Hillbilly Jim Talks Drinking With Andre The Giant, Working Together

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Hillbilly Jim Talks Drinking With Andre The Giant, Working Together


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hillbilly Jim was recently a guest on Hannibal TV, where he discussed a handful of topics from his career, including his history with the legendary superstar Andre the Giant. Hillbilly Jim talked about a handful of things regarding Andre, including their work together, and how they used to go out drinking.

“If he liked you, he was great, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t give you the time of day,” Jim said on how Andre would treat the many people that he interacted with. “He never could hide from being Andre the Giant, there wasn’t no incognito in that deal.” Jim went on to say that despite anything, he was a great guy, and he wishes Andre could’ve been around longer in order to see how things have evolved.

Later in the conversation, Jim told a story about how close the two were, and how the two found themselves drinking a ton on a flight the day after Christmas, where Andre told Jim to sit next to him on the plane. “From the time they allowed us to begin the beverage service to the time they cut us off, we had drank 56 bottles of liquor,” he said. “I drank eight, he did the rest of them…and the airline girls said y’all have drank all the bottles.” he said jokingly.

Jim told some other stories about Andre as well, so make sure to check out the full clip above to hear some incredible tales about one of the greatest wrestlers ever.