How Baron Black ‘Keeps Pressing’ In Wrestling; Details Chris Jericho Commentating His Match (Exclusive)

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How Baron Black ‘Keeps Pressing’ In Wrestling; Details Chris Jericho Commentating His Match (Exclusive)

AEW Baron Black

Photo: Baron Black

Baron Black is a nine-year veteran of the wrestling ring and two weeks ago on AEW Dynamite, Black earned an opportunity unlike any other when he made his debut against Shawn Spears in singles action. His good friend in Suge D (aka: “Pineapple Pete”) will be taking on Chris Jericho tonight in singles action but “The Empbruh” recently took time to speak with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about “Le Champion” commentating his match against Spears.

“You don’t get nervous anymore, it kind of comes second nature to you, but I was nervous for the simple fact that somebody that I watched my whole childhood, somebody that I terrorized my siblings with all his moves was watching my match and commentating my match and that is absolutely Chris Jericho. It was very nerve-racking.”

Despite that, it was all business for Black once he stepped in between those ropes.

“That bothered me a little bit, but once the bell rung, it snapped and I was on the go at that point, but it was definitely was a surreal moment and something that I definitely will be cherishing in the memories for me,” he added.

To make your Wrestling National TV Debut on @AEWrestling against one of the Best in-ring talents @Perfec10n with the Legend @tonyschiavone24 & The GOAT @IAmJericho on commentary is truly a blessing🙏

8yr old Baron is satisfied, EmpBruh Baron Black is Hungry for MORE #AEWDynamite

— Baron Black (@TheEmpBruh) April 30, 2020

Black said discouragement and doubt can tend to seep into a wrestler’s psyche as they make their way in the business, but the real key is to just keep on going full steam ahead.

“A lot of people don’t get to that stage and some people, a lot of wrestlers can attest to this that wrestling for awhile, you kind of feel like you might not make it to that stage, you know what I mean? Most wrestlers get to that point in their career where they start doubting it and I’m not gonna lie, I probably doubted it at one point, but you keep pushing, you keep pressing you keep moving on, you keep on the grind and bam, it happens. I was given a great opportunity. I got to wrestle and work with one of the best in-ring talents in Shawn Spears, I got to be on national television live on TNT and I got to have one of my favorite ones I ever looked up to in my life, Chris Jericho, actually watching me and commentating me and I got the legend Tony Schiavone commentating my match. That’s just a big win right there, I don’t think nobody will ever be able to have that type of experience on their first debut on television.”

Black did get feedback from his peers after the match was finished, but nothing too much from Chris on commentary.

“I got a lot feedback from a lot of people backstage from Cody to Shawn to a lot of people. I didn’t really get to get Jericho’s complete feedback because we were taping so we had to keep moving. A lot of people were moving because they had a lot of work to do in a short period of time so I’m pretty sure when I see him again I’ll probably get some more insight from him,” he said. “He worked hard and he’s amazing on commentary.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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