Hillbilly Jim Discusses Working With Hulk Hogan, How Hogan Was A Company Guy

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Hillbilly Jim Discusses Working With Hulk Hogan, How Hogan Was A Company Guy

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for WWE

Former WWE superstar and member of the WWE Hall of Fame Hillbilly Jim recently sat down to talk with The Hannibal TV, where he discussed his relationship with Hulk Hogan, and what it was like working with the iconic wrestling legend.

When asked what Hogan was like personally, Jim was quick to praise the man. “Terry was wonderful to me, our rap was like this,” he said. “He just did everything because…the company, and Vince, were the car, the machine. Hogan was driving that machine, because he was over so much.”

He went on to talk about once Hogan appeared in Rocky III, his star was even brighter, and his career took off, and how that benefitted every wrestler who happened to be with the company at the time. “After they dropped the belt from Sheik, off he went,” he said. “That’s when merchandising, cartoons, records, everything you can imagine started happening to him big time. So, any card that you owned, when Hogan was on, you were going to make a lot of money, because we didn’t have contracts back then, you got paid per show.”

Jim also talked about performing in the ring with Hogan as a tag team partner, and spoke about the various shows that the company had running at once. It’s an interesting discussion, and you can check out the rest of it below.

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