Hornswoggle Reveals Why WWE Did Not Induct Him Into The Hall Of Fame With D-X

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Hornswoggle became part of the D-Generation X story from 2009-2010, acting as their main mascot. He was not inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with DX in 2019.

While speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Hornswoggle exposed that he wasn’t consisted of in the DX Hall of Fame induction event due to the fact that he wasn’t a full-time member of DX and just functioned as their mascot. He likewise discussed that his participation in other stories such as being Vince McMahon’s boy and the confidential RAW General Manager was insufficient to get him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On being exposed as Vince McMahon’s boy:“So numerous of those things simply get swept under the carpet and forgotten clearly. Then, as everybody was leaving, wedding rehearsal was done. And Bruce goes, ‘Okay, I require to understand where your bag remains in the locker space.’ I go, why? He goes, ‘due to the fact that you’re going under the ring today.’ Till then, I resembled, it’s 3:30. [No one understood] No, actually. I get under there. And Kevin Dunn gets on headset with me. And he goes, ‘Hey, Vince will speak to you about what you’re going to do.’ Vince discussed it on headset, the entire sector of Vince stated please remain off headset till we request for you once again. Absolutely nothing to understand since they didn’t desire any manufacturers. And no one or no one to hear me over the headset talking. I resembled, so I’m altering below the ring. And I had my Cruiserweight title in my bag, and I go, do I develop it? Oh, no. What do I do? What do I do? Oh, no. And I’m like, going crazy.”

< div id="google_ads_iframe _/ 18190176,58700215/ AdThrive_Content_2/ 5c54b1cdf450534e4940a8f0_0 __ container __" > On not entering into the Hall of Fame with DX:”No [it was never ever gone over] And it’s one of those things like I get it, I do. I was the mascot, I was constantly called the mascot. Individuals didn’t see me. I understood it and it’s great. I never ever like to think of that, due to the fact that if it never ever were to take place, I can just be pull down instead of if for an insane factor it does occur, it’s the coolest surprise ever. I never ever believe about that. Individuals ask me all the time and all that they state it to me all the time. It’s like, I do not like believing that method. At this moment now, it’s like, it would simply be cool for my kid. Like I have so much now where it’s simply like, I desire to do enjoyable things that I can bring him along to. Like, it’s all I appreciate nowadays. Which’s, hello, when can I get a AIW reservation in Cleveland so we can go to this Hall of Fame or we go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the Rock Hall once again and simply get spaghetti pizza once again, much like enjoyable things that he can do in addition to me that at this moment in my profession, that’s what I actually delight in is him occurring for the flight.”

On missing out on an area while under the ring:“I went to sleep. I spoke about it in my book, Life Is Short therefore Am I. I went to sleep overseas. And there was a 6 guy tag match. It was Finley, Big Daddy V and Khali versus Undertaker, Kane and Batista, so a really heavy match going on above me. It was an abroad trip, global trip. And I was extremely drowsy, really worn out. Simply tired from the night in the past, didn’t get a great deal of sleep the night previously, went to sleep late, that’s what I’m choosing. I was not overserved, and like they put me under the ring at intermission. Therefore I resembled, alright, whatever. And I simply went to sleep and I awakened to Finley shouting and opening the drape at me. Hey, hi, and after that he lastly goes like, I’m not getting up and he sees me deal with down. He believed among the ring things knocked me out. He goes [makes slapping noise] I go ‘Hey man.’ He goes ‘You’re on!’ And I go Oh sh * t. Oh sh * t. Oh sh * t, since I understood I had an area with Undertaker who was waiting above me. He rolls me in and Takers putting down and we ‘d constantly did this thing where Taker would be setting. I ‘d approach him and he ‘d stay up, frighten the sh * t out of me. And like, either simply goozle me or chokeslam me off his knee or something. Now he tosses me in and I go, the entire time strolling up to Undertaker I go. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

On needing to apologise to The Undertaker over it:“We get to the back and Undertaker asks where were you? I stated I was sleeping. He goes, where were you? I stated I was sleeping. He goes, holy sh * t, and he simply strolls off. I go oh I’m dead. I’m done, I’m done. This is it, it’s been an excellent run. It’s been a great 2 years at that point. Did a great deal of enjoyable things. I’m done. And he simply could not think it. Therefore I beautified him with a bottle of brown liquid as an apology present. And we rested on the bus that night and enjoyed that and played cards. And he was much like he goes, I can’t think that you went to sleep with that much weight going on above you. Like I simply the ring wasn’t loud to me after a while. It’s most likely why I require my listening devices all the time nowadays.”

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