IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/6/20)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/6/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

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IMPACT Wrestling, October 6, 2020
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

We receive a brief recap of Saturday’s Victory Road, specifically the main event in which Eric Young retained his World Title against Eddie Edwards via submission after focusing on the injured knee of the former champ. The erratic Young aimed to exact more punishment on Edwards post-win, but Rich Swann came in for the save and seeks some retribution of his own heading into Bound For Glory.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

We get a rematch of these two New Yorkers and it doesn’t take long for the fight to go outside of the ring. Myers really finds his window of opportunity as he smashes Dreamer’s arm off the ring post donned with AXS TV logos. He then vertical suplexes Dreamer on the entryway. Myers seeks a win via count-out but Dreamer rolls to his feet and answers the call. Myers pummels away at the original extremist before the official admonishes him. Back suplex for just one count.

Sleeper by Myers as Brian talks trash. Dreamer reaches his feet, but Myers trips up Tommy at the ropes before gloating on the outside. Hard thrust in the corner followed by a pop-up slam onto the canvas. He begins to wrench Dreamer’s arm, but Tommy tumbles free and sunset flips for two. A back elbow halts the momentum.

Repeated elbow drops on Dreamer. Chin lock. Dreamer soon drives Myers down hard with a running power slam akin to Davey Boy Smith. Both men reach their feet at the count of four. Dreamer gives Myers some hard shots before hitting a cutter. Two count.

Myers soon gains control and ascends the turnbuckle. He leaps off with an elbow, but Dreamer rolls free. DDT attempt by Dreamer, reversed, Myers goes for his DDT, reversed, and Dreamer nails his patented one. A kick out.

Dreamer jumps off the second turnbuckle with an elbow of his own, but Brian rolls free to hit his DDT and he only gets a two count. Frustrated, Myers rolls out of the ring, but instead of contemplating, Myers grabs a kendo stick. He gets back in but Tommy turns the tide and hits him with a White Russian Leg Sweep. Two count. Dreamer still wields the kendo as Brian begs him off as he tries to tell him to think of his daughters. This hesitates Dreamer, and Brian slaps him, grabs the kendo, and begins assaulting him.

WINNER by DQ: Tommy Dreamer

Myers continues his attack and it prompts security and Scott D’Amore to deescalate the situation. Officials attend to Dreamer.

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