Hikuleo Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut

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Hikuleo Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut

IMPACT Wrestling Results

Hikuleo has arrived, much to the chagrin of Juice Robinson.

The Forbidden Door is wide open to IMPACT Wrestling and the latest person to walk through is Hikuleo, son of Haku. Hikuleo appeared after a match between Chris Bey and David Finlay and would pillmanize the leg of Juice Robinson.

Here is how it all went down:

Chris Bey vs. David Finlay

Bey immediately hangs inside the ropes that has Finlay frustrated. He does it again. Bey then powders. Finlay goes after him and takes some shots, including a crisp European uppercut and a hard knife edge. He knocks Bey down. Finlay breaks the count. Bey slides himself back in the ring and continues to evade Finlay. He catches Bey with a quick back elbow ant then a senton. Two count.

Bey nails Finlay with an elbow as David hangs over the second rope. Kick out. Bey continues to stay on the offense. Finlay fires back but gets a thumb to the eye and flips him over for a neck whip and a two count. Corner splash and attack that leads to a cross body for a two count. Belly to back by Finlay on Bey.

Finlay hits a diving back elbow for a two count. Bey blocks a move and attacks, but Finlay rolls through and nails a uranage backbreaker. Kick out, but Finlay keeps hold to turn his attack into a crossface. He turns this into a modified crossface, rings of Saturn. Bey eventually gets his foot on the ropes to break the hold.

Finlay signals for the end, but gets rolled up in a small package for a two count. Big spinebuster by Bey. Two count.

The finish comes when Juice Robinson comes out after being gone for weeks. This is enough of a distraction for Finlay to get the roll-up win.

WINNER: David Finlay

Post-match, Hikuleo comes out and attacks Fin Juice. He wedges a chair on Juice’s leg and stomps on it.

Bullet Club backup has arrived!

The MASSIVE @Hiku_Leo made his IMPACT debut destroying FinJuice. #IMPACTonAXSTV @DashingChrisBey @THEdavidfinlay pic.twitter.com/2Kom0kHVfe

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 10, 2021

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