“I’m Unclear as to Why I’m Absent from AEW Television Broadcasts” – Ricky Starks.

“I’m Unclear as to Why I’m Absent from AEW Television Broadcasts” – Ricky Starks.
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In a recent interaction with WhatCulture, Ricky Starks commented on his status with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He rebuked the rumors about his injury and revealed his surprise regarding his recent hiatus from AEW television broadcasts.

Starks has been marginally estranged from AEW since March, as a consequence of an injury scare during an AEW Collision episode. However, he claims, “I wish I was on Dynamite, or I wish I was on Dynasty. I’ve consistently given 1000% effort. So much so, the proof is in my work and my endeavor. I have no clue. It’s not my decision, but the things under my control, I push them the hardest. The day I participated in AEW Collision, I had reiterated, I’m not hurt. Injury was a word unjustifiably linked to me because I opted for caution, since, at that moment, I was unsure of my own bodily response. The question – ‘Why aren’t you…?’ is one I encounter often, but I genuinely do not have an answer, because it isn’t within my influence.”

He continues, reinforcing the lack of control and that not knowing what’s to come doesn’t just unsettle him, but the support he receives from his fans is reaffirming, “It certainly is disappointing to not be on the screen, but the support pouring in from the online community, the endearing messages I receive, this constant encouragement is heartwarming.”

Recently, Starks had a routine check-up with the medical unit of AEW residing in Jacksonville, Florida. The visit took place a few weeks back. His interview appears isn’t just a revelation but leaves fans speculating what could be next for the apparently uninjured yet sidelined athlete.