Honky Tonk Man Shoots on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Honky Tonk Man Shoots on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson
In this Wrestling Shoots video the Honky Tonk Man buries Ric Flair. He also compares Arn Anderson to Brutus Beefcake.

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I be crazy about wrestling, because of they’re clear! you furthermore mght came out in opposition to ric aptitude for complaining about the followers the utilization of insider terms yeah yeah i i stumbled on that to be the most ludicrous component that this eagle bee knows baggy son of a would maybe maybe additionally ever assert i.

Mumble that because of if rick aptitude is opening his mouth i surely feel like he's lying he's extra or much less like doesn't rose toddler let's go up he purchase the toddler if dusty's talking to you he's lying that's the come i surely feel that's my that's the glance of 1 man that's one man's thought anyway aptitude goes over to england i.

Wager or somewhere he's doing an interview and one among the interviewers spoke to him about something about speaking out of faculty or some cafe uh truth or something and he obtained surely upset that that that shouldn't be ragged by the followers that shouldn't be ragged by the info media you shouldn't assert these.

Things has he been residing in a cave for the closing two decades this is the electronic age it's the age of mobile phones that it’s doubtless you’ll maybe take a image with and e mail it ethical away to any individual it's the age of the info superhighway it's the electronic knowledge age all americans knows all the pieces about this trade rick.

Don't you realize you yourself you set your agree with 130 pound ranking of bone son on television he sounded like a sack of you set him on television don't you suspect that smartened up your complete world don't you suspect that was something you doubtlessly shouldn't agree with performed don't you suspect you resolve on to agree with doubtlessly caveated.

That listen son quit within the again you're no longer ready to go out here but however you doubtlessly did it however now when some reporter or anyone equivalent to you seize asked me some revealing internal knowledge i'm alleged to get surely pissed off at you now and assert this all frightening you shouldn't be doing this and this is the this is.

The issues we want to present protection to listen you misplaced your safety an extended time ago so you clearly you suspect it's ample for followers to make employ of these terms so i don’t agree with any command with it as a result of promoters themselves vince mcmahon himself went to the sigh legislature and let the sigh of novel jersey know that all the pieces we attain is theatrical.

That we're like as a touring theatrical play successfully if the promoter can go attain that or for promoter books and match here's what i assert the wrestlers don't smarten anybody up the promoters attain the promoter books a match he books a match with the 2 worst canine.

Americans within the locker room that agree with the worst match that smartens up all americans because of they’ll't even wrestle they don't even know anything else however but when you when i have to go available with any individual or assert rick aptitude goes out with any individual then we're alleged to realize a match that makes the folk agree with now because of.

These folk simply made all americans no longer agree with so the promoters did it of their reserving then again to aptitude he goes out he does the identical match every night for 25 years he flips over the tip he runs down he climbs up they slam him off every match every night.

And i stated this 5 years ago and now he picks on bret hart he stated bret hart was one dimensional bret hart didn't map after which i undercover agent an interview the build brett says the identical component aptitude does the identical match every night after which no longer goodbye ago i seen the build ollie anderson's set a e book out and olivia booker was and a exquisite appropriate wrestler.

From minnesota and down within the carolinas and drew thoroughly and was the booker down there and he stated aptitude had the identical match every night aptitude couldn't wrestle that identical match every night dudes after which jerry lawler says the identical component i seen an interview with lawler that he had performed with with the professional wrestling torch about 5 years.

Up to now 5 or six years ago and he stated the identical component he stated ric aptitude came to memphis and nearly killed the territory nearly killed the city because of he did these identical goofy bumps that he'd been doing on cable tv however righteous anderson says in his e book within the statement he stated apparently he stated the favorable motive ric aptitude obtained the.

World's championship the essential time was because of he wished him to agree with it righteous wished to agree with the area's championship be and they also stated why he stated because of that'll get him out of the territory he'll be in other locations the build he can't ruin this feature for us so there's your ric aptitude for you whoa.

The build are we partying tonight aren't woo speaking of that my next quiz goes ethical into that uh you wrote to your web feature that if aaron anderson did a occasion so essential with ric aptitude that he wouldn't agree with wanted rehab was that stated to get warmth or are you severe i was exquisite severe about that i surely feel like that that arn fell in with flare.

Befriend within the worn southeastern wrestling days down in pensacola and mobile they brought flareon ethical after iron started and they also assigned aaron as a young man arn and pee-wee anderson pee-wee anderson's no longer around anymore aaron and pee-wee had the auto and they also were babies and they also stated ric aptitude is coming in for per week we'd like so that you can power.

Them to the cities because of they furnish the transportation for the area's champion in impart that's how arn and flower and pee-wee anderson obtained collectively and after that week internal any other two weeks or so or quickly after that r p we every left they went to carolinas after which arne became he was marty lundy there he became one among the anderson youthful.

Brothers and that's the story with him however for all these years he's been company with aptitude nothing frightening with being company with any individual the favorable command i agree with is that all americans knocked beefcake oh if it wasn't for hogan beefcake wouldn't be there if it wasn't for hogan uh beefcake would maybe maybe be this beefcake wouldn't successfully if.

It wasn't for ric aptitude aaron anderson will under no circumstances be arners so you undercover agent when when you assert when you originate a statement like that that some this man's ample because of he's obtained his head to this point this man's ass however that's ample.

However this man's no longer ample because of he's a childhood buddy with anyone and they also grew up since they were four years worn collectively and they also did all the pieces collectively for his or her complete lifestyles however now he's execrable he's this man's a execrable man so i i soundless mediate i i would hope that rick aptitude was you perceive.

Your complete money rick i would hope you paid for arn's rehab i am hoping he didn't originate a sad man pay for it himself however for a man to get into rehab uh if it helped him lovely that's appropriate it's appropriate for iron i've under no circumstances had any concerns with him uh however he was i mean all americans's obtained a beefcake you perceive scott corridor is uh.

Kevin nash's beefcake uh uh sean uh hunterhurst thomas lee hunter was sean's beefcake and and uh gosh the checklist goes on and on of guys who agree with beefcakes so let's discuss baked cake you perceive what beefcake was ethical i was a gay porno man ethical or something yeah it was a gay uh uh recreation i.

Think it's gay magazine it’s going to additionally soundless be around out on the west hover san francisco however the name of the magazine was beefcake and and you perceive in in that world i speak you perceive oh you brute he's a brute so brutus beefcakes there's no name within the wwe.

That they give to a pair that they they give to anyone that doesn't agree with some extra or much less a facet it whether or no longer it be the narcissist or the prince albert you perceive with the the piercings of the of the body the prince albert is a piercing of a varied part of the body that.

It's varied from these this print this man hiya prepare he's a appropriate kid i am hoping he didn't pierce himself there what are your tips on iron flares folk and workers art was uh very very appropriate i i give seminars to young wrestling students and simply a pair of days ago i had one and i suggested the.

College students within the occasion that they are attempting to hunt how a surely appropriate heel label personnel works compare aaron anderson tully blanchard they were doubtlessly the one among one among the tip heel label teams for his or her era amazing the come they get stuff and the bumps they took and the come that they they.

Enraged the personnel and fed the toddler face for the comeback and took the bumps and and i talked about that and i've obtained no it's like no concerns armed with aptitude in his work he's accomplished lots of sizable issues and and he’s a prove trade individual you perceive the robes the hair the interviews sizable interviewer can attain a sizable interview however.

He's redundant in his suits that's all however most frequently the area's i stumbled on this out most worlds champions would set a match collectively that labored for them that they’ll additionally attain irrespective of the build they went the favorable ones the one who i seen that i believed would maybe maybe additionally.

Adapt to anybody was harley go harley go didn't set his agree with his match collectively assert here's how we'll attain it and this this this harley go would surely go out and wrestle a varied match every night according to the man he was wrestling the build a few of the assorted world's champions they simply had a token match they went out and did.

The identical component night after night because of they were touring from city to city the build the tv didn't bleed over and you didn't know that he took that identical flip over bump every night somewhere in rick you haven't understood that you've taken that identical bump on cable television for two decades and you're soundless attempting to realize it.

Alternate the bump attain something else you
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Honky Tonk Man Shoots on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Honky Tonk Man Shoots on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson | Wrestling Shoot Interview