IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown Spoilers For 10/27

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IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown Spoilers For 10/27

The following matches and segments were taped as part of last night’s IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown event at the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The event was previously set to be a Twitch broadcast, but last week it was changed to an AXS TV taping. According to an announcement at the taping, the event will premiere on Tuesday, November 26. IMPACT was referred to as the ‘IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation’ for the taping.


oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) defeated El Reverso & Pretty Ricky

Brent Banks defeated Tyler Tirva

Cowboy Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards) defeated Karu from Kurdistan

Edwards is attacked with a fireball by Gama Singh after the bout

Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann) defeated Rip Razor (Ace Austin)

Swann won via running splash

Iceman interviews Julian Cumberbund (Ethan Page) and Sunny Sanders (Sami Callihan). They promise to send Downtown Danny Brown (Willie Mack) out of town. Mack interrupts and says tonight’s match for the International Commonwealth TV Championship will be a loser leaves town stipulation. Danny gets the upper hand and rips off Julian’s expensive suit.

Iceman interviews Excessive Force—Pummel (Fallah Bahh) and Plunder (D’Lo Brown) about their upcoming match with the Hard Workers, Oates and Hall.

The Hard Workers (The Deaners) defeated Excessive Force

Workers got the win when Oates (Cody) pinned Pummel. After the match, Plunder gives Hall (Jake) and their top hats a big splash

Johnny Swinger defeated Buck Gunderson

Swinger won with a swinging neckbreaker. They dressed as themselves.

Iceman interviews the Rough Riders (Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Alexia Nicole and Havok). They cut a Horsemen style promo.

Jazzy Fitbody defeated Agnes Beerheart

Jazzy wins via top rope splash. The Hitmaker Sebastian Baker (Jimmy Jacobs) came out to observe and recruit Jazzy, who signed a contract, then tears it up and lowblows Jacobs

The Rough Riders defeated Tim Burr (Josh Alexander), Jim Nasium (Dezmond Xavier), Bill Ding (Trey Miguel) and Ray Strack (Zachary Wentz)

Tessa pinned Wentz after a hammerlock DDT

Kongo Kong and manager (RD Evans) come to the ring for a $2000 Bodyslam Challenge. Ali comes to the ring and fails, then Evans ups it to $3000. Mr. Atlantis tries and fails after Kong beats him up. Brian Cage enters the ring and says he’s not there for the money, then beats up Kong.

DJ Too Large (Moose) defeated Captain Joystick (Joey Ryan) w/ Ms. Mile High (Kiera Hogan)

Moose won after a spinning clothesline

Blindfold Match
Cowboy Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards) defeated Gama Singh

Edwards won with an Ace Crusher. Michael Elgin and Madman Fulton came out dressed up as Russians and beat Edwards up. Scott D’Amore (as Arnold Skaaland) tried to stop it and got beat up himself.

Iceman then interviews D’Amore (as Giuseppe) about the attack, and he challenges the Russians to a tag match

Muscles McGee (Brian Cage) & Aidan Prince defeated Bruiser Brezhnev (Elgin) and Sergei The Siberian (Fulton)

Cage won by submitting Fulton in a Torture Rack

International Commonwealth Television Championship
Downtown Danny Brown defeated Julian Cumberbund (Page) w/ Sunny Sanders (Callihan)

Brown wins via pinfall. The whole roster comes out to celebrate to end the show.

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Scoop-Don Callis dressed as Sexton Hardcastle @EdgeRatedR

— Forest Hill's Number 1 (@loosejonnyt) October 27, 2019

Scoop- Excessive Force vs the Hard Workers (The Deaners)

— Forest Hill's Number 1 (@loosejonnyt) October 28, 2019

Scoop- Josh Matthews dressed as Ron Burgundy

— Forest Hill's Number 1 (@loosejonnyt) October 27, 2019