Homicide: I’m Excited To Be Back In Ring Of Honor, Chris Dickinson Is The Next ‘King Of New York’

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Homicide: I’m Excited To Be Back In Ring Of Honor, Chris Dickinson Is The Next ‘King Of New York’

Violence Unlimited

Credit: ROH

This weekend on Ring of Honor Wrestling, fans got the chance to see former ROH World Champion Homicide return to the company for the first time in seven years.

In an appearance on the ROHStrong podcast, Homicide reflected on this homecoming and explained why he didn’t see it coming. He stated that, after his exit from the company in 2014, he never thought he’d return. Homicide also emphasized that he’s excited to be back with the company as it enters a new chapter in its prestigious history.

“I was very surprised, to be honest with you,” said Homicide. “I wasn’t like, it was a lot of emotions going through my head like, is this for real? Like I got a phone call and basically they told me to come to the venue. Myself, Brody King, Chris Dickinson, Tony Deppen, they gave me the blueprint, what’s going on and mind you, I was still like yeah okay, like a regular day. You know, go to work, get paid, leave, and the ending, that’s when I realized, wow, I’m really back, like I can’t believe this. That’s when it really hit me afterwards.

“And I’m still to this today, I’m a little bit surprised about this great comeback because when I left Ring of Honor, I thought I was never gonna come back. Not because of a bad political or business-wise, it was just one of those like, I did everything, you know. Now that I’m older, now I see myself doing more stuff for the company and making it bigger [than] the way it is right now. I’m just very blessed right now to be part of this group and be part of a new chapter and a new era.”

Homicide didn’t come back to Ring of Honor alone; along with fellow newcomer Chris Dickinson, the duo aligned with Brody King and Tony Deppen to form Violence Unlimited. On the podcast, Homicide shared his thoughts on his new teammates, and he noted Dickinson as someone he expects to succeed him in his role as the “King of New York.”

“I knew Chris Dickinson from New York City,” said Homicide. “Basically I was part of this…not group, like an era, and basically a lot of people call me “The King of New York,’ I’m the whatever. But I feel like Dickinson is the one that I’m gonna pass the torch [to] and he’s the one that’s gonna go out there and make not only New York City happy, but the people like us, the struggling blue-collar guys, happy.

“The guy is legit a monster, and I love his passion and his work. And I feel that he’s the one that’s gonna take over the wrestling business. Like I always said it, if they call me “The King of New York,” well I’m the one that’s gonna pass the torch to him. He’s gonna step it up and he’s gonna do it.”

Homicide’s in-ring return will air again Monday night at 7 p.m. EST on FITE TV, and we’ll have both play-by-play coverage and a post-show podcast for the show.

The full episode is available here:

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