Hornswoggle Divulges The Original Plans For His Anonymous Raw GM Reveal

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Hornswoggle Divulges The Original Plans For His Anonymous Raw GM Reveal

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Hornswoggle was this week’s special guest on The New Day: Feel The Power, and this made Kofi Kingston recall the brief moment where WWE’s resident leprechaun was revealed as the Anonymous RAW General Manager. Many fans assumed that the letdown solution to a months-long mystery was simply WWE not having a plan in place. It turns out, there was a plan, but it was one that Swoggle could not fulfill in a limited timeframe.

They call me the Saturday before Raw and say, ‘You’re going to be revealed as the anonymous general manager. Can you do a New Jersey accent?’ ‘I don’t think so. I can try.’ The only thing I could think of for a Jersey accent was the baby on Roger Rabbit. I just kept watching that scene over and over.

Hornswoggle’s study of the memorable Baby Herman was for naught, as the performer couldn’t quite capture the accent needed to play “Big Nick,” the character that was to be revealed as a rich tycoon that had pulled one over on the WWE Universe. Instead, they simply had the reveal turn into a comedy skit involving Jerry Lawler and Santino Marella in a Sherlock Holmes hat.

For the full story cut straight from the podcast, be sure to check out the embedded video below:

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