Hornswoggle Recalls The Great Khali’s Love Of Denny’s, The Time He Upset Khali With A Cheeseburger

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Hornswoggle Recalls The Great Khali’s Love Of Denny’s, The Time He Upset Khali With A Cheeseburger


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It’s funny in hindsight.

Speaking on Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo, Hornswoggle talked about his WWE career, which included making town and finding places to eat along the way. Swoggle brought up The Great Khali’s love of Denny’s diner chain, as well as the time he inadvertently pissed Khali off by ordering him a cheeseburger.

“He eats so much. He liked Denny’s, just loved Denny’s. Because he knew what he could get. He was very new to the country at the time and to traveling like this but he knew he could order chicken and rice at Denny’s. And that’s all he would eat, just chicken breasts, chicken breasts, chicken breasts. I, dumb naive Dylan one day; he got up to use the bathroom or take a phone call, I forget, but I ordered him a burger and in Indian culture that’s not good at all. He came back and his order came, and Great Khali was not happy. I didn’t understand it at first and Daivari had to tell me and explain to me because naive Wisconsin Dylan didn’t know so I just thought that it was a complete joke that he was so appalled by this cheeseburger. No, there was a good reason. But once he realized that I didn’t know we had a good laugh about it.”

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Dylan Postl (aka Swoggle / Hornswoggle) spoke with WrestleZone while promoting the release of his new book Life Is Short and So Am I: My Life Inside, Outside, and Under the Wrestling Ring, in stores now. One constant in the book is the fact that Swoggle is able to not only poke fun at himself, but he’s fair in criticism about himself and the wrestling business itself.

When asked what he hopes fans take from the book, he joked “that I didn’t intentionally ruin the Cruiserweight division, since everyone thinks I did. And I didn’t intentionally ruin the Anonymous [RAW] GM storyline, since everyone thinks I did. I didn’t intentionally ruin anything, actually, that people think I did.” Swoggle went on to explain that a fair chance is all he wants, and that “it was crazy to reflect on just how much I did in that time” with WWE.

Check out our interview with Swoggle with Swoggle below:

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