How Rhino Was Persuaded by Steve Austin to Adopt the Gore as His Finishing Move

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Fans who enjoyed Rhino using the ‘Gore’ as a finisher in various promotions have WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to thank.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Rhino recalled using the move in ECW and how Austin was the first to suggest using the Gore to end a match. He said,

“I did it one other time in ’96, not saying it’s mine; Goldberg got it over. People did it all the time, but he’s the one that put it on the map, and Adam [Copeland] was using it before I was.

“He [Austin] goes, ‘Why don’t you just cover me after you Gore me?’ And I go, ‘This mother f**ker… He does not want me to pick him up and take a TKO!’ So I just started doing that as a finish, and I’d do the thing in the corner. Listen to the veterans.”

Rhino has used the Gore in various promotions, including ECW and WWE. These days, Rhino and his Gore can be found in the ring for TNA Wrestling.

Fans of professional wrestling who have enjoyed watching Rhino use his signature move, the ‘Gore,’ can thank WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin for its popularity. Rhino recently shared the story of how Austin suggested using the Gore as a finisher during an episode of the “Insight” podcast.

Rhino, whose real name is Terry Gerin, revealed that he first used the Gore in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) but credits Austin for putting the move on the map. He mentioned that other wrestlers had used similar moves before, but it was Goldberg who truly got it over with the audience. Rhino also acknowledged that his fellow wrestler Adam Copeland, known as Edge, had been using the move before him.

During their conversation, Austin proposed a new approach to Rhino’s finisher. He suggested that instead of executing the move and then going for a pinfall, Rhino should simply cover his opponent immediately after hitting them with the Gore. Rhino initially thought Austin was trying to avoid being lifted for a TKO (Total Knock Out) move, but he took the advice and started using the new finisher.

Since then, Rhino has used the Gore as his finisher in various promotions, including ECW and WWE. Currently, he can be seen performing in TNA Wrestling, where the Gore remains an integral part of his arsenal.

The Gore is a high-impact move that involves Rhino charging at his opponent with full force, driving his shoulder into their midsection or chest. The move is often performed in the corner of the ring, where Rhino builds up momentum before launching himself at his adversary. The impact of the Gore can be devastating, often leading to a quick victory for Rhino.

Austin’s suggestion to cover his opponent immediately after hitting them with the Gore added a new element to Rhino’s finishing move. By eliminating the need for a follow-up move or pinfall attempt, Rhino could catch his opponents off guard and secure a victory more efficiently.

Rhino’s story highlights the importance of listening to veterans and learning from their experiences. Austin’s suggestion not only improved Rhino’s finisher but also helped establish the move as one of his signature maneuvers. It is a testament to the camaraderie and knowledge-sharing that exists within the professional wrestling community.

For fans of Rhino, the Gore has become synonymous with his name. It is a move that showcases his power, agility, and ability to deliver a devastating blow to his opponents. Thanks to the suggestion of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, the Gore has become an iconic move in professional wrestling and continues to captivate audiences wherever Rhino performs.

In conclusion, Rhino’s use of the Gore as a finisher in various promotions can be attributed to the suggestion made by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Austin’s idea to cover his opponent immediately after executing the move added a new dimension to Rhino’s finishing maneuver, making it more effective and memorable. The Gore remains a significant part of Rhino’s wrestling repertoire, delighting fans and leaving his opponents breathless.