IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/22/21)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/22/21)

IMPACT Wrestling Jay White

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling Jay White re-appears in the IMPACT Zone after Slammiversary and New Japan has a further presence with Fin Juice being in tag action.

July 22, 2022, Nashville, TN
Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju (with Shera)

Before the bout, IMPACT recaps Bey seeing a Bullet Club shirt backstage. The two tie up to start the match and it’s a stalemate. “Bey” chants by the crowd, but that’s stifled when Raju grounds Bey. Standing, both men have hold of one another’s legs. They settle on setting one another down before going back at it. Leg sweep by Raju, but Bey gets Rohit to roll to the apron. That pays off as he hangs Bey by the back over the top rope. He covers for a two count. Rohit has the ref distracted and that allows Shera to get a cheap shot in.

Soon after, Rohit hits a clothesline to the back for a two count. “Bey” chants fire up again. Snap suplex from Rohit, but Bey kicks out. Rohit catches by with a flurry of corner attacks until Bey evades a flipping cannonball. He hits a series of kicks and then a fame asser for a two count. Bey goes up top for a diving lariat for another near fall. Raju gets a near fall on Bey soon after but Chris kicks out. Bey goes for the Air Finesse, but Rohit catches him, slams him down into a crossface. Bey almost makes it to the ropes but Rohit rolls him back into the center. Raju goes for his Drive By Kick, but Bey wriggles out to attempt a burning hammer. He can’t hit that, but does hit a Air Finesse for the finish.

WINNER: Chris Bey

Backstage, Jay White congrats Chris before asking if he got his message. Bey says he did, but Chris Bey walks alone. Jay White asks him how much walking alone helped him at Slammiversary. He continues to give him some food for thought which Bey visibly chews on.

Just like last week, Gia Miller knocks on the door of Kenny Omega. Out comes Don Callis. He says Omega was injured and busted open. He got several stitches because of Slammiversary. That injury costs him and Kenny money. Gia asks Don about Jay White. He enjoys certainty. No one told him what Jay White’s intentions are. Maybe he wants to join The Elite or maybe he’s here to stab people in the back. The working environment in this company SUCKS. If anyone steps up to Kenny Omega, they’ll have to deal with The Invisible Hand.

Out comes Mickie James into the IMPACT Zone. “Welcome back” chants. She says it’s good to be back and it’s good to hear that song one more time. It also felt good to kick the Knockouts Champion in the mouth. The PPV didn’t go the way she planned however and so she came out today to finish up that business. She calls out Deonna Purrazzo once more. She answers and Mickie respectfully agrees to disagree regarding the handling of her showing up at Slammiversary on Saturday. Mickie knows the talent Deonna has and considers her one of the best today. She’d still love to have her on NWA Powerrr. Deonna says Mickie just wants something out of her. Everyone wants Purrazzo on their show, butshe needs something from her. Grovel at her feet and apologize. Deonna then says maybe she needs to do to Mickie what she did to The Virtuosa last week. Out comes Gail Kim. She says that she was the one who told Mickie to come out at NWA Empowerrr. It seemed like a great moment and opportunity. Gail says throughout this whole conversation, she hasn’t heard a “no.” Mickie still tries to be respectful. She asks her one more time to please come to NWA Empowerrr. She extends a hand and Deonna shakes it.