IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/9/21)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/9/21)

IMPACT Wrestling

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

This week on IMPACT Wrestling, The Good Brothers will defend their World Tag Team Championships against James Storm and Chris Sabin. Plus, ODB returns to singles action as she faces Kimber Lee!

IMPACT Wrestling, February 9, 2020
Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Suicide & Willie Mack vs. Blake Christian, Chris Bey, Daivari & Ace Austin

Blake Christian and Josh Alexander start it off. BC twirls, but gets bodyslammed. Tag to Ace. Alexander downs Ace for an ankle lock, but Ace rolls only to get his knee bounced. Tag to Trey and Alexander pops him on top of Ace. He Manhattan drops Ace who thenmakes the tag to Bey. Big dropkick by him to Trey, but Miguel gets blind tagged by Suicide. Butt slam by Suicide on Bey (“my hole!”). Bey goes to the outside and Ace Austin finds himself thrown onto his partner. Mack becomes the legal man and Bey tags in Daivari who corners Mack. Samoan Drop by Mack. He goes for a standing moonsault, but Daivari gets his knees up. Daivari turns Willie inside out with a clothesline and Bey gets the tag again. Soon covers Willie for two. Ace gets the tag and leg drops Willie for a two.

Willie is isolated and Blake tags himself in. Snapmare to a massive dropkick to the back of Willie’s head for two. Big chinlock by Daivari on Willie. Willie fights off but Daivari does down him. Daivari leaps off fonly to eat Willie’s boots. Hot tag to Trey. Big offense from him and very unique. Chris Bey has to break up the submission attempt. Alexander gets in and double suplexes Daivari and and Bey. He catches Ace in an ankle lock but BC comes leaping off with a 450. Willie Mack then levels both BC and Ace. Another Samoan Drop to Ace and then hits a Chocolate Thunder. Mack and Daivari knock one another out of the ring. It’s Bey and Austin double-teaming Suicide, but Suicide levels them both. He goes to whip BC, but Christian avoids and takes it to Trey and Suicide. Springboard flatliner for a two count.

He hangs Trey over the ropes goes for a flipping senton., but Trey rolls through and locks in the hourglass hold for the submission win.

WINNERS: Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, Suicide and Josh Alexander

Post-match, Sami hacks himself onto the big screen to “congratulate” Trey. He’s curious when Trey will flake out again. He might as well save us the embarrassment and just quit now. Trey isn’t pleased and yells in anger. Up next is ODB.

A great deal of IMPACT faces new and old wish Tommy Dreamer a happy 50th birthday.

Kimber Lee (with Susan and Deonna Purrazzo) vs. ODB

The two circle one another before having a stare down. Kimber goes for a powder. She gets back in and mocks ODB’s taunts. Two chest bumps from ODB knocks Lee down. She catches the boot of KL and splits her down before kicking her. ODB is in control until Lee chops her in the corner, but ODB fires back. Chest slaps to Lee. Striker mentions the competitive nature between IMPACT and AEW as ODB catches Lee with an elbow. ODB goes for her “Dirty Dozen” turnbuckle move but Lee whips her down. A lotus lock to ODB, but she rolls back on the shoulders for a pin attempt. Lee keeps ODB grounded and tosses ODB’s bandana. Lee chokes ODB in the corner before slamming her head intot the adjacent turnbuckle. Susan and Deonna attack ODB on the outside and we go to break.

ODB knocks Kimber down with shoulder blocks before delivering a bronco buster. Cover for a near fall. Lee elbows her back, but ODB does catch her with the Dirty Dozen. Chest press for a very close fall. Split-legged jawbreaker by Lee and then a sidewalk slam. Lee climbs up top, but ODB presses her off. Susan and Deonna get on the apron, but out comes Jordynne Grace and Jazz. They brawl it out on the outside. Susan throws both her shoes at her foes and ODB dives on top of them. She slides back into the ring only to get rolled up by an opossum playing Lee for the three.

WINNER: Kimber Lee

We’re at Swinger’s Casino and Fallah Bahh has no money, but only cookie. He can’t get a loan so he gets kicked out (without his cookie). Swinger hits on Alisha Edwards despite her being married and all. He calls himself Terry Taylor.