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That is one other treasure pro wrestler!! Welcome to a trace fresh edition of the emblem fresh 2011 Honky Tonk Mansion interview it seems care for yearly we're sitting down with you yeah because of there's consistently something fresh yearly it's uh it's going from uh jumping on the feeble timers to a number of the dear fresh children and now I'm uh I'm if reality be told on this TNA factor I I'm hammering the [__].

Out of those [__] smartly I with out a doubt wish to chat about TNA it's somewhat much gonna be a number of the dear first stuff we're going to chat about um the final time we were with you we were sat down with uh Missy Hyatt too yeah that uh I'm obvious that turned out to be k if you doubtlessly did the editing allotment of it because of uh boy she used to be doing some.

Issues that night announcing stuff that I'd by no contrivance heard forward of fine precisely it used to be loopy what are your tips on I omit you in general I had by no contrivance been round her that much and that that's why I wasn't obvious how the the interview used to be going to creep nonetheless it did it did k I thought it labored out k yeah it wasn't sinful all supreme let's discuss.

The present wrestling scene that's going on uh in this day's world what are your tips on the present wrestling scene there's loads taking place yeah uh they've long gone to 1 of these PG product the the WWE now and they also're so apprehensive of of all the pieces the supreme factor they can if reality be told win away with doing issues on is on their pay-per-views and and that's.

The absolute most life like time they enact any roughly risque or Cutting Edge stuff their licensed TV dispute and which that you may perhaps speak your PG and enact it that contrivance nonetheless wrestling followers peaceful wish to scrutinize a wrestling dispute and I don't mediate they're giving it to them now and of route the TNA no subject they're doing we'll wish to chat about that yeah with out a doubt there's loads of.

Issues going on WWE as some distance as care for the rock coming abet to the corporate Bret Hart came abet for a minute bit after which left um what are your tips on the Rock coming abet it's it's appealing that they’d to creep and win the Former-Timers I bet you own in mind rocking feeble timer and Stone Chilly and of route Jerry Lawler and and.

Jim Ross and Michael Cole and and bring those other folks in to to be their characteristic matches for their WrestleMania uh it's roughly tells you that the younger guys they’ve there have to not if reality be told getting the job executed care for they’ll additionally merely peaceful and and either the younger boys it's not the younger boys are that sinful or anything else by that nature for some reason the fan they're.

No longer the followers aren't catching on with them and they also're not drawn to them to function them scrutinize I imply scrutinize they've bought rock already space for Wrestlemania with 20s which is 28. Wrestlemania 28 in Miami already a yr away and they also've bought him already programmed to be there for the main occasion against John Cena smartly you're going to grasp an complete yr.

Why can't you growth or jockey any individual else into that express I'm not if reality be told obvious if we'll ever peep The Rock Towards Cena at that WrestleMania I don't be taught about that one you imagine it's a beaten switch the deal I mediate this may perhaps be something a minute bit greater than I imply how enact you book a man a yr in advance and speak right here’s going to be our main.

Tournament when you happen to don't know what's going to happen I imply if Rock gets a 20 or 30 million greenback movie deal I mediate he would doubtlessly rob the uh 30 million over WWE's eight or ten million no subject they’ll additionally merely provide what are your tips on John Cena enact you peep him as a credible fragment of abilities he's caught on with the followers and uh I I.

Didn't if reality be told gravitate to him early because of I I didn't care for the going out and the spinarone uh uh belt and the obtain the white rapper care for a vanilla ice kind man nonetheless uh the followers grasp gravitated to him he's executed barely smartly and can he carry this WrestleMania as a first-rate occasion that stays to be seen.

Yeah we talked a minute bit earlier about uh the younger abilities in WWE and guys care for John Morrison and um there's so many varied guys in The Miz enact you imagine uh town may perhaps additionally merely peaceful be insulted that they spotlighted a Snooki on on the future right here in WrestleMania what is this smartly there you creep yet again uh and that that's a supreme point I'd speak I entirely.

Forgot about her because of uh I didn't if reality be told behold the Jersey Shore factor so I didn't know a lot about her varied than the reality that she loved to win into bars and win all liquored up nothing low with that I've executed that myself too nonetheless uh I mediate a number of the dear fellows would doubtlessly and a number of the dear Divas abet in the locker.

Room were contemplating this girl's coming in right here she's getting one hell of a Payday they're catering to her care for she's a massive sizable Big title nonetheless we're the ones who toil each and every toil each and every day and recede our bags to the airports and enact all the pieces for the corporate nonetheless that's upright how video games conducted supreme in the slay enact you peep yourself.

Ever being inducted into the Hall of Popularity I don't know I I used to be requested that seek recordsdata from the assorted day by by every other folks are sitting over to cauliflower alley after I bought the award there uh not so contrivance abet it's not if reality be told a Hall of Popularity it's a TV dispute nonetheless every other folks mediate smartly you know it's good to creep there and be identified.

By your your peers and all of these issues it can well perchance be varied I mediate I would doubtlessly scrutinize at it varied if there used to be a committee and it used to be a committee of of this man and that man and this van and a couple followers from varied locations and and the votes were tallied and the votes were most effective up and up nonetheless for it to be a.

One-man's game and speak smartly I decide this man or I don't decide him I'm not obvious I I imagine me I enact not take a seat at home and wait on the phone to ring for being on this Hall of Popularity supreme what are you they upright inducted I built a butcher on this yr's Hall of Popularity what are your tips on uh him being inducted that he's by no contrivance if reality be told labored the corporate at.

All and uh he used to be somewhat much an outlaw smartly I bet which that you may perhaps perchance speak Drew Carey used to be k he did work allotment of a match he ran in the ring and ran out and and uh the limo driver he did work there nonetheless you in truth that which that you may perhaps perchance be't scrutinize at it that contrivance is it being a Hall of Popularity and this person didn't work for the corporate or he did work for the corporate I.

Hear conflicting uh other folks's opinions on that allotment of it smartly he he used to be established in the enterprise all the contrivance thru the realm we bought to scrutinize at WrestleMania in the Hall of Popularity being a world occasion no longer a upright a regional factor and for Fresh York or east flit followers and uh there's gonna be guys that's inducted into that to.

Whoever who care for Abdullah now that used to be a controversial decision I did a uh a DVD kind mission uh for this fellow out of Canada about this hepatitis C and the bleeding and Big title by the bottom used to be on it with me and I used to be going to are waiting for you about that uh in verbalize that upright having Abdullah.

Modified into controversial after which Hogan I bought to soar on Hogan upright yeah brother brother brother brother Hogan goes to Atlanta he has his micro wrestlers his midgets he's taping a dispute in Atlanta and uh he has Abdul as a butcher on life like one of his shows there with those guys and after which turns around uh a week forward of the the Hall of Popularity announcing that uh it's.

Hypocritical Abdullah shouldn't be in the Hall of Popularity and all these issues care for that so uh yeah we'll we'll wish to chat about this hepatitis C and this AIDS man going around uh by the time you air this we don't know he may perhaps additionally need already he may perhaps additionally be in jail by then yeah what are your tips on that man which that you may perhaps perchance talk for parents that don't.

Be taught about it he wrestled down in I mediate Atlanta supreme or somewhere uh Ohio this this explicit fellow used to be with the examined slay for the HIV and today now I mediate that first he used to be going thru six costs and now it's long gone as much as care for 12. there's been care for not the first six females or so or or other folks who came forward and said I mediate.

I've been contaminated by this man now there's been more and each and every life like one of those costs carry care for 5 years so or ten years he he's going thru 100 years in jail and Nonetheless there yet again he knew he knew he had this since 2002 I mediate it used to be and who’s aware of I've been in Ohio I may perhaps additionally need been in a ring with a man nonetheless to.

Know that you're going around doing something care for this I mediate it's extremely prison uh hepatitis C you know it's not as sinful as the the HIV factor nonetheless I you're going to scrutinize and I mediate the followers will agree with me the athletic commissions are going to resurface yet again the ones that grasp disbanded they're.

Going to come abet around or we're going to grasp Metropolis commissions and issues of that nature and and this HIV and the hepatitis C goes to change the manner enterprise is is being performed WWE already tests for all the pieces supreme now and uh if they enact take a look at any individual certain we by no contrivance if reality be told know nonetheless that person doesn’t win a contract what enact you.

Mediate about Abby in the hepatitis C you imagine it's upright that he if reality be told has it or smartly I don't know why he wouldn't speak k the heck with you guys and I'll creep win examined nonetheless uh there yet again we don't know that and I do know the fellow that I did the the DVD mission with out of Canada uh Devin and and I've labored.

For Devin a lot and I've seen Devin through the years and bleeding with then the manner and right here’s I’m hoping Devin sees this because of Devin the manner you edited this factor it made it sound equivalent to you had by no contrivance bled till you met Abdullah which I don't mediate is de facto the upright case and uh so which that you may perhaps you point the finger and.

Enlighten it used to be Abdullah that did it or used to be it any individual else I've seen Devin bleeding with Terry Funk and I've seen him bleeding on his grasp and issues care for that I've I've bled myself I bought scars all the contrivance thru my head it's upright something we did enact would I be examined certain I don't know I haven't I've had some tests executed final yr the gain I'm obvious it can well perchance grasp.

Confirmed up nonetheless I imply I'd had some liver stuff nonetheless I mediate that used to be from I've tried to pause that and reply you watch I don't grasp the Gatorade bottle and and and that stuff anymore in verbalize that used to be life like one of many questions I'm looking out to win very healthy there you creep now what's going on with you at TNA I imply that's the sizable uh seek recordsdata from.

Each person desires to know smartly I started this radio dispute that's on and each and every Monday night we enact a are residing podcast or Weblog Talk Radio and and uh TNA has been the the roughly upfront in our recordsdata tales because of WWE has been barely subtle today I imply there's not if reality be told been a lot taking place there varied than some accidents.

Or something care for that there's been no dreadful exercise care for uh goes on in TNA the gain uh there's all forms of complaints flying around and uh workman's compensation complaints going around and uh any individual's wife left any individual and it ended up marrying any individual else in the corporate and and now these guys are battling over the.

Other halves and all this and uh rumors of Dixie Carter and no subject she's been doing down there and God most effective is aware of if I may perhaps perchance win all of it uncovered to they obtained't take a look at with us it if reality be told if reality be told began over the Hogan deal uh I used to be booked to enact the Hogan and mates factor the gain all of us win.

Together and enact the seek recordsdata from and reply factor for the followers that did totally in Vancouver uh sold a space out after which uh Bubba the Love Sponge this radio disc jockey that I may perhaps perchance care much less about he's upright a strolling tub of [__] or lard nonetheless you take care of to hope to position it right here’s a household dispute supreme we'll [__] [__] him anyway he he tells Hogan that uh.

Hogan doesn't need me on the tour of Hogan and mates and if he retains me on the tour then he can't put Hogan on the radio anymore and I will't abet promote any of your stuff Hogan and I will't allow you to with loads of issues that I helped you with all the contrivance thru your divorce and and and and I will't you obtained't be my supreme friend anymore so Hogan knuckled under.

And being the coward that Hogan is uh didn't anxiousness to call me himself and speak hiya hiya brother we bought a topic brother uh so you had any individual else enact it had Jimmy Hart call and speak Hogan's if reality be told upset and uh they're not going to make utilize of you anymore in the tour and Bubbles pulled a crawl on you and Bishops pull.

The crawl on you and and uh issues care for that so I felt if reality be told I wouldn't I wouldn't personally anxiousness loads because it used to be a legit roughly a abet stab because of personally Hogan and I we weren't on a non-public foundation anyway nonetheless professionally I thought it used to be not handled smartly and for that reason.

Then I thought I didn't enact anything else about it I I kept it clean for till Jimmy Hart gave his watch and when Jimmy gave his watch and left the corporate and when he used to be if reality be told long gone from there then him and Hogan had a massive falling out uh as some distance as I do know he peaceful hasn't talked to Hogan hasn't answered.

Any of his text messages nothing Jimmy upright severed his ties with Hogan and Bischoff and said I'm so overjoyed to be away from these guys now and away from their nonsense and uh he went on his merry contrivance after which I said enact you mind if I’m going forward and creep after Hogan now and he said heck brother enact what you aquire to enact and I did and as some distance.

As I'm eager Hogan's a low-existence fragment of canine [__] that he's not man enough to win the phone announcing now Bubba's fired from Sirius Radio he doesn't even grasp his radio dispute he's upright a local disc jockey in the Tampa space now I plot as many folk on my Monday night uh blog talk shows he attracts in the Tampa market so Hogan.

Sacrificed a lot for this Bubba the Love Sponge and uh we've had this dialog about Bubba the Love Sponge forward of if the [__] man walked in right here supreme now I wouldn't know he used to be I wouldn't know who the fellow used to be I imply I upright speak who's this sizable elephantine tub of guts over right here smartly it's Bubba the Love Sponge oh if reality be told.

So uh Hogan in the muse did attempt to speak bubba why don't you guys celebration and enact something for charity in the occasion you take care of to hope to fight this man and he desires to fight then you definately you definately guys win it on down right here in Tampa nonetheless uh bubble upright proceed to force the difficulty and Hogan of route knuckled under care for a he he upright.

Wrinkled up care for a low-stamp [__] Kmart creep smartly with or something why did Bobby even grasp he with you in the muse I don’t grasp any thought I don't even know I don't even know why the fellow even bothers with me at all and clearly it's care for Eric Bischoff when he said that the one man he may perhaps additionally he he cherished firing the most used to be me and why he loves firing me I don’t grasp any.

Idea and why he would then creep on the Bubba the Love Sponge Expose in Tampa radio and speak that Honky Tonk Man he wouldn't plot flies with a mouthful of [__] smartly I've I've drawn contrivance more so contrivance more tickets over to my profession than loads of the fellows Eric Bischoff has ever tried to advertise you imagine Eric has loads of vitality in TNA now uh yes he does.

He has been moved as much as is it Government Vice President of programming or something he has he's care for the uh and I mediate he used to be given this job by Spike TV now they've changed the title to to uh mpac it's not even TNA anymore it's Influence Wrestling uh they wish to impart that which that you may perhaps perchance be speak the note wrestling the gain WWE cannot speak they.

Don't speak wrestling there anymore it's upright uh WWE no no wrestling is ever talked about uh when there's nothing low with that I don't peep anything else low with that nonetheless then TNA tries to soar on we're going to be Influence Wrestling now uh by the time you win this out I've heard rumors that uh come August Hogan's not even going to be around he's ready.

To August and I I mediate perchance his contract's up and and he's going on his merry contrivance and today he's doing a dispute and uh upright out of Toronto the gain he's wrestling for every other folks up there and and uh there's supposedly there's a massive squabble now and we'll discover later on uh which that you may perhaps edit it in if if they did put it on a DVD mission whereas.

TNA is highly upset and said which that you may perhaps't be doing DVD tasks for one other wrestling company nonetheless you allow you to let him creep enact a television dispute with midgets I don't know what the adaptation is and they also also let them enact the WWE All-Big title game yeah that's uh that's a terribly good TNA Influence Wrestling contract obvious we wish to pay you all.

These millions of dollars nonetheless in the duration in-between you also shall be on the WWE game and you also shall be on this television dispute and which that you may perhaps grasp your grasp television shows and which that you may perhaps creep wrestle for varied other folks when you happen to bought a sinful abet and your abet hurts so sinful that which that you may perhaps perchance be't come around to even be on our dispute nonetheless yet you dispute the realm you stride TNA I stride TNA and they also.

They requested him the assorted day on something about life like one of many fellas there Jay Lethal and he says yeah Jay lethal's a massive sizable abilities and he's a terribly supreme man they said smartly he's been fired or stop the corporate and and Hogan went no I didn't know that what in the occasion you're working a company you may also merely peaceful [__] know it.

What are your tips on how WWE if reality be told altering the title of the corporate smartly not altering the title nonetheless nonetheless shedding the shedding the wrestling supreme uh I tend to and I'm not and I will win loads of flack over this because of I read a I read an interview the gain Triple H did an interview about about shedding the note wrestling.

Because it WWE is a world entity of a company greater than upright wrestling and and uh as soon as in a whereas in the occasion you're looking out to win on varied television shows or or varied tasks they're doing their movie enterprise and issues care for that and to win investors to enact making motion photos shouldn’t be uh it's not something low-stamp to be.

Done it's you win investors to invest in motion photos and and that's how they win made and as soon as in a whereas the folk that deal with and enact Wall Avenue and issues care for that in the occasion you're shopping for fresh investors and you speak smartly now we grasp a wrestling company we enact wrestling as soon as in a whereas they creep oh I don't wish to contact that I'm not going to invest in it nonetheless in the occasion you descend that.

Be aware wrestling and speak we're we're World entertainment or or something or we're WWE entertainment and leave it at that then you definately can perchance generate a more of the next trace of a product and that's roughly what Triple H used to be announcing and I tend to agree with that I don't peep any reason there used to be other folks going gosh I will't imagine it what are they.

Going to call it Mania uh WWE Mania uh they can't speak WrestleMania anymore they're peaceful going to call it WrestleMania for because of that's the that's the lifeblood of the corporate the remainder of the wrestling allotment of it's consistently going to be there supreme um we've talked about a minute bit in regards to the Hogan uh tour what enact you imagine of.

Brian knobs did he provide you with any Flack or no no Brian and I were dazzling uh uh there's been loads of stuff said abet and forth nonetheless Brian and I would know it used to be we all of us had a massive time to there we entertained the followers it used to be a super dispute we did and they also're going to admit they're they're going to omit Jimmy Hart for obvious because of Jimmy used to be.

Instrumental in inserting together uh the manner the stage used to be space up and who may perhaps additionally merely peaceful come on first who may perhaps additionally merely peaceful come on 2d and I stayed with Jimmy and I helped in in the production technique of going over the music and making obvious all the pieces used to be queued up and whereas they were out having sushi and drinking beer and smoking marijuana and getting stoned we were.

Over there and stayed from three to 6 at the constructing and made obvious all the pieces used to be space up for them so they bought a free scuttle and turned around and fired me so I don't yeah supreme supreme I don't care I'll give a [__] [__] them uh you to safe right here out a couple weeks in the past and and somewhat much blew the whistle on your complete scandal with uh Karen angle.

And the sexual harassment costs going on what's your complete memoir with that smartly I've upright I bought bits and pieces of it and it used to be up to now my sources were as much as par especially after I talked about that uh Dixie Carter's mom had now taken over the corporate and he or she used to be working it which uh in the muse they denied that and.

Mentioned it used to be not upright nonetheless genuinely it’s miles upright the mom took over the financial slay of the corporate and is making the choices and and Dixie has been since care for early March uh dropped off the radar conceal as some distance as tweetering and emailing and the total stuff she used to be doing and Facebooking nonetheless I'd heard this memoir in regards to the Karen angle uh.

There used to be something going on there may perhaps additionally need been that this sexual lawsuit would and I used to be misquoted on that it used to be by no contrivance filed there used to be I don't mediate there used to be ever a formal complaint made I mediate used to be insinuated and uh all of it bought squashed and ideal now they're all a massive overjoyed household and he or she's married to Jeff Jarrett and .

Jeff's bought small children so I'll leave it at that if it if it grows to if it has legs and gets to be a greater memoir then I would hope any individual else would investigate it a minute extra a minimal of they can't call me a liar as soon because it after they discover it’s miles it can well additionally need been upright is that I don't perceive how upright it’s miles I.

Heard that allotment of the rationale that Karen bought our space abet on TV used to be allotment of the settlement that that used to be smartly that used to be doubtlessly doubtlessly allotment of the settlement that uh that they reached it k in the occasion you uh in the occasion you don't discuss this anymore then you may also merely grasp a somewhat supreme express with a company after which of route in the occasion you marry Jeff care for she did I.

Don't mediate that used to be allotment of it they upright happened to win married so her space's somewhat solidified now in the corporate with with out a lawsuit loads of guys over there so I'm obvious they talk um what enact you imagine it’s miles uh for Kurt to be eager about an angle with Jeff and his wife I imply enact you imagine he's he's if reality be told all enterprise.

And it doesn't affect them at all otherwise you imagine deep down you know it's bought to be eating animal that his wife is now with Jeff and uh that's one which uh the Fullers did this many a protracted time in the past with the uh the Hatfields down in in Mobile Alabama life like one of many Fuller's uh life like one of many sisters used to be married to life like one of many Hatfields and and something.

Came about and there were some Shenanigans going on in in in in the household and uh they shot a massive angle out of it and sold care for 16 or 18 that had life like one of many supreme exterior events at the racetrack in Mobile Alabama in the history of wrestling in in that space and it used to be because of of a non-public relate between either the 2.

Brothers or the brother and the brother-in-law and the sister and sister-in-law and it used to be a it used to be a valid upright to existence angle that they did so and uh it didn't appear to impress their relationships with each and every varied clearly Kurt's handling it totally I imply Kevin Sullivan handled the one with uh uh benoit's he ended Benoit ended up.

Marrying uh Kevin's uh uh ex-female friend or no subject with Nancy Benoit what used to be her title in wrestling uh Fallen Angel and he handled it totally and I bet Chris handled it somewhat much up till the tip nonetheless we don't know if that used to be a reason at the abet of anything else um let's talk more about um TNA as some distance as abilities that that works.

There may be there is there guys that you imagine may perhaps perchance be the following breakout megastar or enact you imagine that it's a bunch of guys that team WWE didn't wish to scrutinize it it's it's if they were in WWE the majority of the ones that were there that were affect players have to not there and care for Booker T shouldn’t be there anymore he used to be an affect.

Participant Kurt Perspective of route used to be an affect participant he's peaceful there Hogan and if Hogan leaves and Bischoff goes and uh flare whoa throw me off the bus whoo I bought a gusher whoa unbelievable that's an complete varied memoir we'll win into that a short time nonetheless uh I don't they largely grasp.

Some Ring of Honor guys that's come over and a Ring of Honor has a supreme product nonetheless it's not a kind of merchandise that's gonna there's not been any affect players from Ring of Honor that's going over to WWE varied than CM Punk he's been the supreme one up to now that's come out of that that individual group and Brian Dennis and Brian Danielson now.

They changed his title peep I imply I don't if reality be told behold what he's doing nonetheless nonetheless that's been CM Punk came visiting what two or three years in the past and now this Brian's been on about a yr they bought one man down in Florida uh I mediate Tyler shaded they don't they don't bring those guys over that that often and uh if they don't pan out then that's precisely the gain.

They're going it's the TNA uh TNA to me is nothing greater than a glorified just dispute that has television that's all it’s miles it's an just wrestling dispute that has television I used to be in northern Minnesota uh Superior if reality be told with Superior.

Wisconsin they were a hundred miles away a month in the past we had 1700 other folks at the dispute I used to be on in Superior they were 100 miles away over North Dakota and they also’d 400 other folks and they also flew in all their guys and it used to be myself and it used to be sunny and uh Would possibly perhaps presumably merely younger made an look there.

And the leader made an look Uh Kevin Nash used to be presupposed to be there hacksaw Duggan used to be there and that used to be somewhat much the extent of the megastar vitality that used to be on that dispute and we had 1700 and they also’d care for four or 5 perchance oh oh that's harmful today Matt Hardy upright went to TNA and uh what are your tips on uh on.

Madden his YouTube movies that you've doubtlessly seen oh oh man I've bought to speak WWE does grasp the next wellness protection I don't mediate I I match Finley I speak has bought terminated because of he sent life like one of many fellows out to The Miz to interrupt the national anthem all the contrivance thru at which time there used to be a.

WWE is subsidized by the Nationwide Guard army or U.S army or any individual and there used to be loads of heat over that so match had to rob the descend that used to be upright because of he interrupted the national anthem right here's this hearty that used to be I he shouldn't were and Hogan says I'm working the corporate and Hogan.

You let this man creep accessible the manner he used to be after which which that you may perhaps additionally merely grasp sting and I don't if reality be told know sting that smartly nonetheless Sting's presupposed to be this man of the fabric and you peep the fellow and he says he he can't if reality be told assemble why would you you're talking in regards to the Jeff Hardy now that's Jeff k I'll win the Hardy Boys blended up k sorry boys.

Hardy Boys k there's one which's Jeff one's Matt so I'm talking about this one which went out and we're talking about Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy The Night time of the that entirely killed her pay-per-behold killed that crowd I don't know that TNA will ever if reality be told win those followers abet after that Fiasco of a nonsense that that they did.

And the contrivance how in the realm can they creep out and operate it smartly what they enact is it's very straightforward they enact care for the the Juggalo Championship wrestlers they enact care for ICP they creep to towns and they also creep to States and they also creep to areas the gain there is never any commission there is never any drug attempting accessible is nothing care for that so that they skim.

Below the radar conceal when any individual finally ends up insensible or any individual finally ends up with hepatitis C or HIV or something after which they'll wish to change the manner they enact enterprise what would you may also merely grasp executed in one more contrivance with Jeff I imply clearly he used to be impaired forward of he went out to the ring and they also peaceful let him creep accessible I imply that's somewhat low it used to be.

Absolutely low it shouldn't grasp happened uh I thought of it a minute I imply the handiest factor to enact so hiya you're not going out and we'll send enact what I did enact what I did at the uh Survivor Collection after I said uh so yeah it used to be Survivor I mediate or SummerSlam SummerSlam perchance I I win.

Survivor because of that's SummerSlam used to be any individual it used to be Dusty the gain I went out to the ring and I said I don't care who it’s miles give me any individual out right here to wrestle and stain may perhaps perchance grasp said I used to be presupposed to grasp this match with this Hardy fella and he's not ready to come out right here tonight he's.

Announcing he don't wish to come out and wrestle me he's in the abet and refuses to leave the locker room upright send me any individual out after which grasp any individual whoever you take care of to hope to grasp the fellow stride in grasp the quick match and a minimal of it wouldn't were that sinful now of route Lanny poffo had a undeniable rob on it.

And if I consider accurately Lanny used to be telling me on my radio dispute he said why not send a man accessible when he did creep accessible and ideal at the abet of him you send 10 more guys to come out and upright roughly pound him beat him up after which let him rob him off on a stretcher supreme by the time he walks to the ring forward of he even clears the.

Curtain 10 guys put him on a stretcher and he can't accomplish the match after which send any individual else out smartly that's very appealing too there used to be a an complete lot of programs they’ll additionally merely grasp handled that varied than send the fella out why enact you imagine they even allowed them to creep accessible being the manner he used to be I imply that's that's I peep I.

Can't win into their mindset or what they were contemplating uh if Hogan's working the corporate care for he says he’s the gain used to be his mind at at that time limit to speak creep forward yeah creep on out and upright accomplish it a snappy smartly if reality be told I mediate they sent Eric Bischoff out to impart sting we're making this a snappy match I'm not a lip reader by any contrivance.

Nonetheless I mediate he walked over to sting and said we're doing accomplish this quick win win executed with it the team obtained’t grasp even been acutely aware that the fellow used to be in such sinful form till he used to be if reality be told in the ring yeah I don't know the memoir with that what are your tips on his brother Matt I don't know in the occasion you've ever seen any of.

His YouTube movies the gain he used to be no I haven't I've seen the valvina stuff going off on a couple guys nonetheless yeah I haven't seen it what upright dispute me what he's doing and smartly he did a few promos perchance months abet not today the gain he used to be burning greenback bills and he gave the impression he gave the impression impaired I don't know if the manner if he used to be nonetheless he gave the impression.

Love he used to be may perhaps perchance were a minute screwed up I don't know oh smartly uh I've executed loads of issues after I've been impaired nonetheless it hasn't been burned greenback bills I imply I've thrown away loads of money nonetheless not that contrivance yeah nonetheless uh I don't know I imply I I don't know what possesses other folks which.

Which I did one myself and it used to be the bubble Love Sponge factor it used to be a two-minute interview the gain I said I informed my daughter I said win your digital camera come out right here on the patio and I grabbed issues out of my closet and and I would rob something else and I used to be strolling by the kitchen counter and there used to be a massive factor A Miracle Whip mayonnaise or salad.

Dressing I took it out and I did this factor about Bubba that I used to be getting all wrapped up and taped up and and I'm going to enact this to you and enact that to you and I'm going to rob this Miracle Whip and slap all of it the contrivance thru your abet facet and there used to be a thermometer and I said I may perhaps additionally even utilize this for proctological examination on you bubba so about.

Two to two or three days later I bought fired from a tour that's superior now there's one other lawsuit going on in uh TNA with uh Daphne that's the workman's comp for not being paid for misplaced wages due to ruin or something of that nature that uh that's the form that they roughly deal.

Potentially attempt to string out a minute bit because of why up and pay any individual for something care for that if they discover uh if the assorted guys discover that you're paying for something care for that then it can well perchance space a precedent and that precedent then would filter even as much as the WWE workplaces because of if one just Contracting Company.

Will get stumbled on responsible of of not paying wages and compensation for for an injured employee then it's roughly gadgets a precedent which can additionally merely creep we speak [__] runs downhill this one may perhaps additionally stride uphill what enact you imagine goes to happen with it I I mediate it'd creep away uh that's what I mediate I mediate it'll that one will likely be uh.

What's your scientific bills what you misplaced wages and right here be on your Merry contrivance supreme I do know I've read that you talked about uh KF commentaries after they did a shoot with Dixie Carter yeah and in the muse he thought it can well perchance were a work after which you you roughly retracted your assertion what are your tips on that complete uh deal.

Neatly it used to be it used to be a work I imply I I didn't if reality be told if reality be told retract varied than the reality that that uh uh I thought it used to be a undeniable company who did the the the uh shoot DVD in verbalize that's what that used to be about and I stumbled on out it used to be executed I had jumped on the low company so nonetheless anyway the I did know that the questions had been.

Screened the questions had been written out uh you've bought questions written out supreme now and you and y'all I grasp not even seen them supreme I didn't are waiting for to scrutinize them I don't even care uh because of there's nothing that which that you may perhaps perchance be are waiting for me that I will't reply in some roughly a a logical contrivance if that's what you call my my Zigzag mentality.

Nonetheless I did discover that the questions had been pre-screened they’d to be sent down there and evolved to Nashville and all the pieces had to be on the up and up and uh uh so that you can me that's not a I imply that's what I call and we enact and you guys enact a a canned canned interview it's been put in a can already what the implications gonna.

Be you're not going to win anything else fresh and and so uh that's that's the manner that’s when you happen to went on Twitter and uh roughly bashed TNA did any of the boys ever call you up and attempt to give you with warmth for it no no they by no contrivance known as they uh for what what are they gonna speak don't speak that about us I imply uh you.

Shouldn't you yeah I had Randy Richie who used to be life like one of their uh backstage uh Avenue agents I I speak and and helped enact some issues there uh with the with what did they call The Knockout Division and Savio Vega which I wish to win him on my dispute and I mediate in the occasion you ever win a possibility to verify with Savvy it'll be a terribly if reality be told.

Appropriate uh interview it used to be superior and I’m hoping he discussed some of this TNA stuff because of he had perception into it and he used to be allotment of The Knockout Division alongside with Dutch mantel Randy Richie and when Hogan came alongside and Bush off and these knockout ladies their segments were out drawing any of the fellows then that used to be it for The.

Knockout Division they wanted that to the Hogan and life like one of that stuff over and executed with and and in verbalize that's roughly what happened with those guys and no person if reality be told calls and says anything else why right here's what I speak after we've executed so many of those now uh and and right here’s my fourth RF or something doubtlessly.

Fourth or fifth RF video and and and my periodically I enact those You shoots and timelines with with the the assorted guys uh what can any individual speak to me because of out of all these final 5 or how a protracted time you've been doing these 10 12 a dozen years you've been doing these and you enact 5 or six or seven of guys.

A yr uh that's 70 other folks you've had on so who’re they to call me and speak anything else because of they all and I used to be upright talking to my my supreme friend there Eric Sims ESS promotions who brings in the total celebrities up up on the east flit and and takes us around and and gets us bookings that's what I said to him in the automobile I said what can any individual speak to me they all.

Slip enact it themselves and if they wish to call me something dazzling I don't care uh if if they don't wish to impart the reality then in the occasion you are waiting for me and I do know the reality I'm going to impart the reality because of the reality will space you free I I used to be taking note of life like one of your handiest that I've ever ever seen there used to be this Billy Jack Haynes and other folks in the occasion you haven't seen.

This one I mediate it can well additionally need been the final one you doubtlessly did with him uh he goes contrivance contrivance off onto the Deep Facet there as soon as in a whereas nonetheless he's not he's not lying he's telling the reality and he's telling it from a man that lived it after which uh in the occasion you win a possibility to win the Billy Jack Haynes RF uh shoot video you higher win that one which's an out of this world.

Shooter overview The Conspiracy Belief I mediate is one you're talking about uh yeah I'm not obvious if I would I imply that's a tough one too all of us grasp our conspiracy theories anyway about all roughly conspiracies nonetheless that one uh Billy Idol Billy I don't know buddy you were there that day even supposing you were.

Going what enact you you imagine TNA goes to be in enterprise in the following couple years enact you imagine they'll boy a yr in the past I mediate I informed you they obtained't be around in a yr nonetheless they're peaceful around so it's roughly what I informed Mick Foley when I said in the occasion you defend doing this nonsense.

And jumping off on the concrete equivalent to you're doing you obtained't be around in 5 years after about six years I observed him I said I owe you an apology he said why is it because of in the occasion you consider I informed you you wouldn't be around in 5 years nonetheless you've been around a minimal of six or seven now he says yeah I said nonetheless in the occasion you defend going you obtained't be around by 10 years.

And at in regards to the nine yr ticket I mediate he did pause the wrestling began writing books you in truth upright observed Chop at a cauliflower rally supreme yes had a massive time with him and upright observed him on the Jimmy Snuka Birthday Bash dispute that used to be up in northern Fresh Jersey uh just a few weeks in the past even at cauliflower alley from what I take note that Mick promoted WWE.

And didn't even promote DNA frosty boy Meg you working for them guys and and you said smartly we bought to position Mick on tonight because of he has to salvage a crimson ogle to creep enact something else he has one other commitment the assorted commitment used to be to be at TNA's the tv taping so nonetheless that wasn't talked about and inquisitive in regards to the duration of his.

His uh acceptance speech and he gave her gorgeous uh Speech and I care for him care for him to loss of life consistently been a supreme friend of mine nonetheless he didn't mention TNA I stumbled on that to be very irregular and TNA used to be by no contrivance talked about that complete weekend not by any person that the phrases were by no contrivance talked about not by any individual not even by the.

Fans or by varied other folks or just promoters that used to be in the viewers and by no contrivance talked about hear when other folks aren't talking about you they’ve forgotten about you used to be that your first cauliflower alley yes my first one I had to omit final yr because of I had a commitment to enact the uh Calgary comic book conference and I had.

Factual that prior weekend enact the Wizard World Comic book conference in Anaheim and I most effective had two days in between to creep home pack my stuff and stand as much as Calgary and I didn't grasp time to enact it the yr forward of now I wasn't going to be honored the yr forward of nonetheless I used to be going to enact a seminar and I did my one hour seminar the assorted day on.

Of all issues suggestions to advertise yourself so what you enact totally and uh and and I gave the younger uh ladies and men in our industry a loads of perception on to the programs to advertise yourself in space of after I first began in in the enterprise uh the supreme contrivance you promote yourself is to function mates with varied wrestlers who.

Would then dispute some varied promoter about you after which that you may win booked that contrivance now now we grasp Fb now we grasp Twitter now we grasp uh YouTube now we grasp uh uh RF movies now we grasp all these varied avenues with a belief to Showcase yourself and it retains me busy what are your tips on cauliflower rally did you take care of the occasion itself I loved it I.

Undoubtedly did I mediate there's some changes that may perhaps additionally merely peaceful be made merely because of uh Our Generation which is mine and the fresh newer other folks coming alongside care for Awesome Kong who's there her title is calmer now karma karma I don't perceive how you speak this yeah Karma anyway she used to be there getting an award and and some younger other folks some younger fellow from.

Canada bought an award Cal Sebastian a terribly if reality be told fresh and upcoming Potential nonetheless they’d issues care for a baloney blowout that used to be the feast on the Tuesday night forward of the sizable feast which used to be Wednesday Tuesday used to be the one at uh Mick Foley used to be on smartly this may perhaps additionally merely most effective blow out to the kids that's in the enterprise.

On today time and age in the final doubtlessly 10 years they don't know what the hell a bologna blowout is what it’s miles is you creep to the retailer you aquire three varied guys in the automobile so there's four of you you win the pack of American cheese you win the pack of Bologna and you all half it you chip in the.

Money it charges you four bucks so each and every man pays a greenback and each and every man gets two pieces of bologna and two pieces of cheese it's known as a baloney blowout and that's what you may also merely grasp with your six pack of beer whereas you scuttle 500 miles No one Does that anymore so no person is aware of what it’s miles then they’ve a cribbage match.

Now I be taught about cribbage I've seen it in the locker room with Andre and Harley Glide and guys care for that nonetheless they're not around anymore they're not playing cribbage anymore and these younger children don't even I requested a few them I said you guys know what cribbage is I said no what is it so there's some issues that may perhaps additionally merely peaceful be.

Introduced as much as hotfoot otherwise it's a terribly a massive occasion you ran into loads of abilities there care for uh Ted DiBiase now what happened first time you've seen Ted in a truly lengthy time uh 19 Ted uh at the comic conventions we I'd seen I mediate the final time used to be Chicago Wizard World Ted and I win alongside totally uh he does his factor and he does he does it sizable.

His son's doing much and I'm proud for it that his existence is together his son each and every of his sons they're getting their lives together and and the household structure is valid supreme uh and uh there's loads of water under the bridge and I've consistently said there's no there's.

Any marriage can slay in divorce nonetheless then you definately can consistently be remarried yet again the divorce is over I imply I've divorced so many I've divorced Eric Sims for a yr we're abet together we bought remarried so I mediate all americans's divorced Eric in the slay ESS that's no BS I care for you man look programs to work that used to be stiff nonetheless uh.

I observed uh Tommy Gilbert I didn't win to scrutinize Doug Doug used to be there I overlooked him nonetheless I did peep uh Tommy gambert who I had an complete lot of matches with who used to be upright coming off of making improvements to from falling off of a ladder abet in January or something he broke him all up if reality be told sinful and he informed me he said I used to be inserting this fresh gutter.

On the house and he said after I started to descend he said all I may perhaps perchance take into fable used to be if I grabbed this gutter it's going to crawl up the gutter and it's going to drag it off the house so he said I made up my mind to upright creep forward and rob the descend that's a wrestler's mentality even supposing .

What up with you and Jake accessible as some distance as Jake uh diet seen Jake uh abet in November at the at the uh sizable Gathering of uh Legends in Birmingham Alabama in November used to be the first time I seen Jake and uh all of final yr and this important time I observed Jake this yr Jake used to be doing totally he looked higher and acted higher than than I had seen him in in so.

A few years and it used to be a pleasure I consistently I'm Jake and I consistently rejoice it’s miles never linked what we speak about each and every varied we peaceful rejoice together Rick Martel used to be there Rick Martel used to be a amazing man gorgeous person I wish to grasp him on my radio dispute establishing uh upright a wealth of recordsdata and peaceful seems the identical seems upright care for the model and uh carries.

Himself so smartly and he as consistently and right here's a man that began invisible he's care for 13 or 14 years feeble he used to be upright some younger he used to be a younger Martell child and they also put him out on the avenue and away he went and he's executed if reality be told if reality be told smartly Chop bockwick used to be there Chop used to be there and uh Chop's doing k he said that quadruple bypass factor and.

Uh he's doing k Piper Piper used to be there and upright Piper made his entrance he used to be the supreme one which had on a uh uh tuxedo and he wouldn't take a seat down your complete time uh forward of he gave the introduction speech for Sergeant Slaughter I didn't take note that he kept going care for this and and uh strolling around nonetheless uh varied than that I've.

Walked over and walked by and we said hello and that's all water on the bridge I imply I wouldn't wish to enact anything else to Piper he's he he's initially I'm older than him and it's not supreme for an older man to soar on a younger man Ryan Blair and Piper's had some health concerns and.

I'm in supreme form and never nonetheless uh I observed Brian Brian used to be uh uh supreme and he used to be supreme to scrutinize nonetheless that's the first time I'd seen Brian since uh the feeble herb Abrams days when herb Abrams used to be looking out to stride a promotion out of Fresh York and and ended up uh stiffing all americans on their checks smartly Andre bought paid and I mediate Harley bought paid and.

Some varied other folks nonetheless they bought paid on a separate bank fable Andre if reality be told labored for her nonetheless yes he did he labored for her Abrams yes he used to be in the very foundation after they were taping in LA and I mediate he used to be at the Fresh York taping and the total varied guys the checks bounced mind bounced because of it used to be written on an fable.

That he had already closed nonetheless anyway I call the athletic commission and uh at Fresh York Recount athletic commission and they also sent me my money and took it out of the bond money that that used to be put up wow so there used to be that's and I peep that's a supreme Commission what about Jimmy ineffective he used to be there observed.

Jimmy Audacious he's Jimmy's peaceful having a scrutinize the identical as consistently uh I don't know if it used to be the hepatitis factor nonetheless I knew he had some liver concerns and the hepatitis factor used to be around when he used to be in Memphis and all of us bought examined and he had left the territory at the time because of they were roughly shopping for him to.

Test him and uh nonetheless no all americans used to be dazzling and uh he ended up being on a varied strict diet that he's been on for the final 25 years or so uh he doesn't scrutinize care for the magnificent Jimmy that you consistently remembered with the 270 pound physique nonetheless he's peaceful Jimmy Audacious good man Ric Aptitude let's talk in regards to the persona.

I bet there's a video out this day or the day prior to this I haven't seen it the gain he explains what if reality be told happened in Europe about being kicked off the bus now I do know Bret Hart has been if reality be told hammering him hard on Brett's radio dispute Brett's bought a radio dispute the gain he has uh uh impersonators come on and he's bought one which does Ric Aptitude so perfectly and you.

Comprehend it's Brett will speak Rick why don't you upright dispute us why you aquire kicked off the bus in Europe what happened over there why don't you pay your bar bills and and why enact you consistently looking out to mooch off varied other folks to win them to pay issues for you uh so what happened over there all I do know is what I heard and he ran up some bar tabs and some of.

The wrestlers paid it for him after which the wrestler said we decide our doe and the gap of job man said we are capable of't provide you with Rick we are capable of't win you the doe because of we've already paid you in advance his contract's been paid and so he by no contrivance had no curiously no credit card they left him in town they did creep abet and win him the following day uh.

If they’d upright drove away and left and by no contrivance went abet I don't know if a flare may perhaps additionally peaceful be over there I need a ticket home nonetheless uh what a mess this has turned out to be with this man and and I consistently looked as much as him and and thought very highly of him.

Uh he's gotten himself in loads anxiousness uh financially and and and and upright nonsense and the stuff with high spots uh they they I understood by finding out something they they’ve a judgment against him for the 70 or 75 000 he owes them and uh he's not paid them enough Penny now so that they're gonna attempt to win him for contempt to courtroom.

Per chance grasp him locked up and uh Ring of Honor there's several thousands of dollars owed to those guys and I hotfoot all the contrivance thru the country and and I peep the gain he's been booked to enact these questions and reply issues and the fellows I speak smartly what happened and smartly he wanted fifteen thousand after which when he bought right here we paid him his money and he.

Wished 5 more and it's equivalent to why are you doing this why are you killing your legacy after which I don't if reality be told know it he may perhaps perchance be a supreme one to grasp on life like one of those I don't I imply perchance he may perhaps perchance come on and dispute his facet of the memoir and the battling with the son-in-law and jumping out in the avenue rage and the blood.

Gershing out of his head each and every on every occasion on TV it's it's roughly disgusting what enact you imagine happened to us to him to function him uh I imply you imagine he's upright a mentor man I don't know I'm some guys I I bet they perchance they can't are residing with out that Spotlight the total time uh I win the highlight right here with you guys as soon as a yr or so after I.

When I come up this trend and that's supreme enough for me I don't wish to grasp it on me each and every night I may the bar and and issues care for that and I don't wish to function other folks imagine that that I've bought millions of dollars when all americans in the locker room is aware of you you may also merely grasp nothing uh I I perceive I don't know if it's upright rumor has it that the behold that.

Shawn Michaels gave him the 25 000 Rolexes has been curved it's long gone he don't wear it anymore any individual some pawn shop or any individual may perhaps additionally need it I don't know it's loopy how enact you deal with Finn smartly I by no contrivance thought I used to be renowned so it's easy to deal with when you happen to don't if reality be told imagine in uh any of the nonsense that goes on you I've by no contrivance been ready.

I've by no contrivance been life like one of those to rob myself too seriously or my work too seriously I enact rob my work product very seriously now and I've consistently work toward being higher on every occasion I went out and all the pieces I did I'd labored toward being higher than I had been forward of and uh if that's what makes you renowned or makes brings you notorious and I.

Mean I'm upright the stylish man strolling all the contrivance thru the facet street this day I didn't even win mounted up or nothing and so I peaceful bought my hair in The Sideburns Oh and next time you guys peep me I doubtlessly obtained't grasp this because of it's a kind of issues I donate to Locks of Love so that they can accomplish wigs for the kids which shall be suffering from most cancers with out your.

Uh the ponytail I enact I donate to hair oh wow any individual if reality be told wanted me to are waiting for you in the occasion you'll ever enact a hair match uh gosh if they’d if WWE wanted to call me and and grasp a hair match and I'm ready to minimize this anyway nonetheless now we let the cat out of the catch so the total followers would know if I bought my hair minimize ah he.

Knew he already said he used to be going to enact it on RF video nonetheless uh it can well perchance be a super technique to enact that too I imply it grasp some nonetheless I would deserve to have confidence the person that may perhaps perchance if reality be told minimize it in the supreme space because of it have to be tied together put in a plastic catch after which sent off to Miami the gain they accomplish the wigs any individual if reality be told wanted me to are waiting for you.

How much upkeep does it rob for you to enact your hair laughs smartly just a few years in the past it used to be as soon as each and every month I may perhaps perchance enact it then it used to be as soon as each and every two weeks now it's care for as soon as each and every week I wish to position the free and right here’s somewhat fresh in the occasion you scrutinize which that you may perhaps peep it seems care for Jack lands his tar head there.

Nonetheless uh as some distance as combing it and doing that uh some days it's a supreme hair day some days a sinful hair day nonetheless uh uh if as lengthy as I defend it minimize a minute and I minimize it myself on the entrance up right here and defend it a minute bit short I don't utilize the greasy child stuff care for Jesse Ventura said and and other folks consistently said I utilize Paul Mitchell hairspray and a minute.

Water and I repair it and optimistically if the wind's not blowing and it seems supreme I wanted to are waiting for you about Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against the automobile dealership yeah brother brother which that you may perhaps't speak brother brother oh the gain the hell you imagine that's going for Christ's sakes that may perhaps perchance be care for that may perhaps perchance be care for.

me suing you because of you aquire a video out on me and I'm the one who sat right here and wouldn't I imply I'm doing the video why would I brother brother which that you may perhaps't sleep brother smartly I checked with the trademark space of job because of which that you may perhaps enact a search there and I did a search on brother brother brother or the note.

Brother it doesn't speak anything else on there the gain Terry balea Hulk Hogan or any smartly it's Bishop owns all those logos now he signed them over are you able to imagine that he signed his logos over to [__] off who we don't call him Bishop it's [__] off there's one man there that I.

Don't know if shall we coexist even crossing the facet street in direction of each and every varied uh I imply I don't know if shall we even coexist he he said he's that roughly a sinful dude and Hogan said when he uh the note used to be I don't care for every and every this negatism that Honky Tonk man's bringing he's so.

Negative about all the pieces and I'm so certain now and I stumbled on the Lord too I bet Hogan's stumbled on the Lord and reward the Lord and and he's so detrimental and I don't decide detrimental other folks around me nonetheless the 2 most detrimental other folks he has around him is Bubba the Love Sponge and Eric [__] off now if those two guys.

Aren't detrimental I don't know the seek recordsdata from I don't grasp is hook how enact you coexist with Vince Russo the fellow you sued because of he known as you bald-headed feeble son of a [__] now how may perhaps perchance you procure that lawsuit and I mediate we discussed this on life like one of many assorted.

DVDs k initially you also shall be bald headed initially you're you're feeble and it's a subject of opinion who you are waiting for if they call you a son of a [__] so you're talking about Hogan or Hogan I thought you discuss Eric Sims for a 2d because of oh no no no Eric's k he's bald and feeble and yeah nonetheless uh up to now so.

A ways Eric's k k yeah I'm not that feeble yet he's not that feeble yet nonetheless uh not that feeble now in the occasion you are waiting for Jake Robertson every other folks yeah Eric is a son of a [__] Jake doesn't care for me [__] you which that you may perhaps accomplish loads of money with me nonetheless you're dreary [__] you oh who else doesn't care for me now.

We don't grasp a paper lengthy enough who Abdul the butcher he doesn't care for me badmouthing me at WrestleMania backstage [__] you wait a minute speak that to your grasp shoot DVD would you oh yes let me discuss that valid quick I heard this memoir and and if it's upright and I mediate it’s miles due to now I've heard it from four or 5 varied other folks who were.

There if three or four other folks dispute you the identical factor the resort memoir with Abby The Abbey memoir creep forward k it's the Abbey retailer at WrestleMania and the Hall of Popularity it's care for I said if four or 5 other folks dispute you the identical memoir then for perchance two of them are lying the assorted three are telling reality so I.

Disclose the three that were it's upright John learnitis is having the assembly with them and telling them all the pieces is a rundown for the Hall of Popularity and and by the manner John says excuse me we're going to need you guys tomorrow at to WrestleMania and Abby being Abby said wait a minute is that a separate payday that's two.

Days work that's two paydays so I don't know what John informed him varied than doubtlessly you know it's all allotment of one deal Abby uh then later on as something improved in the locker room and John used to be talking Abdullah now this goes abet to the feeble Japan Days the gain uh John laurinitis used to be used to be there and and working for the Baba's.

Space of enterprise and and Abdullah used to be as soon as in a whereas with Baba's space of job and as soon as in a whereas he would leave him creep to the assorted space of job there's consistently been something to creep over there nonetheless Abdullah seems all the contrivance thru the locker room at the WWE Hall of Popularity and he says this man 30 years has been this man 35 years me 40 years in the enterprise.

This man 40 years and we're sitting right here having to listen to to Johnny Ace dispute us what to enact I don't perceive how Johnny felt about that nonetheless that used to be not a supreme factor to be announcing and to me Abby lives all the contrivance thru city in Atlanta they doubtlessly sent a limo over and picked him up let him defend down at the.

Immense Peach Tree resort at 400 bucks an night gave him a pleasant dinner a pleasant ring to wear all these issues and it used to be a reward the payday used to be a reward and he's attempting more cash smartly perchance Abby you were attempting more cash because of I take note that other folks came from all the contrivance thru the realm to come to your Rib Shack abdullah's Rib Dwelling.

And you ran out of ribs and you ran out of food you know it's the three supreme days of your complete weekend of your complete yr and you don't grasp enough food to feed the folk nonetheless yet you take care of to hope to function the payday up on events that's a upright memoir because of we were going to creep to his restaurant and uh we.

Had a dispute that day for Dragon Gate and we were informed by any person that went there that he ran out of food he ran out of food and you're gonna grasp 75 000 other folks in city even supposing even supposing one percent of them 7 500 of them that's a lot to come to your minute Rib Shack.

Even in the occasion you had a half a percent of that you guys enact the mathematics that's about 3 500 other folks oh why would you stride out of food smartly k now all of us know why you requested for the additional payday what enact you imagine of payday is for uh Mania is it’s miles it 5 sizable for the.

Hall of Popularity I speak now uh each and every each and every quantity is varied for all americans and right here's one other rumor I'll destroy it right here I perceive Hogan used to be extremely upset when he stumbled on out that Sylvester Stallone bought three cases as much money as him for Stallone to come and speak three minutes price of an introduction.

For Hulk Hogan at the hall of reputation when Hogan bought in Stallone bought three cases the payday and Hogan used to be not a overjoyed Hogan brother thanks you in truth had Jerry Jarrett on your radio dispute yes I did I had Jerry Jarrett used to be much what a massive guest and in the occasion you ever win a possibility to to enact life like one of.

These with Jerry he's a amazing guest and a wealth of recordsdata and I informed him and it came from the coronary heart uh and I had seen or talked to Jerry Jarrett since I left Memphis in care for 1980 or something 81 or two uh it used to be as if he and I were sitting in the locker room equivalent to you and I are talking supreme now.

And I informed him that the one factor the 2 issues that I loved about being around him and working for him and with him we had loads of matches together in the ring he used to be a extremely unselfish person in the ring he would sacrifice himself to function the angle work to function you scrutinize supreme and he used to be unselfish as a promoter he.

Did not attempt to advertise himself first and main or 2d or third and he informed me he said the rationale I used to be unselfish because of I believed if I made all americans scrutinize supreme they're going to work flat out and I'm going to function more cash and he did that he used to be ex he used to be life like one of many handiest he used to be life like one of many handiest in the ring and the handiest I put him I.

Informed him I said there's two guys that I if reality be told if reality be told loved working with and working for and it used to be Jerry Jared Stewart you guys if reality be told had a dialog about his relationship with the sun too supreme we touched on it somewhat nonetheless not an complete lot a uh because of I don't decide I don't care for to win into inner most concerns with with after I.

Derive a guest on because of I don't mediate that's the upright assemble supreme which that you may perhaps you with this assemble you may also merely grasp which that you may perhaps which that you may perhaps enact it more a minute bit more uncomplicated than I will nonetheless I didn't I most effective talked about how I wanted I wanted to be taught the contrivance TNA used to be if reality be told conceived the the birther factor is as they're doing in regards to the president now the birther relate peak if reality be told used to be.

Born and uh he didn't dispute me an complete lot about how it used to be born varied than how he went to their first television taping or pay-per-behold in Huntsville Alabama and observed the total guys up in the ring and going over all these issues at two o'clock in the afternoon and he says to Jeff what what are what's the total guys doing.

Accessible in the ring supreme now and he says oh Dad the enterprise has changed it's not care for it feeble to be we gotta we bought to creep over all this to make certain all the pieces's supreme he says hmm I don't mediate right here’s enterprise I wish to be in any individual in consequence Jerry wasn't around very lengthy nonetheless I they’ll additionally merely they’ll additionally merely peaceful grasp kept him around and I imply.

The fellow's a wealth of recordsdata and he understands what it takes to he understands what it takes to function the enterprise work and to sell tickets now there's rumors that he may perhaps additionally be initiating something up on his grasp enact you imagine there's anything else I don't mediate so I don't know the gain he may perhaps perchance win the abilities today time and uh if he’s he has a radio.

Expose out of Nashville each and every Saturday morning I mediate at 11 A.M I wish to creep on and enact his dispute and if he if I enact win on his dispute after I enact I will are waiting for him nonetheless I I the the difficulty is this and and affect wrestling is suffering thru it it's the dearth of abilities WWE is suffering thru it supreme now I care for.

Main occasion Potential is lacking other folks which shall be the followers are gravitating to by the multitudes that’s lacking and I don't know the gain it bought misplaced or how I don't know if it used to be the Perspective Expertise used to be it the hardcore period used to be it the Lucha kind period somewhere that that those other folks those personas that.

Would possibly perhaps presumably accomplish these multitudes come into these buildings night after night is lacking enact you imagine wrestling changed because of of Vince Hogan the writers the followers or the websites the websites and and folk issues that they didn't if reality be told anxiousness cable my coach.

Repeatedly informed me and he said which that you may perhaps by no contrivance ruin the enterprise cable television goes to anxiousness it which it did it anxiousness Regional promotions I mediate the the there's upright no space for the younger children to to showcase their abilities there's no space to be taught their craft you which that you may perhaps't look programs to force a truck if the fellow who.

Making an attempt to educate you doesn't know suggestions to force it it's upright upright something that and you may also merely wish to be taught this enterprise over a lengthy duration of time into that four and 5 and six and eight years to with a belief to ideal it which that you may perhaps't creep down to Florida be down there for three months after which be placed on Nationwide Television or be placed on a WrestleMania it's gonna.

Be a they're going to fart in it what are your tips on FCW the Florida territory you imagine it's a a supreme system or I may perhaps additionally merely peaceful they've bought so many guys down there that they can't win all of them labored out they they can which that you may perhaps most effective figure out just a few guys each and every day and I wish to be taught the enterprise you.

Want to figure out in the ring each and every day you may also merely wish to scuttle in a automobile somewhere to a city each and every day if it charges them if it charges them two thousand greenbacks a day to stride some minute Armory somewhere in Florida and rob those children accessible and put them Force 200 miles in a automobile pay them 50 bucks accomplish them wrestle in entrance of 25 30 other folks be taught their craft.

That's money smartly spent in space of inserting them in a practising center oh smartly they can't work you out this day so you creep take a seat in the corner it's care for right here’s care for the first grade college yard stuff you've been mischievous so we're going to a lot allow you to figure out this week uh.

Since TNA has they’ve no feeder system I imply if they don't win them from Ring of Honor or pick any individual up from the independence I peep and I've said this forward of I peep 2 000 wrestlers younger UPS inaugurate up wrestlers some rest has been around for four or 5 years whether or not or not it’s males or females I peep all of them all the contrivance thru a yr not one time is either.

Company to speak we're shopping for abilities in the occasion you peep something allow us to know that'll be a supreme factor to enact too what are your tips on Tricky Sufficient the fresh toddler season grasp you watched it at all no I've read the procure studies on it uh clearly it's gotten supreme rankings supreme enough rankings that.

They're going to resume it yet again and grasp one other season I mediate the uh Stone Chilly peaceful sells tickets as some distance as a rankings Cash Cow supreme for him Steve's a massive man and uh his Supporting Solid varied than having Trish Stratus uh Invoice a pleasant man nonetheless has not been on TV so he's not a will a smartly-identified personality nonetheless the dispute is most effective selling.

Due to Stone Chilly I mediate yeah undoubtedly Bret Hart his return to WWE re-disquieted when you happen to heard that Brett used to be going to creep abet by no contrivance speak by no contrivance in a wrestling enterprise and of route by no contrivance speak by no contrivance in a WWE that’s upright and it consistently will likely be uh other folks are waiting for me uh when are you going abet I said smartly on every occasion they call me.

I've bought no ax to ground with any one nonetheless it did shock me somewhat nonetheless on the opposite hand nothing if reality be told surprises me about this enterprise nonetheless for him and Sean to bury the hatchet which is something they’ll additionally merely peaceful grasp executed because of which that you may perhaps't carry that roughly stuff to your grave which that you may perhaps't carry around on your shoulder the.

Relaxation of your existence and so it used to be time for closure and I mediate they did it in a extremely amazing contrivance it used to be supreme for every and every Sean it used to be supreme for for Brett he gave bread a plot shut he'd been off TV for barely some time uh it didn't anxiousness Sean at all if reality be told made Sean scrutinize scrutinize more as a baby face so it used to be all executed in supreme taste.

Let's discuss life like one of your favourite wrestlers uh Jerry Lawler he's the king I I'm joyful Jerry and I beared to hatch it some time in the past over over our variations we met smartly after I went abet to enact Cyber Sunday it roughly uh happened a minute bit after which I I used to be I used to be abet to enact something else and a minute bit more after which uh.

I've stride all the contrivance thru Jerry on the the comic book conventions now he does some of those and we had to take a seat down without lengthen all the contrivance thru from each and every varied equivalent to you and I are for three days in Chicago one time so did it if reality be told feel roughly silly or used to be it uh used to be it valid no it used to be it used to be so it used to be k I imply I imply hiya it's all water on the bridge scrutinize he's not with a cat anymore.

She's accessible with the kids Arnie and he's a massive man and I observed them at cauliflower Island she's a massive gal and you know all of it this your complete stuff stemmed over that individual rapid in his existence which why I don't know I bet care for makes you enact silly issues nonetheless anyway I I went after him roughly heavy.

And he he doubtlessly didn't in finding it irresistible nonetheless varied than that it's it's care for Jim Ross used to be telling me cauliflower Ali says the the concerns you and Jerry grasp it's a household factor so it's none of my enterprise I said oh we bought all that washed up it's it's over it's long gone that's water on the bridge nonetheless I used to be joyful.

To peep that he in the slay bought a WrestleMania match that he had so dearly wanted for see you later it's too sinful it had to be that roughly a match that he used to be in uh now mind you they promote that individual match for approximately six months that used to be the the the.

I mediate they put more time and effort into constructing that individual match and any varied match they’d on a card undoubtedly I mediate that used to be the most appealing match that I wanted to scrutinize and and and they also spent loads of time and effort into doing it now mind you the players and and your complete factor Michael Cole's not a wrestler and it's.

Clearly he's not a wrestler and Jim Ross not a wrestler and Jim may perhaps perchance be the first one to impart you after he stuck his hand in Michael Cole's mouth and broke his hand so nonetheless to grasp stone frigid come out and be allotment of it uh nonetheless to grasp Jerry who used to be in his 60s and Jim Ross who's a yr older than me leisurely.

50s uh Michael Cole who's the youngest of your complete bunch that used to be accessible stone frigid in his 40s uh to hope to bring the older fellows abet tells me your younger fellows have to not getting the job executed what are your tips I don't know in the occasion you observed your complete angle how it conducted.

Out um they introduced in Brian Christopher observed a minute bit of that uh heard about it observed Brian come out I I'm No longer tooting my grasp horn nonetheless I mediate it can well perchance were a greater pop to the followers if that night I had walked out.

Without Trevor come as much as come as much as your profession and are waiting for you for advice or anything else care for in the leisurely 90s or early 2000s vivid that no Jerry didn't win alongside or no I used to be I used to be most effective around Brian a minute bit toward the tip of his days and uh WWE.

Uh when he used to be with uh Scotty 2 Hotty genuinely I mediate I left and he used to be peaceful there and we by no contrivance talked an complete lot I've stride all the contrivance thru him one time on an just dispute somewhere and we said hello and we talked and he he's a terribly supreme child very talented child I I've consistently said and there's nothing against Billy Gunn and Billy used to be upright a undeniable can.

Of worms for me to attempt to no subject affect I may perhaps perchance grasp on him doing the Billy Gunn factor it did not work and Billy be the first one to impart you it didn't work I would grasp loved to grasp taken a fresh child care for a Brian Christopher who had not been seen forward of bring him in and grasp him enact it then declare the reality that who.

He if reality be told is and and it's care for I said when he walked out on the TV dispute that night I mediate it can well perchance were a greater greater excitement for the followers all the contrivance thru the realm that I walked out and now I'm going to be with Michael Cole in his corner and you've bought stone.

Chilly over right here with you and now we if reality be told grasp something to produce on something superior yeah no I I bet after which of route let me low fee Jerry care for his son did supreme I upright said smartly you by no contrivance were allotment of my household anyway you by no contrivance were you consistently thought your mom's Fried Chicken used to be higher than my.

Mother's and if reality be told that used to be a Jerry Jarrett angle we talked about on the radio and laughed so hard about it nonetheless Jerry Jarrett made an angle up because of he knew the the friction and uh between Jerry and I as children rising up and as consultants against each and every varied and uh Jerry feeble that to his Abet when he may perhaps perchance be the booker he he would space.

These angles up the gain we creep to the household reunion and you may also merely wish to grasp the supreme automobile you may also merely wish to slide in at the final minute attempt to be dressed higher than any one attempt to make certain your mom's Fried Chicken gets eat first forward of my mom's and oh it used to be a massive angle supreme nonetheless it used to be upright it's roughly care for the the Karen angle.

And the Kurt Perspective and the Jeff Jarrett and all that stuff I imply the the best thing in regards to the of our enterprise is the more honest it’s miles the higher it’s miles for parents that don't know what is your relationship with uh to Jerry Lawler we're first cousins my mom and his mom were sisters k yes today they've been playing the uh the.

Perspective and they also're talking in regards to the loss of life of Jerry's mom they're having Michael Cole somewhat much put it to use to win warmth and uh enact you imagine that's supreme otherwise you imagine I I I don't I don't care for to to utilize issues care for that it's care for when after they did the Stuart angle the gain Jerry would creep out and disclose to Stu a dinosaur and disclose to him feeble and and all.

These items Jerry himself Is aware of by being in the enterprise he he would not decide you to creep out and speak scrutinize Jerry you're feeble you're syring your 60s you've had all this work executed to attempt to scrutinize younger and he is aware of himself that that's not the manner to enact it nonetheless.

In that company when you happen to're on a contract you tend to hope to play ball and and I do know it it's to me it's not in supreme taste I don't mediate it sells tickets I don't mediate other folks if reality be told care about your rapid household contributors if they're not in the enterprise upright what are your tips on our Randy Savage and what he seems care for today time.

Oh yeah what enact you imply yeah I'm come on my radio dispute now we grasp a somewhat supreme listing out thru Lanny and we've sent some uh emails abet and forth and I'd care for to scrutinize her I'd care for to scrutinize Randy in the Hall of Popularity I'd care for to speak I'd upright care for to take a seat down down with Randy Perry and uh and and upright discuss stuff care for we're talking about because of I.

Mediate he'd be a massive interview he has loads of perception into stuff very very extremely shiny in regards to the wrestling enterprise very much so so is Lanny their father used to be I imply upright a wealth of recordsdata yet again because of they ran their grasp wrestling company in imprecise locations in Kentucky the gain uh you had to fight your smartly these.

Constructions each and every night and Randy used to be the sinful man and wrestling against his brother who used to be a supreme man and a tough hard trouble for those for those other folks I'm gonna put you on a space with Randy Savage there's a massive rumor it's been going around for years that uh he had some roughly sexual relationship with Stephanie McMahon that I cannot I.

Derive you ever heard about it upright the rumors from varied uh radio other folks or other folks who interview me and never from any individual within the enterprise at all no I absolutely not I I don't imagine I don't imagine it I imply I upright don't imagine it's upright I imply I win accused of loads of [__] myself uh 90 of it’s miles upright nonetheless there's ten percent of.

It's [__] they requested me as soon as about this Wrestler movie did I behold Mickey rourke's Wrestler movie I said no why may perhaps additionally merely peaceful anytime Hollywood gets eager you aquire obvious perchance 80 percent of it's upright the assorted's 20 is [__] they made all of it up so you by no contrivance bought a possibility to behold that movie by no contrivance on there I may perhaps perchance care much less.

Since you're not lacking anything else it's not it's it wasn't anything else that used to be care for what we did obvious perchance some just man over right here and after which Northern Pennsylvania or or Northern Fresh Jersey somewhere perchance he lives in a in his van and he's bought hearing aids and initially I imply in the occasion you were in that express the athletic commissions and.

Especially in Fresh York they wouldn't allow you to wrestle anyway so in verbalize that's the gain the total [__] comes in and I by no contrivance observed any one bring intercourse minute steroids in an elementary college locker room with minute chairs for minute children after which distribute steroids I imply I by no contrivance observed that now I grasp seen guys in the bathroom with a girl.

Any names smartly I've been there myself let's discuss uh Scott Hall I by no contrivance throw stones because of I are residing in a pitcher house that's very upright Scott boy he's having some concerns and by no contrivance used to be around Scott an complete lot early in his profession a minute bit nonetheless not not much and abet then he used to be in much.

Shape supreme wrestler he realized to be a terribly supreme talker in the ring he suffered thru some serious scenarios that that I don't wish to hope to battle thru and after which for it to be so publicized care for it’s miles it doesn't abet at all you know it's now his his ex-wife she's going out and making interviews about him and exposing.

All roughly a nonsense and that's not helping the fellow nonetheless Kevin Nash did speak it the assorted day uh in the slay Kevin he stopped defending Scott loads and and did speak that the supreme person who can abet Scotty Scott and that's upright uh when you happen to win into these rehab scenarios and issues care for that which that you may perhaps perchance be additionally merely wish to hope to abet yourself and I.

Hope he helps himself forward of it's too leisurely yeah I used to be going to are waiting for you what enact you imagine goes to happen in the tip result I imply it's going to be it's going to be uh it's gonna creep it's most effective gonna creep life like one of two programs north or south smartly did you win to scrutinize the pictures of uh what happened to Massachusetts with.

Him yes I did peep that and it used to be uh it used to be not somewhat at all I imply they showed the pictures of of Jake in Cleveland Ohio and uh that wasn't somewhat nonetheless by the identical token I mediate uh Scott's uh video pictures out did Jake's by 100% um let's win away from the Scott Hall trouble because of there's nothing if reality be told.

Great to chat about that um on your opinion who’re the tip two or three Minds in the enterprise this day this day oh that's that's exciting in the enterprise smartly of route uh events and the the forged of crew that he has around him they're all very very clean to the remainder of enterprise whether or not or not it’s the the avenue.

Agents that he has I'm not so obvious in regards to the Hollywood writers I don't mediate a man that writes a soap opera uh uh on TV for for females to behold on sunlight hours television is aware of a lot about writing a wrestling angle uh peaceful Pat Patterson's life like one of many most life like guys around and and of route they I'm obvious they utilize Jerry Briscoe and Jim Ross from a clean man.

Jerry Lawler's very clean man uh Vince tends to grasp the most life like other folks around him uh is Vince Russo that clean there yet again it's care for the fellow that by no contrivance drove the truck nonetheless he's going to attempt to impart us suggestions to force it uh Eric Bischoff is he that clean smartly right here's one other man he by no contrivance if reality be told drove the truck so how can he dispute me suggestions to force.

It uh Hogan's clearly shouldn’t be as clean as he thinks he’s because of uh uh his profession is roughly and Ric Aptitude gosh I bet if I if if we were all as clean as Rick the comp the the the realm the I imply our economic system and the US would not be.

Struggling now the manner he threw money away whoa whoa enact you also shall be feeling that uh treatment and alcohol and wrestling are upright an excuse for performers to uh are residing the Rockstar everyday life and enact you also shall be feeling it's a.

Necessity for thus many performers to speak that it’s miles I don't know the gain the fellows win off claiming that it's a it's a necessity because of there's been masses of guys that's been worthwhile in the enterprise who by no contrivance did that Jerry Lawler's by no contrivance smoked a cigarette drank a beer had any roughly pills in his existence.

Uh neither has Jimmy Hart uh there's there's varied guys that I may perhaps perchance doubtlessly title if I had to creep down the listing and imagine them uh I by no contrivance observed Luther's uh drinking and smoking cigarettes or or marijuana and taking pills or anything else care for that and he used to be extremely worthwhile uh Jerry Jarrett with one other man that by no contrivance did any of that roughly.

Stuff a extremely very worthwhile uh events is a man that doesn't stride around and enact that stuff I imply uh Vince says his most effective enemy's asleep after I sleep I mediate I'm shedding money because of I imply he if reality be told is money by no contrivance sleeps nonetheless uh I mediate that's a crutch it can well perchance be any enterprise I imply you requested a pro basketball participant uh why enact you.

Slip out and defend out to 5 o'clock in the morning strip club drinking and and doing the pills and stuff when you may also merely grasp a 9 A.M shoot around they enact it because of that's what they wish to enact and we're not the supreme ones I imply gosh that's why they’ve the and I'm not knocking truck drivers at all nonetheless that's why they’ve the fellows on the uh Highway.

Department factor that pulls over truck drivers and checks them to scrutinize if they bought stride or or drowsing pills and checks to scrutinize how lengthy they've been using a truck with out sleep and issues of that nature I don't blame anything else that I grasp ever executed on any one nonetheless me no subject I did final night I did because of.

I wanted to no subject I enact tonight I'm going to enact because of I wish to can any individual pause me doubtlessly not I'm the supreme one which's going to pause myself they’ll additionally merely put it in my contract that they're gonna take a look at me each and every day nonetheless the day that my contract's up I'm gonna creep abet to doing no subject I used to be doing anyway so.

What enact you imagine in regards to the sad express of titanium wrestling this day and does enact you imagine that it can well perchance ever be introduced abet I mediate it can well additionally merely peaceful be introduced abet I mediate it can well be introduced abet I mediate uh it used to be introduced abet with uh uh used to be it Jim Ross no the details what did they enact a three-contrivance or did they enact a tag when Jim did the pay-per-behold the assorted day uh.

What used to be that that's Vince calling me now nonetheless don't distress about it he'll call abet [__] him nonetheless were they the gain Lawler and used to be it a tag or upright a three-contrivance or how did they enact that the gain Jim broke his hand I mediate it used to be attack that used to be a tag match k so there's the reply to your seek recordsdata from may perhaps additionally merely peaceful there be tags yes can they bring.

Them abet yes they can tag team hear if the younger fellows cannot look programs to win themselves over and grasp the the followers win at the abet of them as a single wrestler it's much more difficult to win at the abet of a tag team because of now you've bought loads of alternative folks eager a referee it it.

Would possibly perhaps even be a cluster truck if reality be told quick let's discuss um any individual I bought sent loads of questions so these are from uh some followers um one fan wanted to know you were presupposed to hit Randy Savage with a guitar abet on Saturday night's Main Tournament in 87 when the mega vitality is formed it gave the impression equivalent to you were stalling.

For ages and at final upright had to hit him because of Elizabeth took see you later to bring Hogan out um Elizabeth's dress I bet Strat broke enact you do not omit that yes the strap broke when she used to be pushed down and as Jerry would creep pups uh nonetheless no uh that insensible and uh used to be no fault of any one's nonetheless the manner.

That she fell backwards and the dress pulled on the one facet and the strap came off over right here and he or she in the occasion you consider accurately Liz consistently wore these good lengthy robes and and high-heeled shoes and for her to stride all and that used to be barely a lengthy programs from the gain the ring used to be to creep backstage in Hershey to win Hogan to bring him out it did rob.

Some time and it I imply the drama built and the drama built and as you said somewhat quickly the drama stops to produce anymore because of it's care for what are you gonna hit this man otherwise you're going to be having a scrutinize abet at the curtain and speak the gain the hell is Logan at nonetheless and when any individual introduced this to my consideration.

And I by no contrivance if reality be told thought of it the Coronary heart Basis held Savage we he I whacked him over the head Hogan comes out and we by no contrivance grasp tag matches with Hogan and Savage the hearts didn't I didn't we by no contrivance had six mans with them ever that used to be the supreme time we were all in the ring together.

That used to be it we by no contrivance had any roughly a k next week it's you to you you've the Coronary heart Basis goes against Savage and Hogan or Honky Tonk Man goes to be there in their corner and nothing we by no contrivance had any matches after that why is that I don't know what I by no contrivance thought of it at the time why we peep I peaceful had the.

Intercontinental Belt at that time limit so I would I peaceful had matches with Savage after that nonetheless then on the sizable shows care for guard care for the Backyard in Boston and locations there may perhaps perchance be The Mega Powers after which I may perhaps perchance be then initiating to be programmed with any individual else perchance I may perhaps additionally need Tito Santana that night or.

Hacksaw Duggan or any individual else till they bought ready for the warrior factor after they give you with the IC belt wasn't it upright that Butchery used to be presupposed to win the boat yes he used to be and um he went AWOL he used to be mi8 or AWOL or they waited and waited and waited till the final minute and I upright happened to slide by and Hogan said what about this man and Vince's.

I mediate so used to be used to be the uh later I bet backstage they did the promo with you celebrating wasn't put your eat in that promo he may perhaps additionally need been no I don't mediate so because of I don't mediate Butchy showed up that night k no he didn't Danny Davis used to be in it bro Brett used to be in it Islanders used to be in it Jimmy Hart and I mediate that may need been it.

And we yeah the occasion used to be executed after the match I'm contemplating that that genuinely used to be executed after the match a number of the dear promo pictures had executed forward of the match so k in the occasion which that you may perhaps be in a I bet a first-rate occasion at WrestleMania something you somewhat much by no contrivance did which past or.

Expose employee would you settle to uh grasp a match with and why smartly I would care for to grasp long gone into uh a first-rate occasion with Jake I mediate Jake and I would grasp executed totally Hogan of route uh I would grasp cherished to been in there with this child to rock because of he used to be an out of this world Potential uh Jimmy Snuka one other man that I I thought would were.

Great and uh I thought myself and Valentine is rhythm and blues we had a massive tag team combination of a contrast in kinds with him being the bully and the wrestler and me being the showboat the showman and and and shall we grasp had a first-rate occasion match with the coronary heart foundation for obvious indubitably about it because of uh we had some tag matches with.

Them and I knew Brett and Jim from Calgary and had matches with him and of route Valentine has had many of matches with them when he used to be with the Dream Team so we we had the gears that labored totally together having a scrutinize abet uh which is the more fond memory your lengthy stretches I peep Champion or your time with uh Valentine.

It had it had to stretch with the belt because of it used to be a kind of by no contrivance-ending issues that went on and on and on and on and on and it’s miles never linked what night of the week it used to be it used to be a soda crowd and the playing cards the the improve that I had on the playing cards whether or not or not it’s demolition or Dino Bravo or Aesthetic Rick Coarse or one-man gang or or or or any one we had the.

Supreme combination to to to sell tickets in the occasion you're ready to space ringside for life like one of your matches to behold which uh match would or not it’s oh there's so many I would care for to creep abet and take a seat and behold the one who uh upright Superfly Jimmy snook and I had in Richmond Virginia the gain.

Uh the uh oh tar head jack Lanza informed us win accessible and win her executed and win abet right here we bought to creep home he's looking out to stride us thru the match and we wouldn't enact it and we stayed about Half-hour and at in regards to the 20 minute Stamp the followers began working into the ring and we had fights going on I would care for to creep abet and peep what we did to function.

These followers win so insensible gun inflamed about that nonetheless that that may perhaps perchance that may perhaps perchance be one to scrutinize and uh upright because of of why why did it happen Jimmy and I weren’t even the characteristic match we were care for on the popcorn match we were care for fourth supreme after intermission and other folks were peaceful at.

The pisser and peaceful getting popcorn and so we did something I'd care for to creep abet and peep what happened there I don't know if they I don't mediate they even taped it referee hebner he beat up some man and I had some man and Jimmy had some man and guys come out of the locker room oh it used to be a mess I consistently scrutinize as a bash the.

Other night because of I heard about it it used to be uh it didn't prove besides to it can well additionally merely peaceful were uh I mediate the timing used to be low there used to be an excessive amount of stuff going on over right here with the The Fan Fest after which there used to be wrestling shows all all the contrivance thru the gap it the timing used to be not supreme right here's a seek recordsdata from for you now I didn't.

Charge this so don't Don't Abolish the Messenger um you haven't been on TV for nearly 15 years and you most effective right here’s what the fellow claims you most effective had one supreme stride um yeah you own in mind yourself a legendary establish on this enterprise uh you refused to bump on any shows even to your unfinished why enact you imagine you're.

So sizable and enact you may also merely grasp anything else to give the enterprise at dispute or are you upright a k first oh forward of you win let me rob the first allotment clearly he's a [__] [__] merely because of he said I don't bump smartly if taking bumps contrivance that much to you I'd speak behold the first 5 matches and which that you may perhaps perchance peep the total [__] bumps you take care of to grasp.

To peep the person that learns suggestions to work is a person who can look programs to work with out having to enact that the person that genuinely is aware of suggestions to work is the one who can creep accessible and incite the group or grasp a match that tears the house down and by no contrivance has to enact anything else nonetheless stroll and talk that's the one who.

Doesn't even wish to contact any individual for 5 minutes so clearly you don't know the enterprise k I had one stride clearly you haven't looked abet at any feeble tapes from Memphis you haven't looked abet at any of the feeble tapes from Southeastern championship wrestling in in Alabama clearly you by no contrivance looked at uh Georgia championship wrestling or.

Florida championship wrestling or or any of that stuff the gain Kevin Sullivan and myself and Jimmy Hart were the first household of wrestling in Memphis so so you in truth don't know what the [__] you're talking in regards to the fellow's title is Peter sisio by the manner so uh what what enact you enact Peter what what I imply what does he enact that he can.

Enlighten something care for that I'm not announcing I'm the supreme of all time I used to be voted on by wwe.com you [__] slash let's discuss uh the vacation space promoter then frog if he said that he's by no contrivance going to make utilize of me anyway [__] him I don't need him who's that who I don't I don't know if he's a promoter.

I don't know he's from Milwaukee oh you've heard of him forward of hiya I'm carrying a brewer shirt man you may also merely peaceful care for that me the total time ah [__] him Tim don't call me what loss of life and wrestling shocks you the most oh.

Avenue Warrior animal boss Hulk I'm sorry I win it blended up Avenue Warrior Hawk and Immense Boss Man and Kurt Henning and Elizabeth I imply I knew Hawk used to be on a route of destruction from his past and all the pieces so nonetheless it upright disquieted me because of he used to be.

This kind of massive man I by no contrivance knew about boss man I by no contrivance knew what Liz did or off the time you imagine she upright went loopy uh because of Randy kept her down after which she used to be free she used to be Alex and he or she upright wanted to occasion it up uh I don't know I don't know she used to be upright it used to be it used to be.

Out of her persona and of route the Chris Benoit factor and the Aesthetic Rick Coarse that uh those those ones are they're one of these shock to you at how they happened and and and when and and the cases eager it's it's such it used to be so extraordinary after which that's what bothers me the most about those ones I imply I by no contrivance.

Dreamed the boss man used to be would turn out his wife finding him insensible or Avenue Warrior Hawk and because of he used to be doing sizable I imply I would upright take a look at with him just a few days forward of and he wanted me to abet him win a web web deliver going and dispute him suggestions to enact the total stuff that I used to be doing on my web deliver after which the.

Elizabeth factor ravish and Rick Coarse and Kirk I imply I by no contrivance knew Kurt Henning compose did the after hours issues that he did clearly that night and upright if reality be told it shocks me especially when there's when there's children eager later on and of route the Chris Benoit factor is a shock to all americans all the contrivance thru the realm we.

Did an interview with you and uh she will be able to be able to knew Jack about that yeah and When Worlds Collide what are your tips on that DVD how that turned out with uh that night enact you do not omit that night yeah and all americans else that sees it remembers it too that's doubtlessly the most talked about of the total DVDs RF movies I grasp ever executed.

Is the night that she couldn't win his pants pulled up and fresh Jack used to be jumping up and down and the police came and oh boy I don't even I I if reality be told enact wish to neglect that one nonetheless it's clearly life like one of many handiest ones accessible for some unknown reason creep forward Eric you had a seek recordsdata from no it's care for loads of it's loads of.

Stuff going on that's all we bought to chat about this because of there used to be loads alcohol going on there you rob you wanted to win that um you you labored the fellow to win the candy that minute candy over at the days and it used to be executed supreme at life like one of many ticket of manias uh so we're doing it we're about an hour and a half in the they gotta knock on the.

Door they wish to throw they throw us out um what else there's a drug deal going on drug a drug deal going on we had now we had nothing to enact with that I couldn't reply the door I knew Jack didn't decide me answering the door on that um I took Sublime to 1 other room and hit.

Him oh wait a 2d wait a 2d cheeks pants descend and bet who had to pick out him up and abet him me so now right here's right here's my pickle cheeks pants are down he's fully bare so enact I plot shut his mattress enact I plot shut his pants up going thru him or creep from at the abet of and plot shut it up which is the worst of the 2 evils they're each and every sinful and extremely sinful so if I.

Finally I picked them up from at the abet of instead of the entrance after which it used to be upright upright it's upright a kind of they’d defend for us I evaluate that to what what happened in Europe one time when with Marty jannetti and and Coco and Jim Troy life like one of many senior vice presidents of European abilities and it used to be the the night of the howling the gain the resort.

Rooms bought torn up and other folks bought in fist fights and this used to be care for the remake of The Howling over there that night and with Rob Feinstein and his that more other folks come as much as me at a wrestling dispute or at a comic book book conference and talk in regards to the fresh Jack.

Iron Sublime and you three guys together on that shoot DVD greater than anything else ever I've executed ever if reality be told yes that's superior and it's care for it used to be the wildest it used to be the wildest video that we've ever executed because of all americans used to be under the affect of alcohol whereas you were a minimal of a under the affect of alcohol nonetheless nonetheless Jack and Sublime used to be fully I.

Mean care for fully [__] up I imply beyond anything else I've ever seen him smartly nearly anything else she's been somewhat [__] up nonetheless with me been fully [__] up he goes into uh fresh Jack's room perchance or uh no yeah he went to Fresh Jack's room uh who used to be on the 2d floor that came up oh that day's in yeah and he wouldn't leave I imply he used to be.

Announcing that fresh Jack wanted him out of the room yeah the cops were all over no no cops came I had to creep take a look at with the I had to creep take a look at with the gap of job manager to impart them to um not call the cops and I had Rob had to give me money so I had to pay off the fellow so he'd leave us on my own for the night you know it used to be that used to be care for a hundred.

Bucks or no subject it used to be if reality be told no subject the hell it used to be no subject it used to be after which Jim Neidhart came in and tried oh gosh that's supreme Jim used to be there yeah who would attempt to enact enact that and Sublime used to be being very belligerent and upright wasn't uh uh no subject cohesive there so it used to be care for it took about an hour upright to win him down to his room.

And it used to be upright it used to be a kind of fun nights in wrestling that you somewhat much can't be repeated and by no contrivance will likely be repeated and by no contrivance upright you upright had to be there and it used to be care for right here’s life like one of this a kind of nights that's that's why I don't grasp the Gatorade bottle anymore I imply after that I roughly said I'm the sober one and I'm the babysitter.

For all americans I may perhaps additionally merely peaceful make certain I had to make certain all americans behaves themselves and upright upright stays out of tension and not to articulate equivalent to Bundy busted on fresh jacket or no subject at the at the conference and fresh Jack threatened to ruin him and I had to come light that down the following day and no subject.

So it used to be uh it used to be if reality be told it had to be a stout moon yeah it used to be it used to be a kind of a kind of sizable uh sizable issues I imply it used to be I don't wish to relive that day no it used to be a kind of nonetheless hiya all americans showed up at the conference the following day in in a condition ready for work and no person all americans used to be supreme at the conference it's upright that.

Night time forward of used to be an night that we'd by no contrivance neglect I I don't perceive how many gadgets you've sold on that nonetheless it had to be life like one of many the higher ones all americans all americans used to be going off on care for the assorted Benoit factor and this factor and that factor and one other reason to enact the moon and to descend pants and it what uh the flare or.

Whatever peep in the occasion you rob in the occasion you rob the 30 000 wrestlers all the contrivance thru the realm and they also all aquire one you sell a minimal of 30 000 copies because of the total wrestlers aquire them yeah especially this promoter who said I don't rob bumps I imply what does that imply anyway Royal marks for ourselves anyway I imply Jesus you imagine the folk.

Undoubtedly care that if I’m going out and rob a backdrop or a slam doubtlessly your ring used to be [__] up and that's why I didn't rob a bump in it Washington West Virginia oh gosh that's that individual fella had four months from early January till Would possibly perhaps presumably merely 4th or 5th to win my plane ticket and win all of it executed and twice he emailed me.

Announcing he's going to win the ticket we were going the gain the gain are we going is this factor peaceful a creep and and and in the slay I sent him the total recordsdata twice on the plane ticket then I win the plane ticket on care for a Sunday I didn't smartly I bought it on a Saturday whereas I used to be at the San Francisco WonderCon conference.

And I didn't commence the e-mail till I bought home leisurely Sunday night and if my title used to be spelled low on the ticket smartly other folks I'm going to impart you something and you promoters accessible please please I'm on Fb I'm on Wikipedia I've bought a web web deliver I bought a [__] upright call me and are waiting for me suggestions to spell my [__] title.

For Christ's sakes which that you may perhaps't win it low because of which that you may perhaps't creep to the airport with the low title on your ticket I shouldn’t be going to even they weren’t going to let me thru security so why would I even anxiousness I enact this 60 cases a yr I do know the deal k the fella says I've bought it straightened out I call it I call it Immense.

Email the airline they said it's not straightened out so who am I going to imagine some guys waited four months or the airline who's telling me it's not straightened out I'm upright not going to soar in my automobile stride down to the airport with my title spelled low and creep bet what don't you acknowledge me I'm The Honky Tonk Man.

Yeah nonetheless that's not your valid title oh smartly that's what all americans calls me [__] I'm not going to jail for some [__] just dispute win the title supreme please it's f-a-r care for f is in F is in [__] up a is an [__] r r [__] [__] [__] off Samson i s first title's Roy middle title's Wayne.

W-a-y-n-e that's not so [__] hard win it supreme or scrutinize I'm not gonna be there I defend home and that's what I did and for that fella I informed him if he'll dispute me the ticket if no subject the change price is on the ticket I'll pay him the remainder of it and I'm the sinful man on this because of I I didn't dispute up smartly which that you may perhaps perchance grasp went to the airport and.

Modified her scrutinize it's decrease than me I didn't book the [__] dispute I would grasp had my guys playing tickets contrivance forward of then and I would grasp made damn obvious I had the title spelled supreme I would grasp known as him and requested them yet again right here's your ticket recordsdata forward of I grasp it rob a scrutinize at it I attempt to impart them please call me first electronic mail.

Text message don't aquire anything else till I peep it let me peep the [__] Jesus man you aquire me all labored up let's discuss um your most memorable 2d in WWE uh the most iconic 2d you've ever witnessed in WWE what would that be gosh there used to be a many of them issues man.

Uh whether or not or not it’s The Dynamite Kid factor with Jacques rougeau or or Billy Jack and Iron Mike appealing in the locker room or or Danny Spivey and and and what happened to Billy Jack and Iron Mike shark creep away at a hell of a fight in the locker room what used to be that fist fight I if reality be told don't know what.

It used to be about Billy Jack desires to reply to that the following time you win him over it used to be terrible it used to be it used to be a terribly a foul fight and I don't it used to be not over a match or anything else care for that I mediate it used to be upright two guys that couldn't coexist at the identical time after which uh I disfavor to scrutinize those roughly issues in the locker.

Room I disfavor to scrutinize any one grasp any disagreements over this over this enterprise that we're in there's no reason at the abet of it there's absolutely no reason at the abet of it we may perhaps additionally merely peaceful be man and be ready to verify with each and every varied and take a look at with each and every varied exterior of of of having an viewers that's one other factor anytime as soon as in a whereas when two guys grasp an viewers they tend.

To enact greater than what they’ll additionally merely peaceful or attempt to be more more difficult than the assorted man let's let's rob this factor care for we realized suggestions to enact Steal It Delivery air somewhere and discuss it and if we are capable of't win it mounted then creep down to the YMCA win down on the mat and battle with each and every varied and beat [__] out of every and every varied there nonetheless uh.

That don't bring it into the locker room because of it it makes it sinful for all americans eager and as soon as in a whereas security other folks peep this as soon as in a whereas other folks working in the constructing they peep it they hear it uh nonetheless there there has been so many issues that that that's happened and normally the the worst issues are care for I said the worst issues consistently happen after they creep.

In a international country for some reason guys crawl up resort rooms they they fight and they also defecate in any individual's uh uh food that's bought to be on the bus for the tear home that night you commence it up and any individual's bought a few brownies laying in there I imply come on man let's let's let's childhood [__] any supreme avenue tales from our present Indie.

Shows that you've executed oh not not up to now it's been somewhat tame the final yr I I don't I don't scuttle in minute Toyota two-door autos with three children in the abet and two canine and me defend my bags in my lap anymore I've improved above that and uh varied than that it's been it's been k I've uh I've not had any one stride off with the.

Money or anything else in verbalize that's been supreme and I've I had this yr the first time in about three years two cancellations from Houston Texas one on the following month and each and every of them now mind you I didn't grasp anything else booked so I took the reserving and uh I requested Jimmy Hart he pitched me the one I.

Known as him after it used to be over and I didn't hear from the fellow I said no subject happened with this man he says oh I bet his dad had a coronary heart attack or something and he couldn't stride the dispute I said if reality be told I attempted to call him and [__] the lines as his phone's disconnected the following month I had one other one the following month one used to be February 12th.

One used to be March 12th this happened to be on the 12th anyway I by no contrivance heard from this man I attempted to call him a week forward of the dispute his Line's disconnected so I don't if reality be told press the difficulty what they're going to enact is what they're going to enact now you guys accessible you're going to function me change the.

Means I enact enterprise yet again I'm going to be initiating I'm going to make your mind up on the plane ticket as quickly as you book me in the occasion you book me and and in February and your dispute's not the [__] September I decide the plane ticket in February after which I'm going to are waiting for for the deposit after which I'm going to are waiting for for a rental automobile in verbalize that I do know that after you happen to.

Decide me up it's not some feeble [__] clunker that I used to be up in Canada and the door wouldn't shut and snow used to be blowing in and so yeah that's been about it varied than Jake didn't dispute up as soon as in Canada and the promoter blamed me and Jacob getting together and splitting the money that.

Jake took smartly I will dispute you Jake don't split anything else I've consistently wanted I care for Jake he's a he's a butt of all my tales when you happen to first came to WWF um you're a baby face used to be the assumption all alongside turn your heel at final or used to be it upright no it used to be it used to be to defend me toddler face I.

Wished to be the heel all alongside I didn't I I had not executed a baby face factor since very very early with the with the uh Jerry Jarrett in Memphis the gain he wanted me to be a blonde toddler face after Tommy Rich and nonetheless I upright I by no contrivance had I'd by no contrivance knowledgeable to be a baby face Coco and I knowledgeable together and Coco used to be the toddler face and I used to be consistently the heel so for.

9 months of my practising all I realized suggestions to enact used to be be the sinful man so then when you happen to attempt to impart me you creep out and be the supreme man hell I used to be at the Treading Water I didn't perceive how deep it used to be and it used to be somewhat deep being the supreme man now is highly easy for me I care for it I entertained the followers and the promoters win their money's price.

Because I enact creep out and entertain the followers obvious I don't creep out and grasp all these clarify matches because of fellas after I used to be a younger child in 1978 Seventy nine 80 81 82 in Puerto Rico in those locations and we went out labored those matches we did 30 40 minutes and we flew all over up and down and backdropping suplex and.

This and that and barbed wire fence matches and you title it I did it now for you younger children who wish to be on this enterprise you may also merely wish to enact what I did in verbalize that contrivance I can even be care for the older man and stand supreme there I consider having a scrutinize at the curtain one night thru the curtain I said man I will't wait till I win to be 40 years feeble so I will creep out.

There and stroll around care for those guys nonetheless bet what they knew suggestions to work I used to be an fool I used to be the one taking 100 backdrops I used to be one taking descend kicks over the tip broke backwards I used to be the one flipping the other contrivance up doing the flower bump forward of Aptitude did it he upright did it greater than me he did each and every match whoa.

What enact you imagine about Kevin Nash going abet to WB did you peep his sizable pop that he bought yes he did win a supreme pop out of that and US Legends consistently enact uh he knew his time used to be up in that pin he knew that TNA used to be going nowhere uh Kevin's very clean and shiny in regards to the enterprise consistently has been and uh he he knew the gain the bread used to be buttered and the bread's.

Buttered by going abet and and getting on the Legends contract and doing uh Ambassador work for WWE and if something pops up and they also need a massive man they're consistently shopping for sizable guys and he he's a massive man tips on Osama Bin Weighted down you imagine we if reality be told killed him otherwise you imagine we bought him hostage.

No he's he's long gone he's he's with out a doubt going for supreme uh the timing of it used to be a minute bit silly about president's numbers were down a minute bit and he wanted a plot shut and these elections are these fresh guys are going to come out for president uh in the following couple of days and months and uh they've executed since contrivance abet in August.

That the fellow used to be residing there or that any individual care for him used to be residing there and if reality be told he's lived there for 5 or six years and of the total intelligence with the united statesintelligence German intelligence which is highly supreme and of route English intelligence United Kingdom.

It's we are capable of accomplish out of it what we wish to nonetheless no they bought him he's long gone um tips on uh Linda McMahon's stride for uh Senate High timing upright used to be not supreme I mediate she may perhaps additionally merely peaceful grasp perchance waited just a few more years for the Perspective Expertise to grasp subsided a minute bit because of it used to be.

Aloof fresh on other folks's minds they kept bringing up the the coffin angle uh they kept bringing up the Would possibly perhaps presumably merely younger having a hand angle and uh Jim Ross getting a proctological examination or something and uh events pulling stuff out of Jim and folk roughly issues it takes just a few years for folk to omit.

And he or she may perhaps additionally need been higher to creep perchance on this cycle of the election cycle or the following election cycle doubtlessly enact you imagine the corporate will bring abet blood and uh some Hardware stuff yet again yeah no I mediate it's over I mediate that's over k yeah I if reality be told enact you you're gonna peep you'll peep that on the pay-per-behold nonetheless you obtained't doubtlessly.

Will not peep it unless it's a important accident I mediate any individual bought hit over the head the assorted night they’d to grasp Staples in their head yeah uh so I imply there's going to be those issues I mediate the chair shots will doubtlessly creep away you obtained't peep as many of those anymore which capability that concussion factor has gotten very.

Very sizable in the Sports actions World and care for I said on the on the DVD with the hepatitis and we're getting HIV valid quick if it's supreme for the NBA that if a participant has blood he comes off the courtroom till there's no blood it's supreme for the NCAA they enact it I mediate it's pro football does it if a.

Man's bleeding he's bought to come out of the sport till same contrivance in wrestling and ideal now I mediate there's most effective one athletic Commission in the express of Virginia and they also've had the rule of thumb for 25 years if they peep one I don't care in the occasion you chunk your lip if there's one drip of blood that match you stopped it’s miles over is.

Maryland the identical contrivance with the blood k so now we bought two uh and I I it's gonna happen we're in a contact sport enterprise and which that you may perhaps't rob that away and I mediate if the commissions win eager that deeply with announcing smartly we are capable of't grasp any blood nonetheless if a man gets hit and gets kicked in the nostril or care for Stone Chilly.

Bought a descend kick from Johnny B Badd stone frigid has a minimize supreme right here from the gain that happened to him bought stitched up those issues happen because of we're in contact sport nonetheless to deliberately rob a chair and hit any individual over the head and hit them so hard you Bush their cranium that stuff desires to pause who enact you proceed to verify with in the enterprise.

As of late besides Jimmy Hart and Greg Valentine Jamie Greg Luke Bushwacker the fellows I grasp on my radio dispute now after which uh of route getting to creep to cauliflower alley and reminisce with all those fellas used to be supreme nonetheless on a day to day foundation most effective a couple other folks I spoke with Jake the assorted night I call him at home and we we spoke for approximately 10 minutes.

About upright if reality be told nothing not even the enterprise now we grasp social conversations is there anything else you take care of to hope to speak accessible to uh any wrestlers which can additionally merely be looking out at uh don't enact what I did with fresh Jack and Iron Sheik please uh and in the occasion you guys wish to come and enact these shoot interviews with with RF video I imply.

It's a massive technique to scrutinize it's a super technique to advertise yourself smartly it's sinful publicity Honky Tonk Man no person's gonna book you hear on every occasion I enact life like one of those I win double the amount of bookings that's why Rob doesn't wish to pay me anymore precisely complete lot I wish to thanks for being right here yet again this.

Twelve months and I'm obvious I'll peep you yet again in 2012. thanks loads and win that Billy Jack you aquire to scrutinize this one perchance we'll enact a Face-Off with you and Billy Jack oh gosh I don't know if I may perhaps perchance rob it there you creep thanks thanks yet again
Meet this treasure pro wrestling grappler.

Honky Tonk Man Shoot Interview – Skilled Wrestling Shoot Interview

Honky Tonk Man Shoot Interview - Skilled Wrestling Shoot Interview