‘I am flexible, I cherish immersing myself in diverse styles,’ states Adam Copeland.

‘I am flexible, I cherish immersing myself in diverse styles,’ states Adam Copeland.
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In a recent episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, prominent wrestling figure and former AEW TNT Champion, Adam Copeland, showcased his dexterity in adapting to a wide range of styles in the ring.

The podcast episode contained numerous highlights, some of which are mentioned below:

Regarding his ability to wrestle with anyone, Copeland said, “My internal pride tells me that I can adapt to the situation. I always strive to be the type of performer who can exchange moves with anybody, regardless of their style. Be it mimicking Penta’s headscissors, an act I haven’t done since 92, exchanging forearm blows with Minoru Suzuki, having a No DQ match against Brody King, or engaging in a technical match with Kyle O’Reilly, all of this diversifies my game and adds to the fun.”

Speaking about his adaptability to varied styles, Copeland expressed his fondness for immersing himself in different wrestling techniques. He stated, “It’s exhilarating when I am faced with a new style and I can say to myself, ‘Okay, I can adapt to this.’ I have experimented with different wrestling styles and incorporated them into my repertoire over the years, at least enough to put on a respectable performance. I want my opponents, like Kyle, to wrestle with me confidently without having the notion that ‘Man, I can’t chain wrestle with this guy.'”

Copeland is currently recovering from a leg injury he acquired during his match at the AEW Double or Nothing 2024 event. After suffering a fractured tibia, he had to undergo surgery. This unfortunate injury resulted in his decision to relinquish the AEW TNT Title.