In Booker T’s opinion, the remarks of MVP about Triple H should have been delivered in private.

In Booker T’s opinion, the remarks of MVP about Triple H should have been delivered in private.
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Renowned WWE personality Booker T, himself a WWE Hall of Famer, voiced out his perspective regarding recent statements made by MVP, specifically directed towards WWE CCO Triple H, on social media.

MVP previously voiced out that Triple H, had been unenthusiastic about the idea of reviving ‘The Hurt Business’ – a popular faction in WWE. In fact, he added, ideas and concepts brainstormed for The Hurt Business were blatantly appropriated for yet another group, ‘The Bloodline.’

As expected, MVP’s allegations kickstarted intense discussions across the Internet, both about the now-defunct faction MVP had a pivotal role in – The Hurt Business – as well as about the head of WWE Creative, Triple H himself.

On a recent episode of his ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, Booker T expressed his point of view, acknowledging MVP’s integral role in ‘The Hurt Business.’ However, he articulately stated that this situation should have been dealt with in a private setting. He states,

“MVP had no qualms about expressing his displeasure. I know that those who should, are well aware of his sentiments. As an immensely big fan of The Hurt Business, like I have mentioned countless times, I believe that MVP’s role in the team was crucial. He was synonymous with bringing that vital legitimacy to The Hurt Business, akin to the legendary Sherri Martel’s role back in our days. ”

“My hope is that this matter will be resolved amicably. My conviction is that affairs like these ought to be addressed privately.”

Ever since its inception in 2020, ‘The Hurt Business enjoyed profound popularity. Despite receiving a warm reception from fans, the faction met an untimely end in early 2021, while all four members were in opposition to this decision.