Ian Riccaboni Counters Claim That ROH Isn’t Offering Contracts During The Pandemic

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Ian Riccaboni Counters Claim That ROH Isn’t Offering Contracts During The Pandemic

ian riccaboni

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni has a problem with Dave Meltzer’s reporting regarding his employer. In a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer, Meltzer casually mentioned that ROH isn’t offering new contracts because of the global pandemic, which explains why Bully Ray wouldn’t be resigned when his deal expired. Ian took to Twitter with a thread claiming that this isn’t the case.

I'll make this public: ROH pays me extraordinarily well, for which I am extremely grateful.

I'm aware of multiple extensions, most of which are public, that occurred during the pandemic.

— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) July 3, 2020

If you're a good wrestler, make a name for yourself and hit up ROH if you have an international reputation or come to a camp if you don't. ROH pays as well if not better than everyone else.

/end rant

— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) July 3, 2020

There is a reason Glassdoor exists. You should know a fair range of what to be paid is. It is ok to have an idea of what a colleague makes so you don't get ripped off.

It is not ok to tell a trade paper companies aren't signing talent to surpress wages to pay talent less.

— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) July 3, 2020

July 18 is right around the corner. I wonder why anyone would float out there that a company with a steady television show isn't doing new contracts.


— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) July 3, 2020

This implies that Bully Ray had the opportunity to be resigned by ROH, but was not given the offer, meaning that he may truly be done with the promotion. On a grander scale, Ian implies that the messaging around ROH not signing new individuals could be coming from companies hoping to jump on the recently released WWE talent. The July 18th date mentioned is IMPACT’s Slammiversary, and also the date when WWE’s most recent batch of released talent could pop up elsewhere.

So, whether it’s a company hoping to get a bargain on Stamford’s leftovers or just a misinformed journalist, it seems that ROH is still in business in all senses of the phrase.

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