ain't going to replace [ __ ] did you uh individually take the roster for the uh promotion uh i had what .

I ethical prefer you know in the occasion that they were all guys you know you desired to you desired to be to your tell their own praises even supposing working on the inventive facet of wrestling one thing you corresponding to you repeatedly desired to uh worship try once no i i you know what i did i did it i it looks created some tiring solutions on .

Ecw yeah you know nonetheless suppose about worship i stated this is mine this is mine bro this is you paying consideration to reading this [ __ ] please advance to my plea please contact me electronic mail me a new jack uncut 1187 yahoo or myspace media files uncut i invite every yard to advance inspire down there no one that has any .

Experience is welcome all i prefer is inspire to your head and i'm going to let the [ __ ] in discovering in the ring and cancel every various all i'm going to achieve is ethical pronounce dazzling match because they want anyone you know what i'm saying and i'm doing it i'm doing it ethical because i will't mm-hmm .

Folks don't worship it modified into once that one thing you doubtlessly did sooner than to gain into wrestling uh yard i never did it i never did it i never did it nonetheless i worship i worship staring at it yeah i in discovering a kick out of staring at this [ __ ] motive they done boy shall be for precise they'd be available man the [ __ ] they doing .

Yeah i indicate that's why i worship it did you like gotten a query intro uh in truth uh we’ve a query from the message board rjd he wants to know what what's your thoughts on the expertise from wrestling societyx what's my thoughts on it yeah it modified into once a predicament tell their own praises bro .

You understand ought to you ought to you advance out society is worship it modified into once a 30-minute tell their own praises with about 22 minutes of precise wrestling so that you just needed to advance inspire available doing files off you know i indicate very rain you needed to originate flying off [ __ ] you had three or four minutes to be in the [ __ ] match k it gave the kids the publicity that .

Wanted it that's why i modified into once on that one [ __ ] time yeah i indicate i got paid to achieve [ __ ] [ __ ] i create you know me and the mtv folk to in discovering alongside so i'm worship successfully [ __ ] y'all i got paid [ __ ] would final it's a 30 minute tell their own praises you will be succesful of't what you're gonna attain in 30 minutes on tv for 30 minutes after which you've got .

A commercial man to gain 20 minutes all ethical you will be succesful of't undergo in mind the [ __ ] marriage hurry so god that confirmed you forgiving what they invent you know what i indicate and worship i stated it's a squat tell their own praises all each person number the high predicament tell their own praises they advance out their side after which also you originate shooting weapons at every various because .

You needed to in discovering in and in discovering to in discovering the [ __ ] out ethical yeah i indicate ought to you worship mtv then what [ __ ] nonetheless i indicate it modified into once a goddamn hot predicament tell their own praises it modified into once nothing else it may perchance perchance perhaps moreover like been nothing you know on the hot wwe 24 7 legends of wrestling tell their own praises and it modified into once all about uh .

Badasses and in the industry worship legit badasses and uh mick foley you picked gypsy joe i modified into once ethical questioning ought to you agreed with that he picked gypsy joe as one of worship the legit irascible asses in wrestling dude let me articulate you one thing man that [ __ ] capability utterly nothing to me he doubtlessly picked jesse joe because he .

Fell a long way from because i tried to beat the [ __ ] out of him got in tennessee with a irascible ethical and that modified into when you know and and that modified into once doubtlessly ethical his capability of saying i'll decide justin sooner than i decide new jack sever sever educate me if i gave that [ __ ] gpa yeah .

He he modified into once going thru [ __ ] he modified into once going thru [ __ ] panda tables to [ __ ] him too you know and worship i stated if he picked ethical a joke that modified into once ethical his capability of saying i'll take him sooner than i take just i wish to assemble it a black and white side because i'm that [ __ ] that y'all .

Real don't worship it y'all worried the [ __ ] you know he's a charity case [ __ ] him too you know what i'm saying i indicate he got thrown over [ __ ] 12 4k that made it seem worship then she modified into once 500 toes i indicate the desk modified into once padded no a mistake is bustle over a baby in a automotive that's an accident .

In case you pronounce [ __ ] that don't ethical automatically ethical advance out your mouth and you ain't got no administration over it you utter every syllable [ __ ] he stated you will be succesful of imagine the [ __ ] nonetheless he doubtlessly stated this every time he sees my black would you attain a truth tell their own praises because i .

Accept as true with that can perhaps that can perhaps successfully be uh that can perhaps successfully be pretty dazzling if any one had that lesson on the cardboard that i’d i in truth would ought to you know anyone consult with him let me know all ethical we'll survey around here perhaps we can originate one we'll attain that and i will be larger than .

Satisfied to achieve it me and my sidekick ethical here i got my miniature white there's got to be gold i suppose we’ve a winner here god rattling it so undergo in mind what's the sponsor this ethical uh electronic mail the tell their own praises and we'll uh we'll .

Purchase any we'll take me out of the tell their own praises the email files k are we done yeah let's uh give a gigantic streak in for uh 2xfw got the huge tell their own praises on december 15th in cincinnati and i suppose moving he lives in west virginia what the slave i wish to survey what they pre-displayed .

This is dave meltzer of the wrestling observer newsletter and you're paying consideration to to your head whats up this is dilon from employees 3d and you're paying consideration to to your head testify
This is the safe wrestling ever%sentence_ending

In Your Head Wrestling Shoot Interview With Recent Jack (2007)

In Your Head Wrestling Shoot Interview With New Jack (2007)