Hornswoggle Is ‘Truly Happy’ For Ethan Page In AEW, Reveals How Starrcast Was The Catalyst For ‘The Wee-nomenal One’

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Hornswoggle Is ‘Truly Happy’ For Ethan Page In AEW, Reveals How Starrcast Was The Catalyst For ‘The Wee-nomenal One’


Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling / AXS

Hornswoggle is very happy about the success Ethan Page has found in All Elite Wrestling. Before departing IMPACT Wrestling earlier this year, “All Ego” had run a program with Hornswoggle that saw Swoggle don the character of “The Weenomenal One,” which was a play-off of WWE Superstar AJ Styles.

Ethan Page now finds himself in a tag team with Scorpio Sky feuding with Darby Allin and Sting in AEW. Hornswoggle spoke to Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes about Page and how happy he is for him right now, noting that the fact that Page got to wrestle Sting on pay-per-view was a big deal to him:

“He wrestled Sting on pay per view,” Hornswoggle said. “I mean, come on, it’s on pay per view; he wrestled Sting! In like the biggest crowd, you know what I mean? Yeah, it’s crazy, Ethan, Julian; he has turned legitimately into one of my best friends. He has gone through a lot of things that he’s come to me about and vice versa, I’ve. It’s usually a twice a week where FaceTime—and I’m a FaceTimer, too. I’m not a caller. I’m a FaceTimer. During a pandemic, I miss people. I don’t get to see a lot of my friends. I want to see them. I’m a FaceTimer. Everyone yells at me because I’m a FaceTimer. I don’t care. It’s personal. I can now see, hey, are you just putting me on speaker and like, doing things around the House? No, I want you sitting down next to me having a chat.

“I’m a FaceTimer, so about twice a week, I call my friend Julian, hey, time for weekly therapy, and I just vent and dad stuff, wrestling stuff, life, stuff, everything. But he has become one of my closest friends. My son loves him, and my son’s never met him ever, but he knows that I love them, and so he’s like a huge fan of his in life and in wrestling. I am so happy, like, truly, truly, truly happy for him. The world gets to see how good he is in the ring, how fun he is on the mic, his vlogs, even though I hate them so much because I just hate the body guy stuff. It just drives me nuts. But now the world is seeing more of him, and that makes me happy. I like when my friends do well. It’s not a good thing when you can’t be happy for others. So I always try to be happy for my friends, and when my friends do good things and are having fun, it makes me happy he got to wrestle Sting. And like Darby is my son’s favorite, like number one favorite guy for Landon is Darby Allin right now. So to have Sting, who my son loves, Darby and Julian in the same match, he was just going bonkers. Sting did a god d-mn Code Red; he is 62. I can’t do it at 35. He did one at 62!”

A lot of wrestling fans still remember “The Weenomenal One’s” match with Ethan Page. When asked how it all came about, Hornswoggle revealed it came from his stand-up routine during Starrcast.

“A fan got that picture of me at Starrcast when I did, I did the stand-up thing, and that had a lot of buzz,” Hornswoggle revealed. “It popped Scott D’Amore, so much, and he’s like, ‘Hey, we need to do this on IMPACT.’ I was like, OK, and then, like, you’re going to face Ethan, and I was like, even cooler. It’s like, this is awesome. And it was just it was so fun. I had to use my son’s AJ gloves. And then that whole thing like it’s still something that weekly I get messaged about, and it’s awesome. It was such a fun thing.”

Ultimately, Hornswoggle was asked if AJ Styles ever saw the match or contacted him regarding the portrayal afterward:

“He hasn’t reached out to me, but I know he saw it,” Hornswoggle said. “So I think Karl told me that he saw it and got a laugh out of it. So it was just, I mean, obviously, all that stuff is just so fun, and it’s awesome.”

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How do you think Ethan Page is doing in AEW? Did you enjoy his match in IMPACT with Hornswoggle? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.