Hernandez Shares Anecdote of Hanging Up on Tom Prichard, While Brian Meyers Commends Leon Slater

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While Hernandez has never had a run in WWE, he did send an audition tape to the company.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, the former Impact Wrestling star commented on not seeking out WWE early on in his career, getting criticized by Tom Prichard after sending an audition tape to WWE, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not seeking out WWE early on: “In the early part of my career, like [2001 or 2002], I did dark matches with WWE. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to be in WWE at the time. I liked All Japan [Pro Wrestling] and Mexico.”

On getting criticized by Tom Prichard after sending an audition tape to WWE: “[He] just ripped me for about 3 or 4 minutes. I waited [for] him to stop. I go, ‘Sir, thank you very much, but please never call my house again,’ and hung up on him. Because yes, I sent tapes — yes, I wanted to get a job — but I’m not going to just let you [disrespect] me.”

In other news, Brian Myers believes Leon Slater is going to bring a lot to table as it pertains to Impact Wrestling’s X-Division.

As we reported last month here on eWn, Slater signed with Impact Wrestling during the company’s UK tour.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “NerdlyUK” podcast, Myers opined on Leon Slater’s potential. He said,

“I did watch a little bit of his stuff on the tour and that was the first time I’ve ever seen him. Prior to that, I had seen the graphics and I said, ‘Who is this guy?’ Someone smartened me up and said, ‘All I know is that he does a Swanton 450.’ I just sat there dumbfounded, i’m trying to picture it in my head like, no he doesn’t, I can’t even picture this.”

He continued, “Then I watched the monitor and I watched him do it the first night and even though I saw it with my own eyes, I still don’t understand or quite comprehend what I saw. He’s a special talent and I’m sure he’ll be an exceptional addition to the X-Division.”

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Hernandez, the former Impact Wrestling star, recently opened up about his experience with WWE and his decision to not seek out the company early on in his career. In a recent episode of “The Ten Count” podcast, Hernandez discussed sending an audition tape to WWE and the criticism he received from Tom Prichard.

During the early part of his career, around 2001 or 2002, Hernandez had dark matches with WWE. However, at that time, he didn’t have a desire to be in WWE. He expressed his preference for All Japan Pro Wrestling and Mexico. This decision reflects the diverse opportunities and experiences available in the world of professional wrestling.

Hernandez also shared an interesting anecdote about sending an audition tape to WWE and receiving criticism from Tom Prichard. According to Hernandez, Prichard ripped into him for about 3 or 4 minutes. However, instead of accepting the disrespect, Hernandez stood up for himself and hung up on Prichard. While he wanted to get a job with WWE, he wasn’t willing to let someone disrespect him in the process.

In addition to Hernandez’s story, there is news about Leon Slater joining Impact Wrestling’s X-Division. Brian Myers, another Impact Wrestling star, spoke highly of Slater’s potential during an interview on the “NerdlyUK” podcast. Myers mentioned watching Slater’s performances during Impact Wrestling’s UK tour and being amazed by his Swanton 450 move. He believes Slater will be a valuable addition to the X-Division.

These stories highlight the behind-the-scenes experiences and decisions that wrestlers make throughout their careers. It showcases the different paths wrestlers can take and the challenges they face in pursuing their dreams.

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